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    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    No lecture needed, you've already lectured yourself. Lesson learned and now on to ice & elevation. You might want to keep some crackers & water by your bed if you take some pain meds. Don't take them on an empty stomach or more trouble will happen. Your doing well.
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    TKR Getting stressed re Nurse visit today!!

    Take a deep breath and now slowly exhale. You will get through this - but its all on your knee's time line. Not the surgeon's, nurse's or PT's time line - your knee's. I've been through multiple surgeries and each one is different. What worked before don't work now, etc. One thing I will say is...
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    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    Excellent news and report. Now the lecture: do not overdue. Pain meds on a schedule, ice & elevation are where your focus should be. Happy Healing.
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    Revision TKR On 2nd Revision, still having problems

    I'm so sorry, sometimes you just have to be a detective to try and figure things out. What jumped out at me was that you take the anti-inflammatory not on a consistent basis. Personally, if it were me, I'd get me on a very strict medicine schedule. Take the anti-inflam on a schedule. Are you...
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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet

    Thanks for the encouragement. I've slowly moved the recumbent seat up. Holey moley that's tightness plus a thousand. Baby steps I know. I'm doing 20 minutes - really too much to do anymore.
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    TKR 8 months post op and knee getting worse

    I agree about a different opinion. However, I'm afraid you'll run into issues trying to see someone else. The rule of thumb is usually no other surgeon will see another surgeons' work until its at least 1 year old. Don't be surprised if the new surgeon wants all of the surgery notes. Start...
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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet

    Thanks Jockette. I can't believe that I can't bend my knee enough to ride my bike. I just figured since I can ride the recumbent I could ride my 'real' bike. Boy was I wrong. Determined and very frustrated.
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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet

    Ugh, just ugh. You would think I'd know/realize that so much of recovery is mental. I've found that I'm getting upset at the things I can't do. It's really messing with me and frankly I'm very embarrassed to even mention it. I can do lots of things, but for some reason my brain is not going...
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    TKR 8 months after TKR- Bruising

    I'm sure you've tried this, but I'll ask anyway. Have you tired icing the back / side of your leg? It seems we always get trained to simply ice the front of our knees when the back side needs it also. I'm certainly NOT comp airing our knee situations, as we know we are all very different. But...
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    Knee Infection* Infection at 7 Months Post Op - Back to Crutches

    Oh goodness. I am glad your at the hospital, they need to figure out exactly what is going on. Equally we always feel so much better in our own beds. Keep us in the loop.
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    MUA knee so stiff<<

    I'm so sorry your going through this. Just thinking out loud here, but it might be a good idea to go back to when you just came home from having your surgery. Meaning a schedule for pain meds around the clock. Also icing and elevating filling your day. Try that for several days and see if it...
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    Knee Infection* Infection at 7 Months Post Op - Back to Crutches

    Ohhh nooooo. I'm so sorry. You've been through it all. Keep us in the loop - whenever you feel like it.
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    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    Glad to read your update. Its very common for one to loose trust in our surgeon's. Sometimes I just wish they'd be honest and not give fluff answers. That's why I LOVE my surgeon, he gets me / my humor and my knee(s). He's been brutally honest on recovery, and I'll be darned if he's not spot on...
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    Bilateral TKR SusieShoes' New Knees

    I'm trying to catch back up. Penny looks like a cool dog. I've 'toyed' with the idea of a second dog, but frankly I just don't think I have it in me right now. Post more Penny pics! Yikes, your kidney stone scare was indeed a scare. I can't image what you went through. I'm glad that your back...
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    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet

    I am finally back. I've missed reading up on everyone. I'm in TX and the Valentine's Day snow then no power for 78 hrs really stopped everything. Thankfully we had no burst pipes - I know so many people who have severe damage. With the power surge it caused my refrigerator to stay in defrost...


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