THR Debbie’s New Right Hip

Hi Debbie, I just read through your entire post-op journey. Thank you for keeping a updated "diary". I am having my Right THR in July due to Avascular Necrosis and I'm very nervous. I've never had any major surgery before and worried about the recovery pain and length of time. I can only hope mine goes as smoothly as yours did. I too worry about my knees and how this recovery is going to affect them. They both grind and pop already! One thing at a time though! Good luck with your knee problems as well!
@Luna Sea thank you for your comment. I think you will be so happy after you have the surgery. It is truly life changing. I understand being scared, but there have been so many advancements in this surgery. Just make sure you take your pain meds on time and ice a lot! Please keep me posted about your surgery. I will be thinking about you in July! It will be here before you know it.

It's amazing to me that when you address one problem it affects so many other things. My husband says, "It's like a balloon-- you squeeze it in one place and it pops out somewhere else."

My hip surgery (had some complications) has resulted in my other hip getting injured, and pain popping up in my knee and lower back.

The cane is your friend. It helps you walk correctly and work the right muscles, which is better in the long run and might even help correct some issues. :fingersx:
@Schaargi Yep. I’m using my cane again, this time on the opposite side because my knee pain is on the left side and my recent THR was on the right. It’s feeling a bit better today. I have two knee braces on, one on top of the other. LOL I’m really hoping this will resolve without surgery. I’ll know more after I see my surgeon again, but, for now, knee braces, anti-inflammatories and my cane. @BellaMac thanks for the hugs. How are you doing?
@Dmcfad2 - I'm doing ok. Resumed PT today, took it nice and easy -- you do the nice and easy route too.
What is a reasonable amount of time for numbness to last around the incision?
Debbie I really appreciate you sharing on this forum. I will be having my 2nd THR on June 14th, it's been 3 years since my 1st was done. I am starting to get really nervous since I know what is facing me. Your positive experience gives me so much hope. Thank you again.
@DA32561 I‘m so glad my little journal has helped you! That’s what I love about this site.
Today I am 7 weeks post op. Every day I see small improvements. My range of motion is getting better. I can almost do a figure 4 now. As I have previously written, I have been dealt a double whammy, as I was very sick before my surgery with a staph infection and spent a month in the hospital. So, not only am I recovering from THR, but am still improving from that infection.
I am noticing my strength is getting much better. I can walk farther without getting really winded. I still have to take a few tentative steps when I first get up from sitting until I feel like I’m not limping. I never use the cane anymore. I am cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing all the chores I did before. I have been doing at home PT exercises faithfully every day, several times a day, and also lifting light weights. I’m sure that is helping my flexibility and stamina. I plan on returning to the gym next week and riding the stationary bike. I am so happy with this surgery. I have no complaints. It has been a blessing.
Thanks for sharing, Debbie. It is such an encouragement to those following behind to see the progress that can be made in such a short amount of time. May it only get better and better!
Enjoy the rest of the week. :)
8 week update: My hip is doing fantastic. I am not seeing the daily big improvements that I saw in the beginning, but will suddenly realize I can do something I couldn’t do a few days ago. Still a small amount of surgical pain around my scar and some numbness and swelling, but I can walk without a problem (as long as my left knee isn’t bothering me.) I rarely need Tylenol anymore. I walk a lot every day and do my PT exercises faithfully. I have also started swimming and exercising in our pool, as it is finally starting to warm up enough to swim. I have come a long way on my flexibility, but still have a long way to go (I tried putting socks on today and still needed to use my sock helper), but I do know that it will get better over time if I stay consistent with my daily gentle stretching. I am walking and standing much straighter and I have had several people tell me that I look taller. LOL I am basically back to normal as far as my hip goes and I couldn‘t be happier about having the surgery.
Unfortunately, since ditching my cane, I have had left knee pain and I finally saw my surgeon today about it. X-rays show moderate arthritis and he said I am a candidate for knee replacement. He said to let him up know if and when I am ready. Darn. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I plan on waiting as long as possible before doing that. He gave me a cortisone shot and prescribed PT. If I wear a knee brace, I can walk without pain in my knee. Hopefully, the cortisone will help.
@Layla I have a question for the admin team or anyone who might know. I went clothes shopping today. I was in and out of stores and dressing rooms and I found myself getting very tired and even out of breath. I had to sit down a few times, which isn’t like me. I’m not sure if it is common to have that happen. Does anyone know? I know there is an energy drain after surgery, but I have been feeling fine and doing lots of things and really haven’t noticed it until today. Thoughts?
Take care of your knee wearing a wrap support. This will take a lot of stress off the knee. important to ice and wear a pain patch for pain OTC for knees too. I have knee issues after hip surgeries and it can cause limitations while healing. A bit of additional care for your knee will help both knee and hip heal.
Hi Debbie,
I don’t think the fatigue after the activity you described sounds unusual at this point in your recovery. At not quite two months post op, you are still healing from the trauma of a major surgery. Our energy supply isn’t limitless and your energy will go for healing first, not leaving a lot for all other activity....for now. You’ve been doing really well, maybe just plan shorter outings until you’re feeling more energized in general. Have a great rest of the week!
@Hippielife Thanks for the recommendation. I got the cortisone shot in my knee two days ago and I have been wearing a knee brace. It helps a lot. I will try the icing at night when I’m watching TV. I haven't done that yet.
I too felt that energy drain when showering and blow drying my hair then putting on make up on Friday to go to my nephews birthday party. I had a dizzy spell and had to sit for about ten minutes I was exhausted.

Hope you're doing better. Just when you think your healed, your body tells you not yet. Soon hopefully.

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