Foot Bunion surgery and more

Yay, for the nerves re-awakening and reconnecting (sorry that causes pain).

I couldn't read or write with any focus for far longer than I'd hoped after surgery. Bad tv and good music were my past times. What genre are you writing?
@hawk2go, The genre is fiction. Just cosy village tales, nothing special.
I like good music too. To calm my nerves before surgery I listened to Omar’s song; There’s Nothing Like This. It’s soothing!
Hi, @kiwicurls ! I am trying to catch up, & just read your most recent posts… have had a Tough time!!
Well, I didn’t get very far on this….. I don’t remember the interruption…. But, here I am back. I may get as far as I can today, & then more tomorrow.

At the moment, our very sweet next door neighbor is about to bring us some of her vegetarian chicken noodle soup…it is absolutely one of my very favorite foods ever. She brought us some when I was recovering from my cleanout surgery. At the time, absolutely Nothing tasted good to me. The intravenous antibiotics had destroyed my appetite ( tough for someone who loves to eat):). Nikki’s soup was the First thing that tasted good to me. We saw her on our walk this morning, taking their youngest daughter to school, & she told us she’d made a big pot last night & had some for us…yum, yum! We’re very fortunate to have them as neighbors, they both watch out for us, & if my husband is hauling something heavy, there they are, ready to help him. Everyone should have such wonderful neighbors….

I’m sure hoping you are doing better every day. That experience with the anesthesia had to be scary! I had a general anesthesia with my cleanout surgery, and it did make me sick, but that was all, and I was able to return to regular food the next day. I do hope your full recovery from it is soon.

You mentioned watching the lmovie, “ All Things Great & Small”, I believe on the knee thread. ( I had such a hard time locating you on here, I’m afraid to risk going back to check!). My husband & I used to listen to books on tape a lot when we had our Woodcrafting business. There was a LOT of finish sanding, also other jobs where it helped to have something interesting to listen to. We love mysteries, & listened to a couple of series, one, of a couple who were Egyptologists from England, and, learned a lot about Egypt & it’s history in the process; also, “ the cat who” series. The main character is a retired newspaper columnist, named James Quilleran. He adopts a Siamese cat named Coco in the first book, and together, they live a fascinating, often humorous life, sort of amateur sleuths. The author was brilliant…. She wrote around 30 books. We’ve read, and listened to, all of them, in fact my husband is enjoying reading the entire series at night now. Lillian Jackson Braun died several years ago, well into her 90’s. We got most of ours at the library, or books on tape. Very entertaining., and, you always learned in depth about something new….. antiques, beekeeping, raising goats, etc, as each book had new characters, as well as some old favorites we got to know well. But, we also listened to “ All things Great and Small”. We both Loved it…. As you said, a gentler time…. Very refreshing. The stories were so beautiful……
I had just got a set of books of 3 historical women well before Henry viii shortly before my surgery. Those kept me entertained during the TKR and, the recovery from the infection. My daughter & I both love reading about the Tudors, & those before them. She is Elizabeth, maybe that’s why….

Well, I hope I have not totally bored you! I’m determined to get this off tonite, & then try to check in more often. I have thought of you so often. I’m doing the leg lifts faithfully. So far, my balance is very lousy! Thinking I probably need to do that, and some others several times a day…..

OK….. I’m about to shampoo & then fix us some supper. I will check on you tomorrow…. We have my 1-year checkup. Wish me luck! Today is my one year anniversary …….. hard to believe . Do take care, & know you are in many thoughts here . I’m sure glad it sounds like your Dr appears to have found the source of your pain. Aren’t our bodies fascinating things??
@Catalien45 , lovely to catch up! Please let us know how your one year check up went!
So you had a woodcraft business? That sounds amazing. My husband is jealous! And what a great idea to listen to audio books while you work.
I had my stitches out this morning and everything looks good. Still not allowed to be on my feet for more than an hour a day. By the time I finish my shower that’s half of the time used up already!
Just in case anyone is interested: the anaesthetist phoned me just now, to see how I am after the succinylcholine reaction last week. He said that due to my acid reflux hiatus hernia this is about the only safe drug to use when intubating me. He also said the reaction would probably never happen again. Gee, hope he’s right!
Gosh I hope that's the case. It was really great of him to contact you for follow up. Impressive!
Hi, @kiwicurls! I’m getting better at this. Right now, my husband is trying find some info on Medicare Advantage for my sister in Texas. I’m afraid she’s a lot like me with anything computer related….I think our beloved Papa would have enjoyed the google info aspect, but would most likely have not liked computers for most things. He loved to learn, read constantly , and I still say, although he never went to college, he was one of the most educated people I ever knew. Even after his stroke, it was amazing the facts he could recall. His mind was like a library!

I’d forgotten about zingers! What a weird sensation. I had them off & on for a while…..thankfully, someone here had mentioned them, & what they were…I think I’d have been a bit alarmed. I went a long time with none, then one day, had a long little “episode”, where they just kept hitting, one after another….ZOW, ZOW, WHAM! Then, they stopped, & never returned. It was strange…so it sounds like you get that “ excitement “ with foot surgery too……

My Dr appointment went well. He said I looked great, & he’ll see me in 2-3 years, unless I have any further problems. I asked about my balance problem, & he said it’s most likely age-related. He said he’d be glad to write me a prescription for physical therapy, but I won’t do that for now. We’ve had a pretty expensive year, with major appliance replacements, tooth implants, etc, and, right now, I just need the time to catch up here at home. As I often say…..” so many choices…”. He also said he’d read where Tai-chee (sp?) is excellent for balance, so my husband & I are going to look into our local YMCA, also for some instructional videos on Tai-chee. Our YMCA is very close, less than a 5 minute drive, and, they have an excellent track for walking & running ( no running for us,hee hee) for when winter sets in. Sometimes there are icy spots in our neighborhood, where the sun doesn’t really hit. And we have “silver sneakers”… age does have its benefits.
My husband is now downstairs in his shop. He is making us some new nightstands ( ours are quite old and small , & really need refinishing). He’s designed them with a curved front, something he’s never done before. He worked as a software engineer all the time our kids were growing up & in college. He finally decided to quit doing that, & began our Woodcrafting business. ( he’s toyed with smaller projects through the years).’k He designed jewelry & keepsake boxes. After several years, I quit my job as a PCP ( personal care provider), helping elderly & disabled folks in their homes. It was quite an experience , & I met some incredible people. It was hard work, but I treasure many of the friends I met there . But it was time I quit, and, he needed help in the business. We worked together, from our home for roughly 15 years. We both loved doing it, creating & selling the boxes, & they sold well. He taught me to do the veneered lids, and I made the interiors from velvet. Having sewn most of my life, I created a ring holder & necklace pouch for our largest box. We retired several years ago, and there are times I miss it, but I am enjoying having more time to just tackle some projects that shelved” for years.

I’m back again, Monday morning. I just saw where you are experiencing zingers… gosh, I hope they clear up soon. Mine seemed to come & go. I hadn’t thought of magnesium, but it sounds like a good idea. They seem to have gone away, but I still have numbness in my knee… it’s a weird sensation.
I must tell you, I just talked to my oldest sister Irene on Sunday. I told her what all you have been through with your feet. She had some foot surgery several years ago, & it was rough. I was not aware of it at the time. One of her daughters was there with her, but she got disoriented on the pain medicine, got up alone, blacked out, & fell & broke some vertebrae in her back, and, got a concussion! I did a similar thing the night I got home from my TKR, but fortunately, no concussion or broken bones. (Methinks our family does not react well to the strong pain meds…). She’s convinced that most of her problems are from wearing heels the years she worked for an insurance company ( hammer toes & bunions), but I seem to remember our Dad having some foot problems. Are your feet problems hereditary? It seems so many things are nowadays……
OK, I’m going to wrap this up. I believe it is about 2 am there, right?I find myself wondering if you are experiencing the insomnia that seemed to accompany TKR. That was a totally new experience for me. Normally, I sleep like a rock! It was probably just as well I could only sleep downstairs, on our couch. My husband is a somewhat light sleeper, he’d have got No sleep! I just made sure this pad was charged, & carry on conversations with fellow insomniacs, or read on my books. Most of that time is now a dim memory….
If you Are sleeping, sleep well, and “ sweet dreams”,as our daughter often tells us. And I’ll check on you again in the next day or so. Keeping you & your recovery in lots of positive thoughts….
Hi @Catalien45
So pleased your check up went well. Tai Chi is wonderful and I intend to go back to it once I can stand up again. I did it for many years. You will love it.
I sleep ok but spent an interesting half hour last night watching my foot jump all over the bed. Then it all stopped, thank goodness.
No, my foot problems were not caused by wearing high heels, they are hereditary.
How terrible for your sister, breaking her back like that. Pain meds can affect some people badly. I have no real pain now, just the zingers.
Your nightstands sound great; very clever, both of you.
I am going to attempt to clean off some of the dried blood from my toes( still cannot get the foot wet). I will use those little round makeup remover pads with a little warm water, as they slide between the toes easily. I only mention this because it might help others having foot surgery. I have steri strips on the suture lines but it’s still not healed yet.
I will use those little round makeup remover pads with a little warm water, as they slide between the toes easily.
Great idea! I never would have thought of that!
I am watching the 1970s series of the British show, All Creatures Great and Small.
I absolutely adored this show. I still watch it every now and then. I record the series on my TVR.
I think there’s a condition called anaesthetic brain, ha ha.
We call that brain fog and it is certainly a real thing. On the fourth Sunday after my TKR, I attempted to go back to teaching my Sunday School class. I worked on the lesson for days. After much study and notes, I still could not concentrate enough to teach. Thank God my backup was willing to take over. So, brain fog or anesthetic brain, whatever it is called is a real thing!

I have never heard of succinylcholine so I looked it up. It sounds awful. I know you were terrified. After my last surgery, I had a bad reaction to the Prophohol and ended up throwing up everything for at least 18 hours even water. But, I didn't have it nearly as bad as you did. Thank God that is over for you!

Have you tried taking magnesium for your zingers? It does well for restless legs but just might help those zingers. My PA suggested heat on my thigh after the TRK, but that is out for you.

Have you tried putting your foot in a big bowl or pan and stuffing ice packs around it? Not being able to ice is awful.
@sistersinhim, what a fantastic suggestion about putting my foot in a bowl with ice packs! The only downside to doing it so soon after the surgery is that my foot would be down and I have to keep it above my heart most of the time for the next few weeks. After that, I will certainly try your idea as it will need icing for months, if last time was anything to go by.
I take magnesium in the morning but cannot take it before bed as it clashes with other medication. Might try taking one at about 7pm, though, then it would be 2 hrs before my night meds and that should be ok.
My foot is at the peeling stage now, which I well remember from last time. I am shedding skin like a snake and I cannot wait until I can shower it off. All I can do for now is apply vitamin E cream, keeping it well away from the two suture lines.
I really hope someone having foot surgery can be helped by my posts but bonesmart is not something that comes up when you google bunion surgery. Sadly, there are very few sites for support and the forum I used for my first surgeries doesn’t seem to have any new threads at all. I wonder if covid stopped a lot of elective foot surgery?
I really hope someone having foot surgery can be helped by my posts but bonesmart is not something that comes up when you google bunion surgery.
You’re right, I just tried it by writing “bunion surgery online support group.”

I‘m sure anyone who does find it will find your thread very helpful. :flwrysmile:
Hi @Jockette, yes, there really is a need for a support group for foot surgery as it’s such a long frustrating recovery time. There is apparently a facebook group but I am not on facebook and never will be. It’s just not something I want to do. I am probably old fashioned!
The only downside to doing it so soon after the surgery is that my foot would be down and I have to keep it above my heart most of the time for the next few weeks.
I was thinking you could elevate the same time you had your foot in a bucket or something like that while icing.
I was actually thinking that you could elevate while your foot was in a bucket or find something large enough to hold your ice and foot and have it up on the pillows. My foot is at the peeling stage now,
Both of my feet peeled after my tkr and then again after I broke my foot and ankle. Does yours itch? Mine did. Vitamin E should help that poor skin of yours.
@sistersinhim , that’s a thought. I will try it. I have a big plastic bowl so maybe that would work. I will get my husband to set it up when he gets home. He has gone for some much overdue physio for his poor back ( sciatica). I feel so bad that he’s put his own health on the back burner to look after me. I am very lucky indeed and never take him for granted.
Yes, the skin does itch but I find the basic, cheap vitamin E cream works well enough.
It must have been awful, breaking both foot and ankle! Could you use crutches? I haven’t the upper body strength after shoulder surgery so I use a walker.
I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and haven't been able to use crutches for years because of shoulder surgery and lack of strength in my upper body. I tried a knee scooter and it killed my knee so I sent it back to Amazon. They're good about that! So, I used the walker after the first few weeks. Before that, I used a wheelchair but found that extremely difficult to maneuver in the house. I was thankful to get back on the walker. But, boy did my hands, shoulders, and left knee get sore. Having to hop everywhere was rough. At least with the tkr, I was weight-bearing so I didn't have to hop around. Did you have to hop around, too, since you were non-weight bearing?

I'm finding that even after almost 5 years my ankle and foot will ache sometimes. My OS says it is tendonitis and told me to wear a brace when it acts up.

You are so blessed to have a caring hubby. I hope his PT helps his sciatica. That stuff is mean!
@sistersinhim , we have much in common! Isn’t shoulder surgery painful! The physio nearly killed me!
I also tried a knee scooter but with bone on bone knees they are useless. Also, I have heard of too many people who have toppled over from them and hurt themselves.
Mindful of my left knee replacement only six months ago, I am trying not to hop on that leg. I put a lot of my body weight onto the walker. I can heel walk so that helps, whereas you couldn’t do that after breaking an ankle.
I try to walk as normally as I can on the tkr leg but it’s not easy. Yes, wrists and arms ache when using the walker but it can’t be helped. I alternate between a pick up frame and the wheeled walker I was using for the tkr.
I also alternate where I rest. Recliner with foam wedge/ bed with pillows, so as not to get a sore back. It sounds silly but I have three little rest stations in the house, set up with water, tissues, etc, bedroom, living room and tv room. The hospital physio advised this and it was good advice.
I know I shouldn’t say this, but my tkr was by far the easiest operation to recover from, compared to foot and shoulder surgery. But we are all different and I know several people who sailed through shoulder surgery with no real pain.
I can heel walk so that helps
That is a real blessing! The less hopping you have to do the better.

My shoulder surgery wasn't that bad. I was sent home with a circulating ice water machine which was a God-send! I went to PT twice to learn the basics and get the bands, then did it all myself at home. Being a divorced woman, I had no one to drive me and I hate to ask for help! My then OS said the repairs would probably last only a few years because my tendons were like spaghetti, but I'm over 10 years out already and am doing just fine. The other one is showing its butt now, but I just tell it to behave itself!

The recovery from the 2 broken bones in my foot actually hurt more than my ankle when trying to walk. I can't imagine how bad those toes hurt! At least your knee is behaving. I remember that you are having remarkable healing with that. God must have gotten you through that so well cause He knew what was coming up with your foot. Did you injure your foot or was it something you were born with? My knees are birth defects that I inherited from both parents. Thanks mom and dad!

How are your zingers?
@sistersinhim , I was born with bad feet, a condition called metatarsis adductus then bunions so bad my big toes were dislocated and lying underneath my feet. Fortunately I managed over 35 years of nursing before they became so bad I could no longer do a 12 hr hospital shift. I went over to nurse education but even this involved supervising students on the wards so 2 years ago I retired to write my books. No regrets!
My knees became bad after teaching cpr, kneeling on hard classroom floors!
Zingers still happening but not constantly. I only take my 2 paracetamol at night, which I do anyway for various arthritic pains. It helps me sleep.
Husband hasn’t had time to buy a plastic bucket, to try your icing trick but he thinks it could work.
Our son called in today. He has the beginnings of bunions but says he’d never have foot surgery. His are not too bad, though.
I hope others having bunion surgery find bonesmart. It does seem a shame that I can offer much advice but nobody knows about it.
then bunions so bad my big toes were dislocated and lying underneath my feet
:shocked:Oh my gosh, I can not imagine that! That is awful. How painful that must have been.
Zingers still happening but not constantly. I only take my 2 paracetamol at night, which I do anyway for various arthritic pains. It helps me sleep.
Are they slowing down at all yet? Believe it or not, I can still get minor zingers in my new knee at times. I pat it and tell it it's a good girl still healing those nerves! Hopefully, yours will become minor quicker rather than later.
Our son called in today. He has the beginnings of bunions but says he’d never have foot surgery. His are not too bad, though.
I pray he doesn't have to have that horrible surgery.

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