Foot Bunion surgery and more

Thanks. I feel so scared and emotional. Never felt so bad in my life. I will pray I wake up in the morning feeling better or it’s going to be a challenge to get to the surgeon for my dressing.
Hang in there. Hopefully he will be able to help with this issue. :console2: :prayer:
Starting to feel a bit better but muscles shaking and nausea all morning. My surgeon was very upset that this reaction occurred but it wasn’t his fault. He redressed my foot which is very swollen due to the hour long drive to his surgery. He told me to sit in the back of the car with leg up on seat but it nearly dislocated my hip… any suggestions welcome. If anyone is interested, Google patient reviews succinylcholine…
fascinating reading. This drug is cruel!
Does he know when this reaction will subside? :console2:
@kiwicurls .... how scary to have had this reaction! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm also sorry that the anesthesiologist chose to be a bit cavalier about it all. Hopefully your surgeon will have a little chat with him and set him straight. Things like this can be terrifying for a patient and they need the compassion of everyone on their medical team. Hopefully each day will bring some improvements for you. Be sure this medication gets noted in ALL your medical records so that you never have to experience this again.
@kiwicurls I did a bit of research on succinylcholine. Wow - that's nasty stuff for some. You are obviously sensitive to this drug. Be sure they put this in your medical record.

Glad you are feeling better now. I would not have suggested putting your op foot up so high during your ride home. I'm sure a pillow or two under your op leg would be safer.

Hope things settle for you. Foot surgery is definitely not for sissies!
Thank you for the support and kind words everyone.
I am feeling a bit better today.
I wish I could figure out how to keep foot elevated in the car but believe me I have tried with the previous surgeries and never found a solution. If I sit in the back of the car with my leg on the seat the seatbelt chokes me and the hard bit where the belt clips into the seat digs into my hip. That would be tolerable for a short ride but it is an hour to the surgery. The last few surgeries I just sat in the front with the seat as far back as possible. But my foot isn’t elevated as a pillow won’t fit in the foot well.
The only reason I am worried is that the foot is more swollen than last time and I have to go every Friday for dressing.
My pain level is ok. The palexia really helps. I don’t know why more surgeons don’t use this as it’s not constipating and is a strong analgesic.
Thanks again for keeping in touch. It means a lot to me. x
My pain level is ok. The palexia really helps. I don’t know why more surgeons don’t use this as it’s not constipating and is a strong analgesic.
This is good news. :console2:
@Jamie , The surgeon was going to ring the anaesthetist and talk to him about the reaction I had but it’s difficult because I have been given this drug during every foot surgery I’ve had and no problems before. When I spoke to the anaesthetist he said it’s the safest drug to use for intubation but occasionally people have this terrible reaction. He said you could have it twenty times and not have a problem then for no reason, it causes the dreadful muscle spasms.
It’s wearing off now, so I am happier.
Oh, I didn't realize you'd had it before successfully. I still think I would put some kind of note in my medical records if it was me, though, just to alert the doctors to be aware of the potential problem. Usually they will ask, "Have you ever had a reaction to any anesthetic drug?" But.....just in case......the information that you had a reaction would be there and they would likely ask you about what happened.

So glad you're feeling better!
Feeling much better today, day 5. Very little pain but discomfort from all the sitting around with the foot higher than the heart. This recovery takes patience! At least with tkr you can move around but I’m not allowed to get up except for bathroom breaks.
Hi @kiwicurls. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

I'm sorry you aren't allowed to move around. I know how frustrating that is. I had a similar restriction when I broke my ankles (both at the same time). I was mostly confined to a wheelchair and was only allowed to weight-bear to transfer from there to the toilet.

Hang in there. You can do this! :hugzz:
I wish I had a dramatic tale to share, @kiwicurls, but the truth is, I tripped and fell down some outdoor stairs. One ankle was just a fracture, but the other was a trimalleolar break that required surgery to put in a plate and screws.

The fun part of the story is that we were visiting my daughter at college for parents weekend when it happened. Since she played on the school's Rugby team she knew the quickest way to the hospital's ER entrance -- and where to go to get a wheelchair for me. Although she was never a patient, there, she often drove her teammates to the ER after game injuries! Even the ER nurses recognized her! :rotfl:
Hi @kiwicurls, I'm catching up on your thread and am glad you're recovering from the surgery and anesthesia. Find some really bad tv series or some audio books to while the day away. Though it seems forever the time will pass before you know it (it's already been a week).
@benne68, that’s still a good story! Rugby is a hazardous game, for sure, almost as bad as netball!
@hawk2go, I am watching the 1970s series of the British show, All Creatures Great and Small. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a delightful tv series about a Yorkshire country vet practice. It’s very funny and takes me back to a gentler time.
I am also mulling over ideas for the next chapters of my book, which seems to have reached a stalemate. However, I don’t want to start writing until I feel better as my attempts post anaesthetic after my tkr were dreadful; had to be deleted! I think there’s a condition called anaesthetic brain, ha ha.
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your autumn weather. Our spring is wet, cold and soggy unfortunately.
I spent a restless night because my foot was jumping about, full of zingers! Must be the nerves repairing.
full of zingers! Must be the nerves repairing.
Yuk! Those zingers drove me mad! Yes, nerves are recovering from all the trauma. Hope this all eases soon!

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