Hippies scars - post your badges of honor here: NO CHIT-CHAT HERE PLEASE

OK, here's mine. This was taken 3 days after surgery.
The small scar to the left is where my original hip surgery was done to repair my broken hip.
It was a posterior approach, so that's my left buttock cheek.

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Here it is!! 26 days out-I can't believe it'll be 4 weeks already on Monday! The last 2 steri-strips fell off yesterday...they've been hanging on for dear life. The incision measures 5 inches long.

Here is mine. From October 2006. My scar is longer than i think most of yours. I am not sure why, maybe cuz the scar was an old one from 1979 and he just added to it! It finally looks white now, it was purple forever!

Here's my "badge of courage"! It is 25 days old. An anterior approach to the right THR. My hubby thought this was the oddest thing he had ever taken a pic of but I'm pretty proud of it!!!

Well, here's my new beauty mark.. 23 days after surgery. Seems to be doing fine, one can see where there was an infection that slowed healing down a bit but that cleared up in a few days and healing goes on. The scar was approximately 9 inches long.

Keith's scar.JPG
Pics at day 10. Incision is 8.2 cm long (3"). The black dot about an inch below is the drain.
Held together with glue.

The leg used to actually have muscle and not NEARLY so much saddlebag... :sigh:

Well folks, here`s PUK's War wound!!


It really isn't half as bad as I thought it would be!! Piccie taken on Saturday, staples out Monday.

Wow! I was able to do it this time! Took a lot of practice but, thanks Jo and Jamie!
My daughter had to take a picture of a Polaroid that they took of it at my second rehab. The first scar was about 4 inches and had glue and steri strips! Oh well...

Lets see if this three day old scar shows. I had the doctor snap the picture when he changed the dressing for the first time this morning.

I'm laying in the bed. Sorry for the poor quality cell phone picture.


Here is a better picture just taken of the 6" scar. Wife says it is dry and I should be able to get a shower tomorrow.


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