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TKR Days of Recovery (TKR 1/4)

Greetings! Woo-hoo I am now entering my fourth month post TKR! I'm doing well. A few odd pains here and there but overall excellent recovery. I still keep a cane in car, but rarely need it. I will only use if traveling or a fold-up one if at a conference, etc over the next year.

That odd pain if I positioned my leg side-ways a certain way, off the side of leg, not knee, is not as bad. And it only happens if I pull/ position/ twist leg a certain way. Needs more time to resolve. But I'm less worried now. Just an issue with this left TKR I've summed up.

I still sometimes tire easily when I get home from work -- grab a nap sometimes right after work then get up to cook or whatever. Sleep is improving, especially if I take a hot shower before bed.

Once in a while doing nothing I'll still get a 'zinger' pain. Part of the full recovery I am thinking.

This weekend I want to try to slowly peddle a rental bike. I've said that before but this weekend I'll try it. :bicycle1:
Thank you everyone for all of your support those early days ))hugs((
Hola all! Five months on... First day of summer and I'm peddling rental bikes in my area as I can... :bicycle1: ...

I ride on the side walk thru a nearby college campus, off-ours. The first revolutions on the bike is/ was hard. Very painful on the upstrokes when left knee is in full compression. Yikes! Extension is fine, no pain.

Good news by the time I'm done (half an hour rides so far) the compression knee pain is nearly gone, so I feel I am doing what I should as it getting better. Hope to work off calories at the same time.

The goal is to get back to four miles twice a week, then up from there. Anyone else out there cycling?
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Oh yes, I'm a bicycle rider from way back! I'm glad you have gotten back on yours so quickly. It's great exercise plus a stress reliever.
Greetings Fellow Knee Fixin' Friends! I hope everyone is well. Enjoying the summer months! :flwrysmile:

My scar seems darker this time - not sure why. Need to compare photos from my right TKR in 2019.

Strange bone pain shooting down my outer left leg (not present with other TKR) is much reduced! Moderate cycling helping. I'm starting to do step-over-step on stairs yet moving slow on them but ok with that. The instability and severe pain I had before when standing etc. gone!

Low chairs remain problem to get out of, but overall progressing well @ 6 months since left knee TKR! :yahoo:

Thank you for being there those rough days and very late nights! :console2:
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