TKR Surgery over now what

If someone wants to add to my signature I have a Smith & Nephew Legion Femur and a Genesis Tibia inplant.
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Lucky you to get a teleconference appointment. Sounds like everything is going well with your recovery!
Well been a while. I'm at the halfway mark of 6 months. Things are going pretty well. Still swelling and some pain (minor) in going up and down stairs. I'm still aware all the time that it isn't part of me. I'm hoping in time it will just feel like me. I see my OS next month in person. My left knee is still bothering me a little. I'm hoping that goes away in time. I've made a goal of walking 250 steps each hour. My watch lets me know. Trying to keep moving and getting moving. This covid has totally changed my life. I have been working from home since mid March, not getting as many hours but enough to cover my insurance. I miss the office but are enjoying staying home and working. My boss hasn't said anything yet about me coming in office to work. I keep waiting. I need to work until next Feb. which the way time is flying will be here soon. I may see if he still needs me to work 12 to 16 hours a week.
I did a big thing, got my first tattoo at 62. I've been putting it together for a number of years and finally got what I wanted in my head. It is a moon and an angel. I also included as a shooting star my son Mike's birth year and death year. It makes me feel like he is still part of me. I'm already planning my next one for my other shoulder. It will have the sun and an angel with my daughter's and grandson's name in it. It didn't hurt, I think after knee surgery nothing else hurts like that, so pain is relative. Attached a pic of it.

My depression and anxiety have been pretty high the last couple of months. I really need to get a handle on it.

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected with all the unrest.


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Wow you are brave and it's not a easy tattoo to have had done either a lot of work went into it, a lovely reminder for you. I've always toyed with the idea my daughter has loads but I'm not that brave :heehee:
Your knee is roughly at the same stage mine was at 6 months if you don't do any silly moves you'll hopefully, find by the 8th month, you will have days you will not think about it, certainly in my case that's what has happened, I only really think about it if I overdo things or forget completely and try to kneel :flabber: which I pretty certain I will never accomplish, tried yesterday on a soft bed wanted to change a lightbulb and it was a really unpleasant feeling ... lol
Here's hoping you manage to get back to your office soon. It's good to have normality back in one's lives being at home is lovely when we choose to be so, but awful when forced upon us xxx
Just checking in. I'm a little over 6 months and still having some pain and swelling. The only real change I've made is waking 250 steps per hour. My watch reminds me. I am still having awful days of sleep and horrible days of sleep. This has been a problem for me since my divorce. Although sometimes it is pain. Took a pain pill last week just hurting and couldn't sleep. Still taking Tylenol and Advil pretty much everyday. Still icing a lot of days. Anyone still experiencing this at a 6 month stage? I go see my OS around July 7th in person, so hopefully nothing is going on
I'm a little over 6 months and still having some pain and swelling.
All normal I am afraid. This recovery can take a year or longer. Are you icing and elevating?

Nothing wrong with taking medication either. If you need pain relief please take it.

Do let us know how your appointment goes.
I forgot to add, at 6 months I elevated my legs frequently when I was sitting at home, but it was just my legs on an ottoman, not toes absolve the nose.
I was where you are at 6 mo. although my sleep was better but was not completely back to normal. 8 mos. was a turning point for me with the exception of my right knee, which wants it's turn!
My left knee is whining a bit, I imagine it will want it's turn in a couple of years
As our new knee gets better I think the other one get worse, (most likely jealous of all the attention new knee got :heehee:,) but I was pre -warned that this is usually the case, mine too I'm noticing more pain and discomfort in my non operated leg. Hopefully it will be a while before I need to have it done xx
My left knee is whining a bit, I imagine it will want its turn in a couple of years
My old knee got worse as I was recovering from the tkr. As my new knee got stronger the old knee started improving. I bet yours will, too.
I'm just going to toss out something else to consider. When recovering from TKR how we walk is different. Our gait is very different when we are recovering. I think this lends itself to our other knee / leg starting to protest. At least I know that is the case for me. Once I get my gait correct then the other knee calms down.
I went to my massage therapist today, she worked on both knees. The right knee is inflamed and swollen. She did tell me that she sees a lot of knees and mine looks more like a year old knee rather than the 6 months it is. Ice, ice and more ice. I see my OS in two weeks.
Been a while since I've been on. Stress and sadness have been keeping me pretty much off the computer. I'm coming up on my one year kneeversity. Dec 10th. I actually will be seeing my OS that day. He wants to xray and make sure all is good. My knee still hurts sometimes and is sore most of the time. Getting up or walking up stairs I sure know it is different from left knee. I'm hoping this is normal and will continue to get better. Still so glad I had it done, before it was crushing jagged pain and now it more muscular pain. Hope all are getting through all that has gone on and continuing to go on. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be kind to yourselves.
I'm hoping this is normal and will continue to get better.
Yes, things will indeed continue to get better. So some this process takes a year. For others, more time.

Are you still icing and elevating?
I haven't been icing much but have been keeping it elevated. Since I'm working at home my recliner is my best friend. Should I continue icing at this stage? I did a lot Sat. so did get my Polar ice machine out and iced my knee for a while.
Should I continue icing at this stage?
Absolutely - ice 45-60 minutes per session. As you increase your activity levels muscles you haven't used in awhile will complain. Ice will reduce any internal swelling.
Here I am at almost 1 year. Seems like it passed rapidly and also so slowly. I see my Dr. on the 10th for a one year checkup. My right knee which had the surgery still grumbles but the pain is muscular not bone on bone, so I can live with it. I decided since I didn't get to make cookies last year I would make up for it this year. Sat. it was the longest time on my feet since I can remember. Well before last years surgery. I paid for it last night and today. My left knee popped last night and wow what pain. I iced it then the right. I have been hearing crackling in my left knee and this pain is similar to the right knee-it is on the lateral side. I was hoping to avoid having another knee surgery for a bit but ole leftly may have other plans. I'm going to have him look at it Wed. My ROM and extension are both good. Glad to see the OS but also not ready to face another surgery.

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