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Day 31!!! Time for an update!

I have come a long way with still a long way to go, but I'm amazed at my progress!

My quads are hurting less and less. The numbing in my thigh is still present, but it seems to be subsiding.

I still use my cane, but I continue to practice is bursts around the house without it, and I can definitely tell I am getting stronger. I do practice heel to toe walking. The exercises my PT gave me for weeks 4-6 are more balance related, and I do think they are helping me with walking without the cane becasue that was one of the things I could feel making me less confident if I wanted to practice walking by ditching the cane. I'm walking around a block in my neighborhood that is 1/2 a mile using my cane. I really can't believe I can do this.

I'm still able to help with meals and am starting to help clean up a little more around the house.

I'm tired by the end of the night, but I ice and relax into bed with a meditation app, and I barely have discomfort come morning. My flexibility is improving naturally daily as well.

I would say the few things that are annoying, but not out of the ordinary are:
  • My incision still has a few scabs, but it's healing nicely. I think I am starting to feel the soreness of it more now that some of the nerves seem to be healing creating less numbness.
  • I feel a pull in my groin that is subsiding. I never mentioned this before, but it was intense when having to lift my leg (with an assistive device) to get into bed). It was intense at first, but I could tell it was a muscle or possibly tendon. I can lift my own leg getting into bed now or in and out of the car, and I only gently feel the pull sometimes so I do believe this is resolving itself.
  • Last really annoying one is that I am starting to experience plantar fasciitis. I am not surprised by this, and interestingly, I don't think it is because my gait is incorrect. I think it is because it is trying to be correct. I have always overpronated, and knowing my body well and also what my 3D scans looked like, I think my overpronation was due to weak/unstable hips because of my dysplasia. However, now I have a stable right hip, and I read up on what should happen with our feet when walking correctly. Well, I can literally feel my foot trying to bear weight in the correct spots while in motion, and I just think some of these ligaments haven't had to stretch or become activated in a long time. I'm icing, using a tennis ball, and my dear hubby is rubbing my foot in the evenings, which helps, but once it flares mid day, I'm taking it easy the rest of the day (which is probably a good thing due to forcing my dear hip to have to take a break and relax).

I am pleased with my progress, but I am definitely eager to get some more activity in (not overly eager though - don't want to take a few steps in the wrong direction!)

Thanks for reading!
I feel a pull in my groin that is subsiding. I never mentioned this before, but it was intense when having to lift my leg (with an assistive device) to get into bed). It was intense at first, but I could tell it was a muscle or possibly tendon. I can lift my own leg getting into bed now or in and out of the car, and I only gently feel the pull sometimes so I do believe this is resolving itself.
Hi Hipster Sister! @springs12
I experienced the same thing with the pulling in the groin area. I’m glad you’re only feeling it occasionally now. :yes!:

I hope your plantar fasciitis issues get resolved soon.

You’re doing great as captain of your recovery journey!!! :yay:
I experienced the same thing with the pulling in the groin area.
Do you ever still feel it? I feel like it might be associated with a quad and/or adductor attachment area. It's just a bit annoying. are many things when we want to instantly be better! :)
@springs12 Yes, I still feel it regularly, whenever I have to lift my leg, i.e., getting in/out of the car, washing my feet in the shower, putting on clothes, etc. It’s not as intense as the first weeks, but it still makes me wince in pain… Grrr…
You’re right, another irritant that will resolve itself without us even noticing!
@Momo Lee Thanks for the response! That's good to know! Since it's my right leg, it's annoying because I don't want to drive until it subsides more.
6 week follow-up update

I have felt okay about my progression. Not great but not bad. I have had the groin pain and soreness in my hip flexor area. I've been walking a half mile loop around my neighborhood. I still need the cane as I do not feel stable.

I was a bit disappointed today, but mostly because I'm being impatient.

I ended up seeing the PA and the PT in my surgeon's office and had to reschedule with the surgeon in 4 weeks because he got pulled out of the office for a surgery today.

Here's what I learned:
  • My x-rays and the implant look good. Yay!
  • My scar and adhesions are what are causing the pull in the muscle....most likely psoas pulling.
    • I have been told to start massaging my scar and work on the adhesions. The PT showed me what to do.
    • I was written an order to get evaluated at a local PT place. (My surgeon is an hour and fifteen minute drive): The script is written for NO hip flexor strengthening and soft tissue work only (my quads would like this too)
  • I am no longer allowed to walk around the neighborhood, BUT have been told to walk in the pool starting with 10-15 minutes and working my way up in 5 minute increments to 45 minutes. The PT said I may also do some arm strengthening in the pool. I was told that I will be amazed between water walking and soft tissue work where I will be in another four weeks.
  • I got another script for more muscle relaxants bc I get spasms at night and all the pulling cause me to be very sore the next day. The muscle relaxants greatly help with reducing the spasms.
I understand all of this. I'm 44 with hip dysplasia. My muscles have been working hard for a long time the incorrect way. The PT said my hip flexors were angry to begin with and then the anterior approach just made them all angrier. He said that PT used to push exercises and strengthening and then it was discovered people were not getting better (this is was bonesmart says!). He said the water walking will be more beneficial than walking outside because even walking is making my hip flexors angry at this point....they basically need a good break. So I guess it is water walking and soft tissue work for me...which I want the soft tissue work!) The PT said this is the appointment many patients are getting tired of not improving fast enough. Haha.

I really trust my surgeon and this PT. They are a team, and my surgeon's clientele are 16-65. He does I think 300 THRs a year and 75 PAOs (or I might have that reversed). I'm grateful for them. Depending on finances, I may have the left done in a couple months or I may have to wait another year (my left side will not like the wait).

So 6 weeks. Not bad, but not where I want to be. :). Also...there is a lot to be grateful for. There is a fix for my pain and I can feel in the right that I don't have joint pain anymore...whereas the left is letting me know!
Six weeks is very early into a healing process that can take a full year. Many notice improvement into their second and even third years. Recovery does require patience, which isn’t always easy to come by. Thankfully you like your team.
PT used to push exercises and strengthening and then it was discovered people were not getting better
This was encouraging to read. I hope it catches on. What works for some, doesn’t work for all.

A word of caution about the water, go slow, it’s easy to overdo it in the water and you don’t want to pay later.

Wishing you a great weekend and all the best as you continue to heal. :wave:
@Layla Thanks for this message. I'm having a bit of 6-week blues. When my surgeon told me hip replacements, he said many people feel better after 6-8 weeks, but I should expect more like 12 because of the 44 years of dysplasia and muscular compensations. However, that doesn't mean that at 6 weeks I just want my life back. It's hard to have two young kids (5 and 9) and be stuck with a cane after 3 years of not being able to run around and play with them at parks and enjoy things a mom should be able to enjoy. I have a good support group. I see my mental health therapist Monday. I know I will push through but this is just a tough moment. I was reading other threads, and I am definitely in the "jury's still out" phase. I do believe it will have been worth it, but my head is just a little clouded with emotions and muscle tensions and soreness. :)

A word of caution about the water, go slow, it’s easy to overdo it in the water and you don’t want to pay later.

I think you will also be encouraged to hear the surgeon's PT said to start with 5 or 10 minutes and then rest on the side for 5 to see how I feel. He said if I feel okay to add on 5 more minutes. He said to start every other day and to go slow. He said he does not want me to do too much because he thinks I will feel really good while in the water and it would be easy to overdo things.
I will feel really good while in the water and it would be easy to overdo things.
This is so true. When we find movement that feels good in the early months of recovery, we have a tendency to do too much -- but we often don't know that we've done too much until the next day when we hurt!

So, do a little bit at a time and see how you feel the next day. If you don't end up on the ODIC (overdid it club) bench, you'll know you've found the sweet spot for your recovery.

Good luck!
Hi @springs12, I’m saddened to hear you’re going through so many challenges.
Please hang in there and always remember I am rooting for you along with the other Hipsters.
@Layla and @benne68 I made it into the pool last night. 10 minutes of water walking, chilled on the side for 5 minutes and did 5 more. I was chest deep and walked slowly.

I can DEFINITELY see how people could overdo it in the water. For the first time in weeks, I felt normal when walking. No pain, no limp....I was just able to be. So far so good today. Tomorrow I shall add on another five as long as I feel good today.

I think I probably had joined the ODIC a couple weeks ago and just kept plugging away without even realizing it. :) Hopefully changing things up will allow me to see some more progress.
So far so good today. Tomorrow I shall add on another five as long as I feel good today.
Happy to hear that you are feeling good today after that exertion! But do be careful testing the limits. You don't need to up 5 minutes every time -- maybe every other time instead? -- so you don't end up back on the ODIC bench.

Slow & steady wins this race! :flwrysmile:
Hi there! I plan to add an update at some point soon as I am now 8 weeks, but I just have a question. How long did everyone feel STIFF? I almost feel tightness and stiffness circling around the hip but more in the adductor/grown/quad/hip flexor areas. I know I am early in my recovery so I don't expect miracles. I'm just curious about the journey for others.

Edit above in CAPS.
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How long did everyone feel still?
Typo…maybe? Please clarify so we can help you.

As far as stiffness goes, you’re right…it’s still very early into the healing process for you. Regular icing and elevation should help with this. Give it a try if you’ve stopped, or consider ramping it up if you’re still doing both and see if you notice a difference.
I looked back at your original post (don't know how I missed this thread) & your surgery type & some of
the things that happened seem similar to mine. My surgeon explained to me yesterday at the 4-week eval
that in his view the tightness at the general area of the attachment / top of the incision/ grown was 2 things =
1 the muscles & tissue are traumatized by the dislocation they have to do, & that's the center of the trauma
2 those muscles have been behaving abnormally. They tend to lock the joint together as it deteriorates
(is that protection?) so some that shouldn't fire, do, & some that should, stop & atrophy.
The result is there's a lot of re-work that the body has to do as part of the healing process.

He also said that ligament & tendon damage from the osteoarthritic process and the surgery is very
unlikely & nothing is cut during the surgery. That's reassuring since damage there takes forever to recover.
I would suppose the risk to them is greater now, as we start to do more movement. He didn't say that.

I have a little pain at the trochanter & along what I think is the IT band - it's like the pain that got me
started on this journey, where I thought I had some kind of chronic bursitis - not very strong.
Probably has to do with the walking/PT exercise. I think a 10 min ice-elevation session after exercise/
walking sessions is beneficial to me.
Hi @springs12
Stiff is definitely normal... was for me at 3 months post op.

I just had to remind myself often -
Tightness is a normal occurrence after this kind of major surgery. Your surgeon did major carpentry work and disturbed every millimeter of soft tissue in this area. You aren't tight because your muscle is underused and needs to be stretched and rehabbed. You're tight because your tissue is healing... If a long full step right now is causing pain and limping, don't take long full steps. Take smaller steps. Take a short walk several times a day, instead of longer walks. Use ice. Rest a lot. Yes, still!

This isn't the time to do anything to excess. Baby steps now, and lots of patience, pays off big time later. Recovering from self-induced tendinitis can end up taking weeks or months. Consider yourself as still recovering from surgery and structure your return to your life as a slow, gradual process where you introduce very small increments in activity, and then give yourself time to see how you react to it.

All temporary, and worth the patience.

I am certainly glad I am able to get back to a full happy life
Week 8 Update!

Hello, Bonesmart World! Overall I am doing well mentally, but boy this is a journey!

I'm going to start by saying my husband traveled last week Monday - Thursday, and he will be traveling again next week from Tuesday through the following Monday. Have I joined the ODIC? Maybe a little some days, but definitely yesterday. I have a 5 and 9 year old and my older started school last Thursday, and my little starts all day kindergarten on Wednesday! Hopefully starting Weds, the kids in school will give me somewhat of a break so that I can just chill.

Here is what has changed. Some for the better, some a bit more difficult (but I think it has to do with unraveling a mess of structural issues that were worsened drastically by a rear end job 3.5 years ago.

  • I started PT. I go twice a week. He does a lot of soft tissue work, and then we do some strengthening (but not hip flexors!). He's quite magical.
  • I started having some horrific low back pain and determined that I think my lower lumbar has some herniated discs. I see a Dr. August 31st for this.
    • With this said, I told my PT, and two days this week he worked on my SI joints and my lower lumbar. He does some soft tissue work and gentle manipulation, and I can say that things have drastically improved.
    • I went back and looked at my hip CT scans, and I can really see how my anterior pelvic tilt impacts my lower lumbar.
    • I also feel like the soft tissue work is helping reveal to my brain that my left side is a real hot mess after supporting me for who knows how long. The left hip will be done in the future too.
  • I can walk without a cane at times...sometimes the back causes some trouble (no signs of sciatica thankfully). It does feel good when I feel strong. I can tell it's still stiff and my ROM is impacted, but it is improving.
  • I have gotten up to water walking 4 times a week and am up to 35 minutes. It feels amazing.
  • I'm motivated to watch my calories and lose weight bc now my body tolerates some exercise. I have lost 6 pounds the past two weeks (I have a lot more to go) :)
Although I don't feel able to do a ton, I remind myself to think back where I was two weeks ago. I can see the improvement. Yesterday I got 8200 steps in unintentionally. As I watched the number rise throughout the day, I knew it would be a bit much so the ice has returned more and so has some ibuprofen and Robaxin. Today is a major take it easy day. It's hard with littles, but I know I will get there.

Edit in CAPS above.
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@nasruddin All of our bodies sure have gone through some stuff, eh!?! It's wild. What your doc said makes total sense. It just takes time, and it can be hard when we just want to get back to movement!

I hope your healing is going well:)! You look like you just had your happy one month! I am almost to my happy 2 month! You have a lot of happy changes ahead!:loveshwr: I can tell a big difference from 4 weeks to 8 weeks!
@Mojo333 Thanks for response. Yes! I am trying to take it easy...just have had some obstacles. I am coming along though. Yesterday was a busy day for me, and I think it was good for me to experience what happens with stiffness as one is overdoing it. Now I have a good mental check. I'm taking it super easy today, but I still had to do my PT exercises because I'm working on my core to stabilize my back. I can feel the biggest difference after my exercises. I did all these exercises pre-op, but I think with my hip that was unstable, I could just never feel progress. However, now that one side is stable (while the other is tight from head to toe, I can seriously tell that the pelvic stabilization can get somewhere now! It's the little victories I have to recognize...otherwise I feel it could be easy to fall into a woe is me mentality. :)

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