THR Debbie’s New Right Hip

Hi Debbie,
I’m glad you’re feeling better. Following is an interesting article from the BoneSmart Library in case you haven’t read it. I’m going to tag @Mersada in also as I believe the info helps explain the energy drain.
Happy Thursday!
@Layla Thanks for the article. I am feeling even better today. I got my Covid shot last Monday and my friend suggested possibly I was having some side effects from it. That hadn’t occurred to me, but my energy is back today, so maybe that was the problem all along.
Gotta be patient with the process. They do say it could take up to a year to be fully recovered.

Mine is going pretty slow. I'm not walking too.much to avoid the limp. I need to get stronger first.
Finally went back to the gym today. I’ve been away from it since November 2020 when I got sick with a staph blood infection. I have been lifting light weights at home since March, but 7 months is the longest I have gone without going to the gym. I just did some light weights and walked on the treadmill. I felt good. I need to build up my strength again. I’m starting slow. I got on the floor to do sit-ups and couldn’t get back up, so I had to crawl over to a chair and hold on to it to push myself up that way. I’ve also been swimming every day for the last week; swimming laps, pool walking and PT exercises in the water. I was able to reach my right foot to put on my sock and shoe today and I tied my shoe, too, but I had to tie it to the side of the shoe. My thigh is still really swollen and I am still numb around my scar. I don’t feel like my swelling has gone down much, but I have no pain most of the time. I’m able to get up from sitting and immediately start walking without limping now. I think I am doing great. 9 weeks tomorrow.
Happy Nine Week Anniversary! (a day early)
Wondering if you’re elevating at all and if not, it may help the swelling dissipate.
You're doing great, Debbie. Thanks for sharing an update. I hope you have a wonderful week!
@Layla I sit in a recliner with my feet up. They aren’t above my heart, but at least they are out in front of me. I hope that helps a little. I haven’t been icing at all, so I am going to start icing again to see if that helps. Thank you!
10 weeks post surgery update. All is well. My only complaint is the numbness and swelling on my thigh near my scar. It hasn’t gotten any better. I will just give it more time. I’m walking fine. I went to my first body pump class (weightlifting to music) yesterday. First time since the gyms closed back in March 2020. I did well. I used light weights on the bar and paced myself and I’m not even sore this morning. I was able to get up from the floor after sit-ups, but it wasn’t easy! I am going to my first spin class since surgery this weekend. I feel like I am ready. I started outpatient PT and am going twice a week. I really don’t even think I need it, but the best part of it is that they will stretch me beyond what I can do for myself. I still swim laps every day and do exercises in the pool. My range of motion improves weekly. This recovery has been great. My left knee is also feeling better since I had a cortizone shot. I hope I can put off knee surgery for years, if possible, but I know my knee is pretty bad. Time will tell.
You can stretch and yawn if you’ve read this elseshere, lol.
Regarding the numbness of incision area, some research I did awhile back -

Small sensory nerve fibers are cut with the incision. These nerve fibers run from the inside to the outside of the hip and cutting them causes the hip to feel numb after surgery. It is a temporary sensation that normally resolves over a period of six months to one year post op. While healing you may experience sensations of tingling, pins and needles, itching, burning and even the feeling of a minor electrical shock. These are usually good signs that the nerves are spontaneously firing through the regeneration process.

For the swelling, try icing and elevating if you’re sitting around watching tv at night.
I know I mentioned once that I learned from, Jamie (Admin) that it is our lymph system that rids the body of fluid (swelling). So you want to get the fluid to the lymph nodes in your torso area so your body can more quickly process it. The lymph system works rather slowly on its own and much more efficiently with the assistance of gravity. The fluid isn’t draining into the hips, but contained with the lymph system and moving to the torso and lymph nodes located there.

In addition, on occasion I’ve posted this info also -
BoneSmart FA, CricketHip, is involved in Therapeutic Massage and has shared this exercise to assist in manual lymph drainage. This gentle, yet effective therapy will help prime your lymphatic system to move fluid and inflammation away from your leg, which in turn will help your range of motion and pain -

While lying supine, take deep breaths...deep, as in breathing in to a count of 5, 4, or 3 seconds, whatever is most comfortable for you. Hold that breath for another count of 5, 4, 3 then blow out completely, still using the count that's comfortable for you. A series of at least 6 reps may help get the excess swelling to move. To ensure you are taking proper deep breaths, place your hand on your naval and watch while taking in your breath, if doing this properly you should see your hand move up. Repeat this whenever you feel up to it during the day or night. Lying flat (supine) is best as the lymph nodes seated in your groin are less restricted, allowing for better lymph flow.

After the breathing exercise, place your hands lightly on your upper thigh, at the crease in your groin and lightly stroke upwards towards your naval.
Be patient because it can take the body time to respond.

Easy enough to do in bed in the morning, evening, or both. Can’t hurt.
Have a great rest of the week, Debbie and thanks for updating!
@Layla Thank you very much for this information! I will try the breathing exercise. The swelling is a bummer because it is uncomfortable (plus it makes my pants tighter on the one side!).I really appreciate this info!
@Dmcfad2 impressive....I'm still not where you are, yet but in time. I had to use the walker for six weeks.... So that set me back a bit. I'm waiting for my stationary bile to be delivered by amazon. That should help.

Hope you're still icing after work outs. That helps, I find.
12 weeks post op. I have minimal weight bearing pain and my thigh is still numb, swollen and a little sore near my incision. Spoke to my surgeon’s office about it and they say it should improve with time, I hope so. My right thigh is 1” larger than my left because of the swelling. My flexibility and strength continue to improve. I can put on my shoes and socks and touch my toes. I am back at the gym doing weight lifting and spin classes with no problem. Any problems I am having walking now come more from my left knee than my new hip. There may be a knee replacement in my future. But, my new hip is great and life is good.
There may be a knee replacement in my future.

Hopefully it‘s a long way off. You’re doing so well! I recall the numbness you mentioned lasting for months, slowly shrinking in area until it was gone. It may have been your experience also with your first surgery.

Thanks for the sharing your great progress. It’s such an encouragement to those following behind.

Happy Wednesday…enjoy the rest of the week!
Today is my 3 month anniversary. My hip is feeling strong. My thigh is still swollen and numb and sore to the touch near my incision. I had an ultrasound last Friday just as a precaution to rule out a blood clot. Nothing showed up, so I’m hoping everything will just settle down eventually. Annoying, but tolerable. Still doing PT 2x a week until August 17th, when I will be released. This will probably be my last post for awhile. I have had a wonderful recovery and I am so thankful to the moderators and the bone smart community.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Time sure flies.

I may have relayed this on your thread before, if so I apologize, but my incision area remained tender for a long time also and the numbness took many months to dissipate, slowly shrinking over time. I’m glad you received reassurance via the ultrasound. There is nothing like peace of mind.

Thank you for your kind words in regard to BoneSmart and the community. We’re happy you joined us and found it a positive experience. Hopefully you’ll stop by on occasion to say Hi and let us know how you’re doing.

I wish you all the best, Debbie, and hope you have a great rest of the Summer!
Take good care.
Just over 5 months post op. Everything is great except for the numbness, slight soreness and swelling from knee to thigh that I have had since surgery. I wish the swelling would go down, but I’m beginning to think it is permanent. I’ve been rolling it with a roller on the advice of my surgeon’s PA, but it’s not doing anything. The numbness/soreness is a minor inconvenience, but the swelling is a bummer because all of my pants and shorts are too tight on the right thigh. The good news is that I have no more hip pain!
Hi Debbie @Dmcfad2
So glad you have found this hip better than your first replacement & at 5 months out doing well.

The numbness & soreness I found went on for 6 months plus…so hopefully it will go soon!!!

Hopefully your knee is just adjusting to your new ‘proper gait’ & will settle down!

Take care
Chrissie @Hoppy Nanny
Hello Debbie, it’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to share an update.
I think the numbness is still common at this point, often caused by stretching or compressing nerves during surgery, or inflammation. You can still ice and elevate at this point, or use a Lounge Doctor while watching tv or laying in bed, if you have one. Also consider giving the procedure explained in Post 130 above, a dedicated try if you haven’t already. It may help.

It’s good to read you are doing well and consider the swelling / numbness only a minor inconvenience. The best news is….no more hip pain! :happydance:
Wishing you a beautiful Autumn. :)
Decided to update. It’s been about 7.5 months since my surgery. I never even think about my new hip. I don’t do PT anymore. My flexibility is returning. I can put on shoes and socks. Still have a little trouble reaching the little toe on my foot, but I am still gaining flexibility all the time. I am back at the gym doing spin classes with no problem. I walked 3 miles on Thanksgiving in our local Turkey trot. No problem. The numbness near my incision is still there, but it is starting to get better. I feel wonderful and I’m very happy!

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