Bilateral THR I’m far 2 Hip for these lousy joints

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Hi: I too, am watching your progress. My bi-lat THR was Sept 17, and had setback without explanation, so I clipped my own wings for the next 2 weeks. Back to medication protocol and more salad!! Wishing you continued success. Thinking my hopes of returning to equestrian life are dwindling...
@MrDIY.....if you would like to know how Gusteenie's recovery is going, the best thing to do is go take a look at her recovery thread and discuss your questions about it there. That way your recovery journey won't get sidetracked and discussion about her recovery will be in her thread.
So, @MrDIY, you are a whiskey guy--blech! But each to his own, so no judgment really. My husband is a big fan of Manhattans which I consider an unaccountable, but whatever. I hope your Sunday went well, with afternoon exercises tackled without ill effects. It's another week, another inch closer to full recovery. Have a great day!
Day 16
Experiencing typical mild soreness following a resumption of training following a layoff.

Walked unassisted all day around the house.

Stairs x 8

Stationary bike 30min RPE 6

Drove to grocery store to get some necessities: cream for coffee, beer, wine, ice cream haha.

First time driving, felt good. Actually easier to get in on driver side for me since right leg is still the stronger leg.
Day 17
Stairs x 4
1000’ walk unassisted x 2

Strength work
Box squat 17.5”
WUp:2xBW 18.75” box, 2xBW 17.5” box
2x45lb 17.5” box
Work: 3 x 5 x 50lb

Bench press
WUp:5x(45,45,70,95,120), 3 x 145
Work: 3 x 5 x 160

WUp: 5 x ( 65,65 ), 3 x 85
Work: 5 X 100

Notes: even at light weights I find myself getting winded. In general while none of the lifts feel particularly hard, and bar speed confirms this, they do not feel particularly easy. It feels as though not all motor units are available for recruitment. I know that using terms like “feels” is somewhat foolish. At the end of squats my hips feel pretty good. Towards the end of the workout I’m definitely feeling some fatigue, so I have a protein shake and rest on the recliner.
Day 18
Stairs x 6
Walk 1000’ unassisted x 5
Day 19

Drove to Starbucks to get coffee. Took sons car. Getting in and out was fine.

Stairs x 5
1000’ Walk unassisted x 3
Left leg still weak, still limping.

Strength work
Box squat 17.5” box
WUp: 3x5xBW 18.75” box, 3x5xBW 17.5” box,
Work: 3 x 5 x 55

Song of the day: Middle of the Road, Pretenders

WUp: 5x 45,45,65 ; 3x85
Work: 3 x 5 x 95

WUp: 5x65,65; 3x85
Work: 5 x 105

Now to carve pumpkins with the kids, well 2 of the kids.
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Yikes @MrDIY the intensity of your workouts sounds rather alarming so soon after a bilateral. Hope it goes okay.
Thank you @An54 . It’s not really that intense. The lifting work sets are separated by 4 - 5 minutes of rest (sitting on my butt looking at my phone, listening to music). The sets themselves are short, maybe 30-45 seconds. Honestly the walks are the most difficult/intense, but I feel they are necessary to help with recovery. The most I have waked is 5 - 1000 foot walks (around my block) a day, and that is likely the most I will ever do. I don’t think much more than that would be that productive. I have read recovery stories of people walking around 2-4 miles a day, every day! That seems much more likely to lead to repetitive stress issues, than what I am doing. I walk less on days that I lift than on days that I don’t. The stationary bike is super easy and I view that as more of an active light recovery, light cardio, except my butt gets sore from the saddle! :heehee:
Hey :wave:
You know how I feel about your workouts. We'll agree, we disagree.
However, I do like listening to some Pretenders once in awhile, so we have something in common. :heehee:
Hope you have a good one, MrDIY.
Well, @Mr DIY, I am jealous of the fact that you are driving already! I am being a good patient and waiting for next week's 6 week check-up, but I am tired of being fettered to the house and can't wait to get back behind the wheel again. Did your doctor give you the okay, or is this just YOU BEING YOU and making that decision for yourself? I think I probably could drive now, as I'm also walking unassisted pretty much everywhere inside and out, but they said 6 weeks with a right hip replacement (but you--sheesh--are a bilateral!) and I'm being good although impatient. I could probably stand to do some upper body work but haven't ventured there as told NO exercise other than a resumption of gentle cardio (treadmill or elliptical) and, of course, walking around. I agree with everyone else that your workout sounds tiring, and you say it is but that at the end you relax in your recliner and have a protein drink so that suggests you are trying to pace yourself, even though it sounds exhausting to me. Still, as long as doctor is okay with what you're doing, you are being sensible about how much you do and insuring you get adequate rest afterwards, you go for it! Have fun tonight at Halloween--are your kids of an age where someone needs to go out with them, or do they venture out on their own?
Happy Halloween @Barbaraj!

Did your doctor give you the okay, or is this just YOU BEING YOU

Why, whatever do you mean? I am an angel!

Dr. Cleared my to drive on my 2 week follow up. She said since I was moving well and off narcotic pain meds I could drive, “Whenever you feel ready.”
I know one of the concerns with the right hip is the ability to lift the foot off the gas and move to the brake quickly. I have relatively large feet (11.5) so this isn’t really an issue. When I drive, my heel is always on the floor and I just pivot between the gas and the break through ankle rotation and femur rotation. I haven’t really thought about it until now but people with small feet may not be able to do that?

Have fun tonight at Halloween--are your kids of an age where someone needs to go out with them, or do they venture out on their own?

Only my daughter is trick-or-treating and she is going with Mom and Nana as walking around in the dark doesn’t sound like the best idea and where we live is quite hilly not to mention the distance.

I will stay behind and eat.... I mean pass out, candy.
Mind that candy intake, @MrDIY! My husband bought the Halloween candy this year, and was under strict orders to get something I don't care for (ugh...Milky Way bars...milk chocolate not my thing). We'll undoubtedly have leftovers but I won't be pining for those. We seldom get any kids on Halloween night, but always want to have something for any kid who might venture down our street (private road, no street lights, houses only on one side of the street: not good trick or treating territory!). Glad to hear you're staying home and being sensible--good decision!
Sugar = inflammation
Inflammation = pain
Pain = no interest in crazy workouts

Can't blame a girl for trying, right? :rotfl:
Good morning, @MrDIY. I hope November 1 finds you feeling well and confident, and probably happy today is a more relaxed, non-lifting day. I hope your daughter got lots of treats last night and came home from trick or treating with a smile on her face. My grandkids were wildly excited about going out yesterday and I remember when my own kids were that age, and how fun it was to experience their excitement and anticipation as my little princesses and pirates headed out for an evening of fun. Have a great day. PS And stay out of her candy--be good!
Day 20
Stairs x 6
1000’ walk unassisted x 3

Stationary bike
30min RPE 6
Song of day: Naive, the Kooks

Chin-ups: 3x3
Texted surgeons assistant to verify that chin-ups are ok to do, she said “fine”. Did a few just to get a feel.
Day 21 - 3 weeks since surgery
Poor sleep last night

Stairs x 4
1000’ walk unassisted x 3
2000’ walk unassisted x 1
Limp less pronounced today. Feeling pretty good despite such poor sleep.

It was a beautiful day so I went for a drive. Felt good to have the windows down, listen to music and see the autumn leaves. Got a sundae at Baskin Robins to top it off that way I didn’t feel the need to raid my daughters candy stash @Barbaraj !
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@MrDIY , re your reps. If this were 1972, I'd exclaim: "You're freaking me out man!!" Every time I read one of your lists, I feel like I should go and have a REST on your behalf. But it doesn't work that way, and we have implicitly agreed to disagree on our approaches to recovery. Hope you continue to not get into trouble ...and I will attempt to do the same, and taste sparingly the swing dancing until the deep healing is complete.
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