Knee Infection* Revision

Will be starting outpatient PT next week. After reading some scary stories about PT pushing....I'm going in with the mind thought I'm in charge. If they wobt let me go at my pace, I'll keep looking until I find someone who will. Im not a professional athlete. I want to walk comfortably. I want to enjoy being a bit more active. So......I'm taking full charge of myself. Still in a fair amount of pain, still taking meds, still icing, still taking to the bed with my wedge pillow. My pace. You've all given me such courage. I hope someone can benefit from my journey. Im not done.
I'm the same age as you, some said at the time I was too young for surgery but my surgeon said life is too short so take what you can out of life and live it to the fullest, what he didn't tell me was how painful the first few weeks after surgery were like - like you many a time I questioned having put myself to all the pain /moods etc but fast forward 4.5 months it was the best decision I ever took - yes it was painful and I was very wimpy I took pain meds for almost 3 months but by doing so I was able to do the gentle exercises and my DLA ( daily living activities) and now my life is so so much better- allow yourself time to heal, RIME (rest,ice,medicate & elevate) is your mantra it will help you to heal, say no to aggressive PT it shouldn't hurt, your bend and extension will come with time once the swelling goes down, by forcing ones knee, this causes the inner tissue to swell which in turn is your bodies way of saying to you "hey back off mate"
Enjoy this time, watch films /read books soon your life will be back to normal and you will be pleased with the end results I now have a new leash on life and if I'm a good girl and don't overdo things I'm pretty much doing everything I want too
Also, found oyt a few days ago I had a UTI. figured it eas from the catheter. But...1 mitw day of antibiotics and the stomach will hopefully go back to normal!
Sorry about the UTI, certainly adds to your misery. Try to up your water intake, will help flush out your bladder and also may help with any constipation issues. I‘m now 5 wks out and did go through the very rough first three weeks as you did. I must add that the Therapists I’ve had are all wonderful. I started with two weeks PT here at home and now outpatient, three weeks left. They sense when I’m in pain and alter the exercises. I initially had lots of discomfort to inner knee, squeezing/pinching sensation. My PT suggested deep massage to relax the muscles, it was a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but that pain has not returned since. I have total faith in them, they encourage me but never force. Please be kind to yourself. My main issue was thinking I was going to be tough and recover quickly. I wanted to control the pain but it was controlling me. Finally I just gave into following instructions and listen to my body (as so many mentioned above). The last week has been so much better physically and emotionally. Take care and hang in there. We‘re always here to support. Am so thankful for this great bunch!
@valgriff2 I am glad you are starting to see improvements in pain, but don't be too hard on yourself. I cried EVERY day of the first 3 weeks, and most of the 4th week too. I cried a lot weeks 5-6 too, and again at weeks 9-10 when I thought I should be progressing faster. I had a few weird complications of my own, plus that knee had been to "you know where" and back twice, so my surgeon warned me not to compare myself to others. That's soooo hard to avoid though.

One other thing I don't mind admitting---it wasn't until the 4-5 MONTH mark that I could say I was glad I had had the TKR. I wasn't sure I'd ever get to that point, but I finally did. It's been almost 9 months now, and I am no longer dreading having Lefty replaced in a year or so. I wasn't sure I'd ever say THAT either. :snork:

Good luck with PT this coming week. :)
I'm almost at week 3. The thought of going through this again is horrifying. The pain has been incredible. I've contemplated a million times that this was the wrong thing to do. As I read what everyone else says, I'm trying to stay hopeful. I guess misery does love company, cuz its good to know I'm not alone!
Hi valgriff,
I just had my second tkr done. Let me say you are in the best possible place for advice. If you go back and search my name you will see I suffered the SAME thing as you are going through 5 years ago.
Why did I have my second knee done?? Because after all the work living without pain is amazing.
I'll keep an eye out on ya and feel free to vent any time.
My p/t have this to me. Soo true
Doea any have trouble riding in a car? I have to be in the back seat with my leg up.
I rode in the back with my leg across the seat for about 6 weeks. The front seat had no room for me to straighten my leg out and was extremely painful.
Good to know.

Anyone having trouble with nausea? Constantly feel like I'm going to vomit...tried ginger chews. Using CBD oil. Dont want to use anything that will cause constipation.
Have you tried Zofran? It's what many of us are given along with our pain meds. How about Prilosec or any other antacids? If you are still taking pain meds make sure you are eating something with protein before taking them. Protein takes longer to digest, so it stays in your tummy longer helping to protect it.
Oh thank you. Ill try that.

Im on oxycodone...only taking about 3 or 4 a day. But taking advil, baby aspirin and unfortunately an antibiotic for a UTI. Antibiotic done tonight.
Weirdo pains tonight.....ankle. Shin bone. Then the nausea. I guess best thing would be to hit bed early....plan on a better day tomorrow.
Oxycodone....percocet.....starting to worry about dependence. Will be 3 weeks on Monday. Went 9 hours last night sleeping without waking....had to take 2. Worried how to stop. Taking approximstely 4 or 5 a day.
Long time to be on those,but you and your dr know what’s best for you ...I take lanzaprozole to help coat stomach when taking meds...I believe it is prescription Prevacid...I wish I had your sleep!
That sleep was blissful.....paid in pain this morning.

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