THR New Here- THR 8/22/22- Muscle Atrophy (maybe)

Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you had a great week and wish you an even better one to come!
Stay in touch, we love updates. :SUNsmile:
@Layla I didn't even realize that it has been 2 months!! Well here we are..LOL
I am so glad that I did it. It's like a new lease on life...except there is the left one to deal with. Honestly, I knew that I would need the other hip replaced, but was hoping a few years from now. More than likely, I will do it later next year. I am happy with the right, and I can see "the light at the end of the tunnel", so why not get a brand new left hip? :heehee:
I had days last week where I was better than I ever was. Walking around doing things....walking in the store! But then there are the days where I feel stiff or I have some muscle pain, and those are the days that I grab my cane and take it easy. Once you take that pressure off of yourself, its not so bad. :wink:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, a happy holiday season and a great 2023!
@Layla Thank you! I can't believe it's been 3 months! On the other hand, it's just 3 months. LOL (Let me explain...) Looking back, I had no clue when I thought that I would feel better. (The answer to that is about week 8 or 9) However, now the right hip has become my "good" hip and the left has is now my "old" hip. :heehee:
I have decided to go ahead and schedule the left replacement in May of 2023. It hurts here and there and there is no rhyme or reason to when it will act up. I don't want to go through the pain like I did before, so I want to get it over with. So when I think about it, If I have it in May, and all goes well...I will be at some level of "normal" by July. It was scary before the first one, not knowing what lies ahead and any hope of feeling normal seemed so long away. Now, it doesn't seem so long. I can do 8 weeks again!
I hope everyone is doing well!
You're doing so well! I am sorry your Left hip is in need of attention, but just think how good you'll be feeling by the end of next Summer. Let us know when you get it scheduled and we'll add the date to your signature and cheer you on to the finish line...if you'll have us that is. :)
Thanks for the update. All the best to you!
Hi may I ask a question. You said you know need your other hip replaced. My good hip has also been hurtinf off and on since I started limping. Of course I can’t take the stairs one at a time and haven’t been able to for years bc of a bad knee on the bad hip side. My ortho said my good hip was hurting bc of taking the load. I am having a THR next week. I have also been bone on bone for about a year Ans milling for about half that time. My question is how did you know you needed the good hip replaced. My dr said it was just bc of over use and it would go back to normal. My MRI did not show bone on bone in that hip just mild degenerative change and mild osteoporosis. Where as my bad hip was about as bad as it gets lol
I am tagging @SweetV for you to be sure she sees your question.
I hope you don't mind if I offer an opinion...If your surgeon confirmed that the MRI did not indicate that your hip needs replacing right now, trust that as you recover from your surgery, taking the pressure off your good hip, the discomfort and strain will likely ease. The rate of deterioration leading to THR varies from person to person.
@Sdfoxy1 @Layla
It sounds like we have some similarities! So, back in March, when I was told that I needed I right hip replacement, the surgeon said that the left had maybe 2 or 3 years. When I went back for my 6 week follow up after surgery, he said it was bone on bone.
I had some pain on the left before surgery and was told the same thing..."It is because you are putting all of your weight and compensating". This left hip doesn't hurt like the right one did before surgery. I was bone on bone for a long time as well. I was hoping that once the right one was well enough, everything would be good. I can definitely tell that this other one is leading down the same path. I have to be cautious of what I do, what shoes I wear etc. Perhaps it "was" hurting because I was compensating, but maybe all of that compensation accelerated the degeneration. (?) I am trying everything that I can to strengthen the muscles on both hips, so when the time comes, it will be easier to heal.
Who knows, I may be able to go for another year without surgery, but after experiencing the pain of the right hip, I DO NOT want to feel that ever again. The right one feels so much better, I want the left to be the same.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask me any questions that come up!
Have a great weekend!
You're doing so well! I am sorry your Left hip is in need of attention, but just think how good you'll be feeling by the end of next Summer. Let us know when you get it scheduled and we'll add the date to your signature and cheer you on to the finish line...if you'll have us that is. :)
Thanks for the update. All the best to you!
Thank you so much! I can't believe that I am almost looking forward to it!
Hello DO NOT listen to anyone who tells you they were doing this or that right after surgery .
I at 2 weeks postvop was freaking out that I was still on the cane. I am about 5 months post op and I am JUST now starting to feel normal. I am VERY active.
I thought I would never be right takes lots of time. Everyday things change..take it one month at a time.
You will heal at your own takes as long as it takes.
@Doglover7 Oh I know that now! I am about 4 months post surgery and just now feeling good enough to do the things I couldn't. (except now I am protecting my other hip) It's a personal thing and we have to listen to our bodies.
So glad to know things are improving...
Lots of better times ahead.:) :-) (:
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I hope you're having a good month and enjoying doing all the things, like getting caught in the hustle and bustle the holidays brings. :wink:
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, SweetV!
@Layla Does the phrase "Better Late than Never" apply to this? :heehee:
Thank you SO much! It has been quite eventful lately. The holidays were busy, then my daughter and I were sick with Covid. (We weren't too bad) Then....I just got back from a work trip and have been trying to adjust back to my normal time zone :tiredwheel:
My hip is doing well. I was able to walk around Disneyland for a few hours and could have kept going if it weren't for "lefty hip". I do notice that the muscles on the side of my right hip get very tight lately. Mostly after sitting or laying down. I also notice that I walk with the same limp that I had before surgery when getting up. (but only for the first few steps) I am trying to determine if that is in my head or if I actually need to walk like that. It's very odd that it started doing that lately. (or is it?)
How were your holidays? I hope all is well.
Thank you for checking in!
***Edit***- Literally just after I got up from typing this, I noticed that my right hip started doing the clicking/popping thing when I walk. Is this okay at 4 months post surgery? It doesn't hurt. Remember above, I said it was tight and I was walking funny when taking the first steps after getting up? Not sure if I should be concerned or not. pain, just that old clicking sensation on the side.
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Hi @SweetV had my left hip revision about a weeks ago I use two crutches yet I still feel the clicking and popping sensation on the operated hip, my question is does it ever go away. I know it’s early days for me
Hi Sweet V,
I am only seeing this now. I am sorry, I missed it somehow. My holidays were good. Thanks for asking!

I am sorry to hear you and your daughter had Covid, thankfully it's behind you now!

I'm guessing the muscles in your good hip are sore due to favoring ailing, Lefty. There's a change in our gait as our hip deteriorates. Then again once we have it replaced. In your case, you have another hip in need of replacement. It is easy to assume thats what's throwing you off and it may continue until you find the time is right to endure another surgery / recovery.

Some members do complain about clicking, clunking and popping sounds. It is natural to be concerned and wonder if something is wrong. It seems more often than not that noises aren’t indication of a problem. It takes time for the soft tissue surrounding the implant to heal and settle in with the implant and begin working smoothly. As long as it's not accompanied by swelling or pain, over time it will most likely stop. Remember too that you're not even six months post op into a recovery that lasts on average a full year for most and even longer for some.

It was nice to hear from you! Take good care and let us know when you decide to have your left hip replaced. We'll be here!
@Layla No worries at all. So the left hip is screaming with pain the last couple of days. I was doing really well, and I wore some heavier sneakers and had to walk more than planned. Ever since then, ouch! I have been going to "Pilates" (which I am doing very little Pilates) They have been doing more fascial stretching than anything and that has helped tremendously. I didn't go last week, so I am hoping that they can help get me back to being "okay" at least until May. (I can't do any surgery until my mother returns from Florida so that I will have the help) While I am thinking about it, Has anyone ever experienced their knee throbbing with a bit of pain due to their hip?
Honestly, I feel like kind of a mess right now. My blood pressure is high and it was fine before. I stopped taking Meloxicam because it can cause high blood pressure. (Doctor said to stop and monitor my blood pressure for 7 days) That doesn't help the pain. I am trying to stay "up" and be positive or at least optimistic. It's tough. Not complaining, but I normally don't feel like this. :sad:
I am glad that there are people here that probably understand.
I hope everyone has a great evening or morning depending on where you are. :)
@thabisodl nice to meet you! I am not sure if it does ever go away. I had that post op and still have it a little bit. I was paranoid right after I had my right hip done, but everyone here helped ease my mind.
I am now headed down the path of getting my left one done. I keep looking to the future and feeling "normal" again...some day.
@SweetV, I’m only 8 weeks out and had my knee clunk whilst at the 45min mark of my swim. I’m telling you this as yes, I have knee pain that seems to be attached to hip pain. I’ve been told they twist your knee rather aggressively to dislocate your hip, so it all makes sense and some of us will heal more quickly from that fun movement than others.

I also have to have my other hip done at some stage, too. I’m hoping it will hang on until I’m confident in my new hip.

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