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TKR Days of Recovery (TKR 1/4)

Hola TKR friends...:friends:....Sat up in home office for a while, then iced and back in bed on and off all day.

Incision area now extremely tender and hurting - as happened before at this time then slowly healed.

New issue is this 'restless' leg thing! Like an involuntary flexing of ankle and lower leg. Can't keep the TKR leg still overall. Last night was active. Night before not as much.

Muscle relaxer prescription (methocarbamol) seems to help - let's see how tonight goes. Others experience this after the first few weeks AFTER surgery?
Good luck with muscle relaxer! I did have the restless leg thing....
Thanks! Restless leg far less. Muscle relaxer helps. Down to Tylenol a couple times a day but soon returning to work (on cane as needed w/ restricted standing) so I'll take Tylenol as needed (I work on concrete under carpet!)
Six week check up yesterday with surgeon. Woo-hoo! :yes!: X-rays, implant are good. I asked why new LTKR so painful along full lower leg etc compared to RTKR. He reminded me that my right knee was not as arthritic/ worn as left - though more painful and fall-risk weak pre-surgery which is why I had that right knee replaced first.

Doctor noted my walk/ gait as excellent. I requested and received return to work with restrictions letter for end of month. I've added three more PT sessions (for a total of 11) to help me meet MY specific goals of motion/ activity.
Update friends! Well it's seven weeks and I'm having a bit of a set back. Tuesday I did a too much upright bike peddling at PT center. Knee hurting bad and I think the leg presses didn't help.

I forgot about knee being new and went into 'weight training' gym mode :no-fin: . Mind you I suggested the few minutes on a reclining leg press. Not my PT. Only two, three weight bars but that was too much. Argh!

My PT had to help me crawl out of the contraption as I got disoriented with my head below my body while in it. After that I went on a zillion errands driving :hissy: here and there. Yesterday the pain started.

So I'm in bed babying my newbie knee - asking its forgiveness for over-doing it! :hugzz:

Ice, pain meds and full bed rest :doh:for the next 18 hours it is! Thankfully there's little swelling and no redness. My knee just had to yell LOUD to remind me to STOP with the extra activities!
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I asked to rock the bike pedals at 4 weeks and my PT said NO WAY. In caps LOL.
Please stay out of gym training mode and get back into healing mode. Hope the swelling and pain passes quickly!:ice:
Two-months from RTKR surgery TODAY. Woo-hoo! Doing very well :yes!: I now walk often in my home without any help aside from stairs. Using a cane outdoors. Resting today after my first week back at work. Using cane on my job as needed (about 65% of the time). Only trouble was later in the week I wore a pair of hard-bottomed, low-heeled shoes instead of my usual thick rubber bottomed one with heel inserts.

My newbie knee really didn't like that :no-fin: . It warmed up and hurting that night, and slightly stiff as I laid down in bed even though I walked very little that day. Back on went my trusty thick-bottomed Clarks.

No other major problems...:tada: Taking Tylenol as needed or a muscle relaxer a half-pill likewise. I was tired end of some days; retiring to bed once home - fast heat meals certainly helped.
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Happy Two Month Anniversary! It sounds like you're doing really well. You're even back to work!
Thanks for sharing an update. I hope you feel refreshed after a weekend of rest. :) :-) (:
@LD of Michigan
Sounds like you are doing really well. Congratulations!
I use some gel shoe inserts which I think cushion the forces on my knees.
Yes, thank you. For certain trying to rest, as I am a bit stiff. Goal is stay in bed/ or reclining and work on computer in between light cooking to prep for tomorrow.

Zinger flare pains were happening alot Friday night - less pain today. More soreness today than pain.
The sun is shining so nice here! THINK SPRING :flwrysmile: !!
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Last week also marked my last PT session! :egypdance:Marking 12 total sessions on site at the center.

I'm about 10 or so degrees short of the optimum flexion and extension goals. My PT, surgeon and I are good with that per where I am at eight weeks in. Improvement will come with time as did the other knee. I'll do my own flexion/ extension activities now along with my ADLs. Including chair exercises I'll start soon. I may resume limited outdoor cycling in July as knee matures if and once I get proficient peddling on upright in a gym or at home.
Hola Everyone! I completed my first two-weeks of work since surgery. Tylenol once or twice a day.

Very tired first week. Much better the second. Noticed a few times pain and soreness when I stood too long forgetting about new knee. Used cane about 60% of the time on the job site. Went grocery shopping with no cane for the first time. Leaned on shopping cart but otherwise did ok with light bags I could carry.

No cane or roller in home, but on stairs in the AM I'm stiff so using cane to car. Zero swelling no ice needed. Incision scar remains painful to the touch.

I'm finding I must listen to my body and baby knee and sleep as I can. Backup cane car in case needed.
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Thank you and everyone for all of your support this go-around!

Thank goodness I did not have much swelling as I don't like the icing:umm:processes.

My incision line stings/ hurts often - worse than before - sigh...:oyvey:... Sometimes bending my knee makes it hurt or too much pressure. It even turns red a bit.
Then finally I know this will subside as the RTKR incision stinging did.... :gaah:Hurry please!

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