TKR New knee for me

Thank you!
I am back to work, still some inflamation, soreness and swelling when working.
My knee aches, but it's my feet now that kill me from being on the cement.
I'm trying to get a different job that will be easier on my old bones.
Walking really well and my bend was at 232 when I finished PT.
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Yes 132 sorry!
I have been trying different shoes and insoles, haven't found anything that keeps the comfort. The cushion wears out really fast.
I guess cement is bad on shoes, too!
Yes it is, 8 hours on it is very debilitating.
Congrats on being able to go back to work, @LydiasMom, but that is a lot of hours to be on your feet! Try to elevate and ice when you get home to help that poor knee recover from working all day.
Is there a way you can elevate your feet during your breaks and lunch? That would help, I'm sure.
Definitely elevate when I get home, not much chance to elevate at work. Since I was discharged with no restrictions they make me work like everyone else.
Hello and Happy Thursday, Lydia's Mom!
Wondering if the combo of a well cushioned supportive athletic shoe and the addition of gel inserts will help cushion the blow somewhat?

I hope you are able to find other employment as walking on cement for hours at a time all day is hard on your joints. I remember another member several years back, tallguy79, had the same dilemma. Dealing with walking on cement all day, but I also believe there was heavy lifting involved. He really struggled and if I recall, left his position for another.

Take care of yourself in the ways you're able through lots of rest, ice and elevation when you're at home.
Wishing you lots of comfort!
I worked at an Apple store (tile on concrete floors) and found that hiking shoes were the best. I also alternated with a good running shoe aas well. Regardless, standing on a hard flood is rough on the knees,
I had plantar fasciitis many years ago. My PT recommended New Balance running shoes. I went to a shop that specialized in fitting problem feet, knees and hips. I've worn New Balance ever since and they're great for my feet.
I am wearing New Balance now, the cushion is leaving.
I stock shelves, and sometimes stock the cold dairy, so yeah have several things that add to it.
A podiatrist I saw recommended either New Balance or Asics for knee pain.
I am currently wearing Asics and seem good.
The aftermarket gel insoles you can buy are usually far superior to the insoles that come standard in most running shoes, and are a good investment if you are on your feet a lot or have high arches like I do.
Hello LM! I am on concrete with the exception of one room I work in the most with carpet 'over' concrete. So I mostly wear Clarks as they can be found in various styles that go from business to casual easily. They're known as the 'teacher and flight attendant' shoes. You can even get a pump variant of Clarks.

Aravon, owned by New Balance make good thick-sole insulated sandals. Expensive but hey we're worth it!
Make sure your arches are getting good support. I've had orthotics for many years and just recently had to get new ones when I had another bout of plantar fasciitis. Also, I read somewhere that the full cushioning support of your shoes only lasts about 7-8 months of heavy use so it's possible you need a new pair?

I hope the rest of your recovery is going well. :flwrysmile:
Hello Lydia’s Mom,
I hope you have a nice long weekend to rest your feet. It’s four months to date since your surgery. Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I have found have found that the Dansko running shoes have a lot of cushioning and support.
My knee is doing well, they put me either in dairy or frozen (not the refrigeration part, just stocking groceries) I still get cold, it's like my knee absorbs the cold and then aches the rest of the night. Other than that it's good.
My feet are finally getting used to the cement again, I have been changing shoes each night and it's helping.
Having issues with left knee now, so wearing a brace hoping to prevent further damage.
@ LydiasMom, I bought McDavid neoprene Knee compressive sleeve-provided added thermal compression and support from Amazon. Measure twice and go up one size. This will help your knee stay warm.
I just started wearing Ryka they are just made for a women's feet and their site is very helpful. I've never worn such supportive sneakers and they do come in trail/walking. I watch out for their sales, and they are lightweight. I'm retired now but I worked 10–12-hour shifts on a cement floor covered with tile. I understand and found some relief with Dansko clogs but I could never wear them now. Best wishes to you.


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