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Yes, I think your exercise routine is very scary, @MrDIY, or it certainly is to me, but I am a total weenie and wasn't doing that sort of thing before surgery and, well, actually never before in my life! Having said that, I read your posts with interest and a somewhat horrified fascination as it is a unique approach, far different than most folks' surgeons advise. But, I agree with @An54, you need to keep on posting! You've stated that your physician is monitoring you closely, and that any exercise has been cleared with him or her, so that means you aren't being a rogue or crazy. It is simply a very different approach. But I am appreciative of your willingness to share your recovery experiences even though most of us shudder a bit. Plus, you are an entertaining, and often humorous poster! And you are clear you are not advocating this approach for anyone but yourself. I like reading posts from someone with a positive attitude (even if wildly different) approach. You do make me feel a bit lazy and slothful on occasion (squats?!! No really' way!) but I realize we are two completely different people (everyone on this forum qualifies) and thus I don't compare myself to you, and will keep reading as long as you're willing to keep posting.
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I simply don’t understand why you feel the need to list every exercise, reps included. I’m wondering how you feel this is beneficial to anyone?

When I first found this site, I searched for recovery stories of members that matched my phenotype. I found very little. Of those I did find, their post history was very short and tapered and not very informative. I for one would very much like to see protocols of rehabilitation that people have employed. Terms like ‘PT’ and ‘exercise’ are so vague as to be useless for a reader. Personally i feel that if you lump all PT and exercise together without understanding the details of the programs and then summarily dismiss them as bad, you throw the baby out with the bath water.

I’m sorry but to me it only feels braggadocios.

This is ridiculous. I am not bragging anymore that someone posting that they went to the mall and walked around is. I am simply stating what I have done and how that is different that what I have done previously.

Do others post activity? Yes, most often how far they’ve walked.

Is posting how far they walked bragging? Even if they see it as an accomplishment I wouldn’t consider it bragging and personally, I would congratulate them.

You can’t post details as unconventional as your recovery protocol and not expect some unfavorable feedback. It just so happens you don’t like my opinions.

I don’t really care that you have different opinions. The problem I have is you feel the need to continually restate them. It’s as if the goal is to browbeat me into either leaving or complying.

I guess I would gauge interest in my recovery by volume of feedback

As stated above, the only reason I am doing this ( besides logging for myself, which I do anyway) is that someone like me may discover this forum and search for recovery stories. Someone like me would want a detailed recovery story. Many people on this forum are interested in camaraderie, a sympathetic ear and that is perfectly fine. That is not really what I was looking for when I found this site, though I enjoy that as well. I wanted to see recovery stories of men like me and I didn’t find many, certainly any detailed ones. Shugaplumb’s story is great but I’m not a dancer and I have no interest in doing the splits. Maybe I can provide that for someone in the future.

I hope all continues to go well with you and you don’t suffer any serious injury or setbacks.

I hope that for everyone
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I say this primarily for caution to those who may be reading your thread as it IS a public forum.
I say bad for recovering hippys Because it stresses so many muscle groups...gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quads
The ones that have suffered trauma from having a prosthetic device inserted into our body.
I did say for new hips..
You have quite the advantage as you are probably well trained in doing them properly but many are not.
A slight forward lean puts terrible pressure on the spine.
The squat is a classic, multi-joint exercise that targets a variety of muscle groups throughout your body, emphasizing those that extend your hip and knee joints. For others, knowing the specific muscles and muscle groups that fire when you perform the squat could help decide whether or not to include it in their personal exercise routine AFTER healing.
Although many may not think of the squat as a back exercise, the erector spinae muscle group contracts isometrically -- without shortening and lengthening -- during both the downward-movement and upward-movement phases of the exercise. The erector spinae group includes the iliocostalis, longissimus and spinalis muscles that span the length of your back on both sides of your spine, attaching to various structures therein. Although the muscles don't contract concentrically or eccentrically when you perform the squat, they are the primary spine extensors and also assist with lateral, or sideways, spine flexion and torso rotation ranges of motion.
The gluteus maximus muscle attaches to the posterior, or back, portions of the coccyx, iliac crest, ilium and sacrum on the inside of the pelvis on one end, and to the back of the thigh bone and the iliotibial band, or IT band, on the other. It is the largest of the gluteal muscle groups, which also includes the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles. It facilitates hip extension along with the hamstrings on the back of your thigh. The gluteus maximus contracts eccentrically -- while lengthening -- to control the speed of the downward-movement phase of the squat, and concentrically -- while shortening -- to extend your thighs during the upward-movement phase.

I'm certain you are much more educated on this than the average bear, and better trained but it is Not what Most recovering hippys need to be attempting after THR.
In short, if it is not causing you any distress or is in fact helping...that is great.
But there is a great potential for normal folk to injure already injured muscles.
Good morning, MrDIY, I hope all's well for you in recovery land! I got my six week check-in today, and was told I can start increasing exercise (for me that means cardio) and also got a referral to PT for strengthening and gait training. I've already contacted the PT place I went before, and have an initial assessment set up for this Friday. I am happy about this, but MOST happy about being released to drive--woo, hoo--open road, here I come. Well, actually, just a brief trip to the grocery store this afternoon to buy white chocolate chips. I am celebrating in my own weird fashion by making cranberry macadamia nut bars with white chocolate this afternoon. I am sure I'll eat a couple, and then immediately divide them up and send off to neighbors. Don't you wish you lived nearby?!! Have a great day, whether it's a relaxation or lifting day. It's sunny here and my mood is pretty darn high this morning! Cheers.
I really enjoyed reading your thread and, like many athletic readers, was interested to see how a more active recovery was progressing. Plus you’re just a funny chap and I loved your sense of humor! I really appreciated all the detail you provided regarding your lifting, as I hope to return to such things eventually - though I will never be as serious or ambitious about it as you are. I think the forum loses a great deal of its value if heavy repeated disapproval of someone’s regimen causes them to stop posting and go underground. If you still check the forum from time to time, it would be SUPER to get an update on your progress and how you are doing now. Best to you and your family!
Hi, I’m not sure if you realize but it will be two years in just a few months since this member has even logged on. Doubtful he’ll see your message, as I’m sure he’s back living and enjoying life as most are by this point, thanks to the miracle and second chance we’re given through this surgery.
Have a good one!
Yes, fully realize but you never know! And I wasn’t sure if the forum may email people when they are tagged, in which case even long-gone members may check in.
Thank you for your message, though.
@Hipster-2 tagged members will get email notification if they have notifications turned on in their profile.
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