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THR Superpath Surgery. May 10, 2023

May 18-2023. ( 8 days after surgery )

I saw my primary care doctor yesterday, he looked at my surgical site , ( I still have not looked at it ). My primary doctor told me the surgery site looked ok, and did not see anything to be concerned about. He did tell me he saw a small hole , at the surgical site, but it was not concerning . So of course I am concerned . The doctor told me I could take the bandage off this weekend , and will do that, and look at it for the first time. I have an appointment with the doctor who performed the surgery June 1.

I still am walking every hour or so, and as I am sitting here typing this have no pain in my hip.

On another note,when I saw my home health nurse, she told me that most of her patients stop wearing their ted hose after a few days. I called my surgeons office and talked to the nurse, and they told me to continue wearing the ted house until June 1, when I see my surgeon. So I have decided to continue to wear my ted hose , until June 1.

As I mentioned, in an earlier post, I stopped at home physical therapy, after having the PT came to my home one time. It was my decision., based on what I’ve read both here, and other websites. It just makes sense to me my body needs a chance to heal, and I can always do additional strength training if needed. Walking and rest are my orders for the day for now. I am Still walking with a walker, and testing putting additional weight on my hip every day..

My goal is to not be using the walker after 2 weeks from surgery . So I have 6 more days.on the walker, if my plan works out.

Many thanks to the administrators of this website,
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Good to hear your update, and sounds to me like things are continuing to improve.
I pretty much approached my recovery the way you regarding PT... it served me well.
I did attend some PT sessions after 10 weeks or so in order to assess my gait and get guidance on some gentle strengthening exercises.

Much sympathy on the dreaded TEDS ...come on June.
All Temporary!
It's great to set goals for yourself just realize some of the goals might take a little longer. I wouldn't be in a hurry to ditch the walker if you need it. You know your own body best and strength, so if you are ready for the cane than go right ahead but some goals don't "magically" adhere to our time table.
I kept walker by my bed for night time bathroom runs even after I was on my cane.
Sounds like you are doing very good, keep up the good attitude.
May19 2023. ( 9 days from surgery )

Over did it yesterday, I had a report to get out , and then had to drive with my wife in the car for about 3 hours. Way too much sitting, I have to not life get in the way of healing.
Something I found out that if anyone ever reads this, I found a new way to put on Ted hose. If you are familiar with sock aids, They work pretty good for me getting on ted hose.
The computer in my basement is calling me, but I don’t want to go. I did cut my grass on Wednesday, ( riding lawn mower ). Still using a walker, tried a cane yesterday, but I don’t think I am ready……. Happy Friday everyone
Over did it yesterday,
Welcome to the Over Did It Club (ODIC) bench! We all land there are some point in our recovery. It's okay, as long as you use it to moderate you activity so you don't end up back there next week!

You're right -- sometimes life gets in the way. Just remember, slow and steady is the best path to recovery.
I hope you can have a restful weekend to recover! You are right, the sock aid is very helpful for the TED hose. It just takes a bit of patience.
5-21-2023. 11 days after surgery. Took bandage off and looked at it myself for the first time. My primary doctor did look at it a few days ago and suggested I keep the bandage on until the weekend

I walked around with a cane just in the front room it was a little tuff, so not ready for that yet.

O boy we have lift off of the SpaceX Falcon9. Rocket……..( women driver, I hope they don’t get lost)….. Joking, but still hope they don’t get lost.


  • Superpath Surgery. May 10, 2023
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May 22, 2023. 12 days after surgery

Well I ditched the walker for the second half of the day, and it went pretty good. I had some itching over the surgical site, and I remember reading somewhere on here that ice helps with itching, so I put my ice pack back on, and the itching went away. I do have some left knee pain, and my left hip is far from perfect.

I only had one day of PT, and I was thinking, that if I don’t have good improvement by June 1 when I see my surgeon,, he will blame it on me for not doing PT. I do have outpatient PT scheduled for May 28 and I was thinking I will go there, but if they have me doing a lot of stuff that hurts, I will not be back. I also read somewhere that a PT can measure your legs, to see if they got the leg length right, so I will ask them to do that. Right now the leg length feels ok.

I stopped whereing my Ted hose too, man am I a bad patient.

One more thing, I wonder if my insurance is going to pass on all the money I saved them not doing PT? Maybe I will make a deal with the outpatient physical therapist, I will tell him I will come in for PT but I want 2/3rds of the money the insurance company pays him.

I remember doing pt a few years ago, and the pt would show me an exercise , tell me to do it, and than run away for 20 min. I am not playing that game again.
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Better than money take the time you would spend at PT and go to a park or read a book, probably more beneficial at this stage. I had a knee operation years ago and went for PT, similar experience with know nothings telling me to do things then walking away. My OS warned me not to go to PT, in his words they will only hurt you. So I'd say nothing has changed.
@Jason11 Pt can measure for leg length ... but this soon after hip replacement might be too early to get an accurate reading. If you limped on a bad hip for quite a while it can take time for all the muscles and tendons to stretch or shrink back to proper positions and that can affect the measuring of leg length.

Yes most new hips do not need much PT and walking is the best exercise. But, again, if you limped for a long time, the muscles and tendons might need some extra help... particularly with motions other than walking and climbing stairs. Like getting foot onto opposite knee.

" I stopped whereing my Ted hose too, man am I a bad patient" - Nah you're just a fairly normal patient - those things are (IMO) horrid! I ditched mine quite soon after my BTHR also.
Thanks for the comments. They got a nice website here, interesting reading all of the stories on here.
Thank you, @Jason11. We are all just paying it forward for the support we received during our recoveries.

You can help keep it going by continuing to share your recovery journey. Posting your experiences in this thread will help others following behind you!
May 24,2023. 14 days after surgery

I did not use the walker at all yesterday , and got around ok with just the cane . I read a story on here somewhere , that a guy was walking like 2 miles a day with his cane, and that is definitely not me. I found out canes can be dangerous as I was walking I kicked the cane with my foot and almost lost balance . ( 2 times ) I will have to watch I don’t do that again.

The ice packs are a savior to me. There were a few times I had some itching at the surgical site, and I put ice on it, and the the itching went away. Also earlier I was complaining about foot swelling, and that seems to have went away.

I went to the grocery store yesterday with my wife, and I used the electronic wheelchair they have in the store. It was uncomfortable, and for me the seat was too low, I remember thinking I am bending to much using this electronic wheelchair, I will not use it again. The hand out they gave me for restrictions stated, no restrictions. I did talk to the surgeon about restrictions, and he advised no low sitting. I am also sleeping in my bed now, much better then the recliner.

I am kind of a negative person sometimes, and my thoughts go back to my hospital stay, and I must say those nurses took good care of me, I was very impressed. I remember waking up after surgery I had low blood pressure , was shivering-nauseous and felt like I had been shot, my.body was dead weight. The nurses were there watching over me. I did not know people cared like that anymore .
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Wondering what the above date is, Jason?
Is it a Right THR May 24, 2020?
I do have some left knee pain,
Very common as the hip can be maneuvered rather aggressively during the dislocation process resulting in a sore knee for many. Ice your knee right along with your hip.

I only had one day of PT, and I was thinking, that if I don’t have good improvement by June 1 when I see my surgeon,, he will blame it on me for not doing PT. I do have outpatient PT scheduled for May 28 and I was thinking I will go there, but if they have me doing a lot of stuff that hurts, I will not be back.
Many recover very well without formal PT.
It is not necessary to exercise your injured hip to promote healing. The controlled trauma sustained through THR will heal on its own. Often though, we're impatient and want to move the process along. In doing so we run the risk of struggling with pain and setbacks stalling the healing process. The best therapy for recovery is walking, but not to excess. Start slowly increasing time and distance incrementally in an effort not to overdo it. Give yourself the TLC you deserve and reap the benefits of a successful recovery.

You're not a bad patient for stopping the TEDS. :heehee:They aren't even prescribed as readily as they once were and you're not alone in despising them. Not once have I read of someone saying "Give me more TEDS!"
Most are ready to burn them after a couple days.
I remember doing pt a few years ago, and the pt would show me an exercise , tell me to do it, and than run away for 20 min. I am not playing that game again.
Same! Mine would tell me to go on particular machine for five minutes then point to another and tell me to go on that machine after the five minutes were up. Then she went off on her computer and I don't know if she was checking her emails or other social media, but after there times (appts) of this, I was done.

Thanks for joining us, Jason. You seem to be doing well. I hope you have a great rest of the week and a good holiday weekend!
Wondering what the above date is, Jason?
Is it a Right THR May 24, 2020?

I don’t know, but I walk or hobble around in a constant state of confusion. I only had one hip surgery the left one on May 10,2023
I found that if I tried to walk too fast with a cane it was very easy to trip myself with it.
You missed out on the best PT session you could have had for free. Might not work for you but to relearn to walk I used a shopping cart at the store. Much better than a cane and no one in the store knew I was rehabbing. Works better than a walker as I could stand up straight and walk very slowly and not draw any attention. Plus it's nice smooth flat ground to walk on.
May 25, 2023. 15 days after surgery

I am sleeping much better on my bed, and can even sleep in my good side. I was walking with my adjustable cane yesterday, and it broke. Well the good news is I did not kill myself or fall. I did get my cane off of amazon and I thought it was of good quality. So today’s lesson for me is ……Don’t buy low quality adjustable canes. Nothing else to report, still using the ( NEW ) cane. Thanks for that tip Eman85

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