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I just have to share. I will start by saying that I am not a tennis fan, but my husband won tickets to the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati. He couldn't find anyone to go with him, and so I agreed. I knew it would be hard because of my back issue I'm having, which I suspect a herniated disc at the L5 and S1 so sitting is hard. I managed to work to sit in a way that put the least pressure. I wasn't comfortable the whole day and stood every chance I got. It ended up being the longest 3 set match in ATP history, and many would say it was one of, if not the best match they've ever witnessed. It was the top two players in the world. Djokavic and Alcarez. It was so incredible to witness, and Djokavic said it was one of the toughest matches he has ever played! The best part is my body is not too angry with me today! I just feel drained from the sun!
Hi @springs12! Oh my, you’re going through many challenges!
Congrats for having such grit by attending that once in a lifetime tennis open! Sounds very exciting to see it live!
You tackle each obstacle with tenacity and positivity. :wow:
Your victories are huge and deserve to be recognized.:yay:
Keep on keeping on, and I’ll be cheering you on!
Week 10 Update.

Hi there! Quick update!

Saw my surgeon today, and although I still have aches and pains, my gait looks good. He said, "that looks good. That actually looks really good." We then discussed doing my left hip!!! Yes! OH MY! I'm scheduled Nov. 16th! I told myself that if this is where I am at 10 weeks post-op, where will I be in another 10??? He said, he is very happy with my progress and wanted to make sure I'm in a good mental place fore the left!

Water walking 45 minutes 4 times a week.
PT twice a week (soft tissue work on hip and low back, and some gentle exercises)
Starting acupuncture tomorrow.
Had lumbar spine x-rays today, and the orthopedist wants to see how things are sitting once the left hip is done. I'm determined to correct my anterior pelvic tilt!

I'm still stiff in the mornings, get random aches upon walking, take my cane with for confidence if traveling a longer distance....but it is mostly ditched, and by bed, I'm probably more achy than in the mornings. Some days I probably over do it, but I am pretty conscientious of what I am doing.

Bilateral hip replacements here I come!
Awesome news on the recovery from THR #1 and the Dr's Kudos on your progress. Can't wait to hear how the LTHR goes! I'm hoping to get my other hip done in early DEC. Looks like 2023 is the year of "get both done."

Water walking - that sounds like an interesting way to improve my ROM, I'll have to look that up!
Hi @springs12

So glad your THR recovery is going well and your gait is great!

You’re going to be a double hippie, then you can move on to a pain free future!

I hope your lumbar issues can be resolved.

Your positive outlook is admired and contagious! Looking forward to reading more about your continued progress.
Great news on your progress! Thank you for the update.
Your signature has been edited, reflecting your upcoming surgery to join the Double Hippie Club!
Lots of comfort to you in the interim. :)
@GrumpyMCO Thanks for your post! I guess we will become part of the 2023 double hippie group! Crazy to think!

I had/have mild hip dysplasia that was very aggravated by a car accident where I was rear-ended. My surgeon's clientele ranges from 16-65, and from my understanding, those of us lucky to have dysplasia are also blessed with very aggravated hip flexors to begin with. The water walking is a more gentle approach to strengthening the hip flexors from my understanding. Even walking at 6 weeks around the block, my hip flexors were raging mad at me. I let that go and started building up my endurance to walk 45 minutes at a time in the water without finishing with angry hip flexors. They are cleaning the pool and it is shut down for two weeks, but I can't wait to get back in. I really feel it has helped me.
Your positive outlook is admired and contagious! Looking forward to reading more about your continued progress.
You are so kind and sweet. I hope you continue to improve and that knee gives you a break! I look forward to checking in on how things are going!
@Layla Thank you! It's so wild to see two surgeries for my signature! I can't believe I'm doing this!!! Haha. I just really want my life back.
12 week Update: I will probably stop posting biweekly updates after this, but will still pop on and off until my Left hip is done Nov. 16th!

My surgeon's website says most people typically feel better around the 12 week mark, and they are glad they did the surgery by the 6 month mark. When I read that, I felt that's more realistic than all the people who post their quick recoveries...which made me feel like I should be able to do more and made me a little hard on myself. Then there are those who it's a bit longer than 12 weeks, and that's okay too!

  • My right hip is doing amazing. I had a friend from nursing school tell me that I am moving better than she has ever known me to move! That was nice to hear.
  • My left his is wreaking havoc and is causing me more pain as the days go on. I never thought I'd be excited to do this all over again 5 months post hip one.
  • I'm unintentionally getting 9000 - 10000 steps a day. I was solo parenting between my hubby traveling and coming home with covid. I also got ready for my 6 year old's Mario themed birthday party at my house. It went great, and I was so pleased that although I was hurting (left side), I was able to get through the day without sitting down. My other son had his birthday in March and I had to ask parents for help during the party because it was all too much.
  • My scar looks amazing.
  • I have 4 more weeks of PT, and boy does he help my aggravated back muscles. I can literally feel the pulling of my left hip even when he is working on the right side of my spine. It's wild.
  • Pool has been shut down for cleaning, but I start back up this weekend.
  • I have dental work planned for the in between surgeries end of the month. That's a long story and it makes me nervous, but I'm basically going to end up with three implants on the top instead of two because an oral surgeon rammed an implant into a perfectly healthy canine. I saw the dentist, an endodontist, and a periodontist prior to my right hip to ensure I was clear for surgery. It made me so made. I'm basically getting the canine pulled and a flipper tooth made until next year when I can get two more implants (I have one).
That's it! Right is doing great! Still tender at times, but the left is what is hindering me now!
thanks for updating us! My OS recommends a round of antibiotics for all dental work for 2 years post hip replacement. Cleaning preop must be two weeks prior. Please check your surgeon’s views. Glad the Mario party went well!
@Hippie Chick Yes! Thanks for looking out! I have been cursed with genetics not in my favor from both my parents in terms of teeth, AND I ran a very high fever when I was young which can impact the development of enamel. Lucky me! I was a bit terrified of replacements when I was reading about oral health (which I take care of my teeth and gums so that is in my favor). I already have my prescription of antibiotics with about six doses for my upcoming checkups and procedures. I don't know how long my surgeon wants us to use antibiotics for cleanings and procedures post replacements, but I plan to tackle that question after my left hip is done.

Again, thanks for looking out!:loveshwr:
Hi @springs12!
Geez, you have a LOT going on.
Good to hear your RTHR is healing wonderfully!
Keep on pushing forward towards the bright light of 11/16/2023!!!
You can do it! :yay:
@Momo Lee Thanks! I'm so grateful the right is doing well! It's the left and the back that are hindering my success for you, I'm sorry your knee is getting in the way! You got this!
Hello, Bonesmart! It's been a minute. I'm doing overall well with my right hip replacement. I've become fairly active in the day in terms of getting thing done and even did yard work a few days, which I have not been able to do in years. My right gluten are bothered some still, but my left side has just gotten worse and worse in terms of my supporting muscles so I can assume my right side is trying it's best to not only continue to heal, but also to help support me and is probably compensating a bit.

Left total hip replacement is this Thursday, the 16th. I am pretty well set up. I have grocery shopped for the next two weeks and have loads of crockpot recipes for my husband to help lessen the burden on him. I have friends taking the kids places and my surgical day all mapped out to help my parents care for my kiddos.

I'm becoming a little detached that this is happening again...a little nervous...but mostly, I do feel ready because I can feel how messed up my left side is. FIVE days away! Here I come!
So very difficult to have to do your next hip again so soon. As you know it is not going to get better and only makes it more challenging for the rest of your body by compensating. Best for your successful surgery next week. The sooner you are done, the sooner you can get your body healed and working well again.
Just read back on your original post and can so empathize. I had my first hip done almost 10 years ago and I am an older Mom and my girls were 7 and 9 at that time. Much easier this hip as they are independent and driving. Glad you are all prepared for Thursday. Happy healing!
All the best for your future double hippie statues. Knowing what toexpect is half the battle!
Good luck! Hope your recovery is as "quick" as possible
You got this and will feel so much better in a few weeks! Wishing you the best on Thursday!

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