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I had peeling skin on my lower leg but not the knee. It resolved in a couple of months. Yes, this journey is weird!
@Starsfan22 Yes the peeling skin in my case has continued for several weeks but at least once your scar has healed enough you can start using moisturiser on it- bio oil is a popular one to use. There are a lot of strange side effects with this surgery! My best one is after about 6 weeks my leg hair started to grow back BUT it is at least twice as much hair as I have ever had on my leg before- its like it has gone into overdrive! :tantrum2:
Oh, you forgot to mention the zingers! Sitting there all nice and quiet and suddenly yelping like you just got electrocuted- scared my husband so often with those :rotfl:
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@Starsfan22 I just added your recent surgery date, November 29, to your signature, going by a previous post. Please confirm that it is correct, and we’ll add you to the November surgery list. Thanks!
@Raindance , yes the peeling skin is weird. Eire1, you win the strangest award. I did forget zingers.

@Jockette , that is the correct forget tkr. Revision cleanout, hardware removal, spacer placement was Oct 1
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Anyone else have dry peeling skin on the surgical knee? It's like I'm molting.
I didn't have peeling skin but the skin on my surgical leg was quite visibly darker than the other leg. It was quite weird for weeks and then - poof, they look alike. I guess the skin healed over the time, but I didn't notice how long it took to look normal again.
I’m so glad to see this discussion on the flaking! My leg kept flaking like crazy after both surgeries! I kept meaning to ask about this, & kept forgetting. The nurse doing my dressing change this morning said that it is probably due mainly to all the super cleansing things they use to keep everything sterile, they can be very drying. Made sense to me. Mine seems to be subsiding. Just one more of those little surprises! ☺️
Merry Christmas to all bonesmarties! We have had a wrench thrown at our celebration. Son-in- law has covid. We had breakfast, gifts and dinner scheduled at my two daughter's houses. All canceled . It's just delayed, hopefully everyone will be well by next weekend. I have two other events scheduled, a large one Sunday with around 40 family members about half kids. Then Monday a smaller group of about 15. Honestly I'm hesitant to go to either gathering. Am I more at risk if I get covid as I'm only 3 weeks from tkr? My OS told me infections love to go to a replaced knee and attach to the metal. I honestly don't know if I can go through another revision etc. I actually believe we'll all get covid but delaying it is optimal right? Confused and bummed at this point. Tomorrow will be just another day. I think I'll watch a church service and see if any of my favorite movies are on.
No comfort whatsoever but you have joined 'quite a list' of the three c's.

Covid Christmas Cancellations.

Two of my god daughters' are isolating with their immediate families and two cousins are doing the same, and that's just our family.

I know we are OK as apart from me triple masking up to do the Christmas shop last Tuesday, I haven't been anywhere or seen anyone inside [ loads of festive cancellations and back to outside coffee meet ups] and our guests later on will take a LFT before coming but have also 'been careful' due to my husband's compromised immune system.

Sadly, at the moment, the thought of any other get together inside for us and many others in the UK is a no no. We will let the new wave of infection die down a little before meeting up again.

May I wish you as Merrier a Christmas as is possible and fingers crossed, you don't get the dreaded virus at all.
@Starsfan22 Here in Portugal every family/ friends or any party/gathering every one is taking a antigen test prior to getting together, our government has insisted on it, this applies to our restaurants, events and any gatherings whatsoever, where we might come in close contact with others.
I must admit, I am avoiding contact with large groups, it's not worth the risk if my knee as you said could get infected at this early stage in our recovery, I just declined a New Year Celebrations at a wonderful venue for that very reason, despite knowing everyone will be taking with them a negative test, but .. there is always that " but" and for one evening of merriment is it really worth it:chinstroke:
On the plus side you do have a tasty chocolate pie to accompany your movies & carols xx
@Scaredycat10 , and @Sara61 . I too am afraid of large gatherings. What is the likelihood in a group of 40 there isn't a few civid positive folks? I wish we could all take tests before attending parties. My son-in-law would not have taken a test if my daughter hadn't insisted therefore exposing all of us, a group of 9.
PT in home this morning measured ROM at 101, extension near 0. That's 10 degrees in a week. Honestly I'm only doing a few exercises and my everyday activities have increased. The bonesmart way works for me. I'm planning on working on my two stairs today , going for a short walk outside. I went to a restaurant yesterday and did ok, iced when I got home. My main complaint at one month is stiffness in the morning as well as anytime I stand or walk too much.

On a "thank you God" moment my bloodtest checking for infection markers came back clear. I see the ID Dr. tomorrow to go over results. My PT had access to my results this morning so I got early results.

I'm doing well but of course I want quicker, better results. Can anyone relate? I also have to make that dreaded retirement decision.....

I wish more than anything today that everyone here who is struggling with healing can have a good, pain free day. We will all get there, each at our on pace. I remember with my first extremely slow recovery being envious of those who heal quickly but I got there slowly but surely. The support shown here is so comforting and welcome!
Wow! Congratulations on your near 0 extension! I’m still chasing that illusive number.....
And, congratulations on your blood test markers. Double congratulations on that one! It sounds like you are doing really well.
Keeping you in thoughts on your retirement decision. That’s a tough one, especially when you love what you do. We have no regrets, although it was hard at first.but my husband is now exploring other woodworking projects, and I am able to soon do some sewing, work on organizing some family photos ( we have some old, fun & nostalgic ones,). And, be more active in our garden this year, and spending time with our grandson... all sorts of things I just didn’t have time or energy I for. Prayers for you to come to the right decision for You.
Btw, we are also avoiding large gatherings, just too risky now, even though we are both fully vaccinated & boosted. Just not worth the risk. Take care, & yes!
I love your thought of a pain free ( or at least less pain) for all of us. Have a lovely day.....
I don't know about everyone else but I'm so tired of the ups and downs of this healing process. I'm also over this year. Yesterday was a good day, today sucks on so many levels. Also, if my husband keeps me awake one more night with his incessant sleeping noises I'm going to a hotel.

I'm stressed about the retirement decision, getting a crown next week, the weight I've gained from being immobile since Oct 1., being able to exercise ( not today), covid keeping me from my kids/grandkids and everything I want to do now that I'm somewhat mobile and my hip is hurting! I've not had hip pain before this week. Perhaps it's from transition to the cane? I swear I can't deal with another surgery, I just can't.....

New Year, new us huh? I'm looking forward to so many things starting with normalcy, just normal everyday things.
@Starsfan22 I am sending you one big virtual hug and wishing you a happy and healthy New year!
It can be so frustrating dealing with all the issues life and surgery brings- we all want to run before we can walk but we don’t want to sit on the ODIC bench either, life is just :good-bad:
Husband thing can be solved by moving into a different room, either him or you- it’s what I have done as there was no way my husband would be able to sleep with me being wide awake most of the night- he also snores so loud the furniture vibrates!!!
The weight gain is normal and once you are more mobile it will take care of itself, Covid is a :censored: but you can handle the steps you need to take to keep yourself and your family safe.
Your hip can be many things, such as sleeping in the wrong position, your body adapting to your new stance after surgery etc etc, don’t worry about it for now- if it becomes an issue you can deal with it then.
Your retirement- in every job everyone is replaceable no matter how much we want it to be otherwise. If you truly love your work and never want to quit then don’t- if you are smiling every time you walk in the door, if you love dealing with the problem cases and awkward clients, then stay.
Just remember your job is not your identity, you are so much more and have the potential to be even more- I resisted retirement because I felt I would lose my identity- due to health issues I ended up having the decision made for me and it was hard to adjust to the change, I felt depressed by it BUT it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I ended up learning more about who I am and I like me!
Whatever you decide, make sure the decision makes you smile!
I hope this New Year brings you many smiles!
At this point, the Omicron strain is like getting a cold, especially if you are vaccinated and boostered. Not sure if you have underlying conditions or not but it's definitely not the death sentence they make it out to be on the news. It's scary though, I get it. If you were to get it, I'm sure you would be fine.

I had hip issues a couple of months post-op but they resolved. I'm still not sure why but it did go on for a few weeks. It's gone now so hopefully yours will go away soon too.
Thanks for all the support! This really is the best support board. We're hoping to finally get to do our family Christmas Monday. Tuesday is my husband's birthday so we'll combine the celebrations.

I went for a walk this morning. Short since it rained and I had to dodge puddles in a gravel driveway. It will be the last one for a few days as the temperature is going to drop about forty degrees this afternoon through tomorrow morning.

I made orange cranberry scones this morning. It's nice to be able to cook but I'm still limited. I find making recipes in stages helps and I sit for some tasks. Whatever we need to do right?

I'm going to need to ice after a busy morning. I was able to clean all the fingerprints off my fridge this morning. So happy I can finally clean things that have driven me crazy. Husband doesn't clean much. How can someone drop something on the floor and just go on about your business?
@Starsfan sounds like you have a husband like mine :heehee:
Your morning sounds wonderful as do the orange cranberry scones- mmm!
Remember not to push yourself too hard- there is plenty of room on the ODIC bench. Any cooking prep you can do sitting down do it that way, it makes you feel good getting back to a ‘normal’ routine while not over taxing your knee.
Afterwards lots of icing and elevate- you are starting the new year in a great way!
Those scones sound delicious! I love just about any baked good With cranberries! Yes, the sitting down for any task you can do surely helps. I do have to remind myself to do this, like this morning, dicing onions, peppers & ham for our omelette.... stood the entire time.. I agree on the hip pain....several mornings, I’ve awaken with hip pain, and getting up if I sit for too long. Getting better, and, I’m thinking maybe some is “ compensation pain” from using my cane. Just a thought.
Your celebrations sound great! As a young adult, quite often, I’d be late with a card, or gift. My beloved Papa would always chuckle & say “ you’re not Late, honey child, you’re just stretching it out!” Over the past 51 years, there have been numerous times we have re-scheduled Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc, because of illness, or, once our kids were in school, some event. But we’d always have our celebration, whenever we could. And it was still fun, & filled with love. So enjoy those celebrations on Tuesday. And be sure you rest some before then! I’ll be thinking of you.

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