TKR Susie-Q's 2nd TKR Recovery Thread

It's very varied right now. It was quite cold this morning and now the sun is out and its really warm! Bring layers and a thin rain jacket and some shoes that are waterproof.
Well, I'm back from the UK, London and Winchester. We had a great time and boy was there a lot of walking!! Also, I only needed the rain jacket once, it was HOT! Not really that hot (upper 70s to mid-80s) but maybe more humid than I'm used to but mostly the lack of efficient air conditioning. I've never sweated so much in my life and so many times a day. We rode tubes most of the time and some of them are NOT air conditioned. We took the bus once (took too long in traffic, tubes were much more efficient), several trains and a cab 3 times when we had our luggage to get to the train. Suffice it to say, my knees did great! I could never have done that much walking prior to my second knee surgery. My hips got a bit sore after 10K + steps but then Tylenol would help a lot. One day we walked almost 15,000 steps. That is a LOT for tall, overweight me.

When we checked into our Airbnb in Winchester, I did trip over the lip/threshold at the bottom of the door. It was a step up to the landing and then the one inch frame around the door just threw me off and I went WHAM right down on my left knee. It was a hard landing, indoor/outdoor carpet and no pad. My knee was fine, no pain in the joint, just superficial soft tissue pain. It's still a little painful to kneel on that knee but I know it will resolve in time. Just a testimonial that these joints are really tough!!

I wanted to ask you Bonesmarties a question about hips. I realize this is in the knee forum but it's in my recovery thread so :shrug:. Since I've gotten back, I'm still walking my dog and doing the usual chores/yard work. The past 4-5 days, after walking the dog when I get back and start cleaning the kitchen or cooking, I'm somehow tweaking my right hip out of place to where it hurts to walk. It eventually works itself out, especially after sitting down for a bit. Maybe that's putting it back in place? I'm not sure if it's a joint or muscle problem. It almost always happens AFTER a big walk and while pivoting around the kitchen. One day it was after a bunch of yard work. It works itself out and the pain goes away after 10 min or so. Any ideas?

Forgot to mention, going up stairs is quite painful when the hip is hurting. Thankfully I only have 2-3 steps into the garage and 2 steps out to my patio.
Glad you had a good trip.
Sorry you had a fall though. It is always tricky in strange places. Do you think you could have tweaked the hip in the fall?
Do you still have a ice machine? Could you see if ice helps?
Do you have arthritis in the hips as well?
Hi Susie!! @Susie-Q :wave:
Your trip sounds lovely!! But your fall sounds not so lovely... did you hip pain begin after your fall? Could that be what's going on? Maybe your hips are misaligned from landing so hard on one knee?
Some people won't try them but I swear by having a good chiropractor in my village of caregivers... that would be my first step if it were me. That and a good therapeutic massage.
I will also say that it's not unusual for a hip to "go bad" suddenly. That was the case for me, at least.
Maybe it's time for an x-ray to see the full picture.

Boo! So sorry you have this cropping up just as you return home.
Glad you had a good trip.
Sorry you had a fall though. It is always tricky in strange places. Do you think you could have tweaked the hip in the fall?
Do you still have a ice machine? Could you see if ice helps?
Do you have arthritis in the hips as well?
No arthritis in the hips previously.... It's my right hip that hurts and it was my left knee I landed on when I tripped. So I don't think it would be a cause? No, I don't have the ice machine anymore. It's acting up now because I'm hustling around getting ready for my father in law, my son and his girlfriend who are coming over to celebrate the 4th.

I do joke that because my knees are both replaced now that my body is finding other joints to bother with arthritis.:heehee: I don't have time to discuss it now but I do think I have a dusting of this. I have several symptoms listed in the paper but certainly not all. My Beighton Score is only a 3. Then there are times I think I'm imagining it and it's just coincidences. More later, Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates!
@Susie-Q Sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal issues. I ate 5-6 dried apricots to get it going. Things got better when I was off prescription drugs.
Thanks, @Tentcamper, but the gastrointestinal issues are long gone now, thankfully. At least the prescription drug-caused ones. I found the Smooth Move tea was very helpful in that department.

I still take daily omeprazole to combat heartburn and reflux. As long as I take my daily pills, I do great and have no problems.
Crawling around on the carpet today getting into my buffet cabinets to pull out serving dishes for Thanksgiving it really is amazing how much better Righty deals with being knelt on than Leftie. Righty is 13 years old now and Leftie is only a little over 2. (still just a baby) Is it all in my head? (or in this case, my knee.....:eyebrows::rotfl:) Does Righty just have that much more experience kneeling and therefore it doesn't bother it as much? It really is weird because the implants are the same in both but the feeling is so very different. For years I would roll over to my left side to get up from a sitting position on the floor but now I need to relearn and go to my right side, since Righty doesn't mind it as much.

Good luck to all of you with Thanksgiving plans, If you are newly out of surgery (6 months or less) DON'T HOST!! I'm hosting 17 this year. :chuckmarch:
Oh my, Susie.....your knees are going to get a workout. It will be worth it, though to have all that joy for the holiday. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas meals....or holiday parties.
@Jamie I think my knees will be fine, they were last year! It will be my back that will be protesting. Last year I pulled a muscle in my back from leaning over the counter so much. There is a drawback to being tall!!! (5'10")!! It took a couple of weeks to heal. Hoping that doesn't happen this year. I'm hosting about the same number as last year but this year we will have 3 littles, 3 years or younger. Fun!! I'm saving myself this year by not using my fine china, it will be paper plates! :thumb: Everybody is bringing something so I only have to worry about the turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce. Planning on making everything ahead of time except the turkey and gravy.
You've definitely got this!!! Bring on the fun. A photo would be nice if you can swing it....especially those little guys. They are always the most fun of all.
Glad to hear you're keeping the joy but making it easier on your bod!!! Pro tip: let someone else (younger and shorter!) lift that turkey into and out of the oven :wink:
Glad to hear you're keeping the joy but making it easier on your bod!!! Pro tip: let someone else (younger and shorter!) lift that turkey into and out of the oven :wink:
I will be doing my turkey on the Traeger this year and thankfully it's the same height as a BBQ so no stooping with that turkey. The store I ordered it from is going to spatchcock (remove the backbone so it can be "butterflied") it for me so any turkey wrestling this year will be short (hopefully). I ordered a separate turkey breast as well. If I tried to do both of these in my one oven I don't think they would both fit! Thank goodness for the Traeger!

Yes, I will get some pics of the great nieces and nephew!
It's so wonderful you will have little ones there! My niece and nephew are in North Africa. They were here in the summer and it was great to see them. Another 4 years before they are back (will be teens). Enjoy those littles.
Thanksgiving was a success! My Traeger was acting up and not keeping a very steady temperature but the turkey cooked fine. I'm learning (yes, even at my age) that when you buy a really big bird, it might end up being a Tom turkey rather than a hen and the meat is a little tougher. I might do two smaller ones next year....

I consider my knees a rousing success at this point, mainly because I don't think about them. AT ALL. My back survived, I used my heating pad a lot when I sat down. Of course, because I was busy in the kitchen and didn't make a specific decree, I didn't get in any pictures and a few others didn't either. The little kids were the main attraction.

Here are the littles: Logan (great niece)


Quinn and big sister Remi (great-nephew/great-niece)

Logan, Quinn and Remi

The 35 and under crew plus great-grandpa, who is 92. My son Michael is seated at the bottom right, my daughter in upper left.

My daughter, Sarah, on the left with her cousin Makenzie. These are the two who spent 6 months in the UK last year so Kenzie could undergo special skin treatments for Topical Steroid Withdrawal.
What a beautiful family. You are so blessed to have had them with you this holiday!
Thanks so much for the lovely smiling photos!! No wonder you had such a great Thanksgiving! And the little ones are so precious. Hope you get to enjoy them at Christmas too.

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