Hippies scars - post your badges of honor here: NO CHIT-CHAT HERE PLEASE

This is the first picture taken of my hippie scar, and it was taken after the second surgery--3 days afterward during the dressing change. The OS went through the same incision he made for the original so I only will have one scar! The second incision's a little longer, but not much. What surprises me in this photo (in which I'm laying on my side) is how much bigger the incision looks this way; when I stand in front of the mirror, it only looks like it's 8-9 inches. But my leg's still swollen considerably here and it's stretched out, so I suppose that can make a difference.



P.S. I really, really haven't mooned ANYONE since my college days!!!!
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better photo

3 weeks and 3 days after op! the mark behind the scar is from the seam of my jeans.
Scar measures 8 cms.

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6 wks to 19 weeks lot less swollen but now have lumps and bumps....kind of big dents in my flesh. The totally new scar (posterior) is hardly visible, the revised incision that was neatened up (lateral) is not bad either, the scars veering off to the left are from childhood surgeries.

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This photo was taken one week post-op, 6/22/11, staples and all, when Home Health Nurse changed the dressing.

THR 6/14/2011

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Here is my badge of honor, one week post-op. It is exactly 6 inches long and looks pretty good to me. Will post another once the staples are out.

Hip Incision 1 week post op.jpg
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I finally peeled off all the strips today. It's about 4inches long. This is 3 weeks and 3 days post op.

The indentation below is a much bigger nastier scar from an older operation.

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New here, here's mine, about two weeks post op, I'm now nearly two months post op, looks much better now, will try to take a better pic & post.

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Ok, going to try and post my scar. post op 7 weeks x

I'm really pleased with it :blush:

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This is 7 days out.

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Here is my scar. This was immediately after the staples were removed, taken in the treatment room. There were 30 staples. I refused to look at the scar until they were removed. I now rub Bio Oil in three times a day and have got to know it well, but initially I found it really hard to touch it. Its about 9inches long.

Tjay's LTHR, minimally invasive, surgery was 29 Sep 11. This is 5 days post-op.

Tjay LTHR 5 day post op 2.jpg
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