TKR Days of Recovery (TKR 1/4)

Thanks to both of you. I mostly use an ice machine but often wished for a pad to use when a machine is not convenient.
Thanks to both of you. I mostly use an ice machine but often wished for a pad to use when a machine is not convenient.
I also used the pad for under my knee. With my first TKR, my shin bruised badly & the pad helped a lot.

I also used an ice pack early on if I woke up in pain at night. My ice machine stayed next to my recliner because I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with it in bed. I also liked having the ice packs to take with me in the car, and still do occasionally.
It's crazy how each knee is different. First tkr I loved my ice machine and Lounge Doctor. I kicked them both to the curb last nite LOL
Had a lot of pain and they didn't seem to help. I needed to walk around at 4:30 am. Then used the soft pack cold wraps.
Today I'll probably be back to ice machine.
These early days are CRAZY times.
Well I am now nine days out. Home nurse came day eight to remove my special aqua-seal whatever bandage and check wound. That went great! Wound/ incision very straight and ok so far. No staples to remove as my incision was closed with glue as other TKR was. I was able to pull out my nerve-block stint without problem and returned pump device. Glad I had that extra pain management system for those first 84 hours post-surgery.

I was told to not immerse with water or scrub wound but otherwise shower rinse is fine. My first shower is this weekend. I can't wait for that! Whew! Bruising remains in three places for this TKR but not getting any worse.

I still find it interesting how black and blue :scaredycat: I am this TKR as I had NO bruising with my 2019 RTKR.

Wednesday my blood pressure quite low and I felt pretty week/ nearly faint. That abated over 24 hours - back to normal.

Zinger pains have started. Yikes! :hissy: Familiar with them from before but this time starting sooner.

As the name indicates 'Zinger' pains are sharp and hit without warning, even while doing nothing or sleeping. Nerve endings regrouping and general healing process starting. Icing is helping with general joint pains.

Home PT has me doing some walking about in home just on cane. Most still on walker. Practiced stairs. Light foot peddling, squats, size to side, slides. Nothing too much. On site PT starts next week. Icing as needed!

Thank you for all of the support and info sharing here! :thumb:

Thank you. Sat up in chair for about three hours handling on-screen :banghead:tasks/ responsibilities not doable on laptop from a bed. That hurt knee a bit. Stiff. Back on ice and in bed for the day (elevating leg).

Cold Michigan day.:tantrum: Thinking I'll clutch a hot water bottle for upper body while knee is icing! Fun socks on.
Ouch. Having the leg down for awhile does hurt.
Were you impacted by the big Christmas storm?
Its cold here today, too.(Maryland)
We've had high 40's and 50's for a few weeks, tho!
I over did it at my workstation/ home office. I'm in bed w/ TV remote in hand, laptop on my lap, for rest of the day. Hah.

We are here in SE Michigan and we only got the cold, VERY COLD temps those days but not the snow, thankfully :tantrum:.

Yeah otherwise mild for winter. Though the gray skies are getting old already and February remains (also known as the dead-of-winter) ick!
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Be sure you are elevating and icing as much as possible, @LD of Michigan! I know this is not your first rodeo, but you are still very early days in this recovery and need to give yourself more time to heal.

Please take it slow!
Yes, thank you. I'm really paying for the siting up so long. Icing now! Hurting bad ....:spin:....

Was just reading your recovery stories. Thank you for sharing them.

The next 24 hours for me is REST, ELEVATE and ICE, or is that ICE, REST.... LOL!
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@LD of Michigan
You are officially a member of the ODIC! Welcome!
That is the OverDidItClub.
Once you over do letting your leg down for a long won't do it again.
During recovery from my first tkr I was Madame President a few times LOL

Lots of ice and elevation will help. And chocolate:loll:
@LD of Michigan
You are officially a member of the ODIC! Welcome!

That is the OverDidItClub.
Absolutely. I wore the crown for sho' yesterday. Wish I had some chocolate. I guess apple sauce will do until tomorrow.

I did do a fancy deluxe 'cheese burger' and fries delivery. Expensive, but a nice treat.
Sigh... up a bit early. Insomnia and pain thru the night. And I'm feeling some cabin-fever:tiredwheel: ........

Feeling better from resting most of weekend, but I am concerned about the redness this time (12 days from surgery). I was not as red and itchy about my wound and knee before.
I have some heat in knee too but recall that with my previous TKR :climb: Any ideas re. the redness?

Thank you.
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Can't speak to the redness, but it wouldn't hurt to keep resting, I and E if you can. Since you had pain and didn't rest well during the night.
And the cheeseburger sounds delish!
When i had shoulder surgery a couple years ago i used a clay based cold pack and it was nice. This is the link from amazon.

ThermiPaq Reusable Ice Pack and Hot Cold Pack For Injuries - Shoulder, Elbow, Ankles, Back and Knee Ice Pack, X-Large, 9.5 inches x 16 inches

My surgeon for my LTK replacement recommends the Breg machine the advantage is it automatically goes on and off every 20 minutes. Here is the link

Cold Therapy Machine — Cryotherapy Freeze Kit System — for Post-Surgery Care, ACL, MCL, Swelling, Sprains, and Other Injuries — Wearable, Adjustable Knee Pad — Cooler Pump with Digital Timer

Take care.
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I also bought the clay ice packs but found them too heavy and they hurt my knee. 99% of the time I used the ice water circulating machine. I had two of them. I didn't like the one with a time because when it cut off while I was sleeping, I'd wake up with increased pain. I used the one without the time most of the time.
Hola Everyone! I'm doing well though not fully rested (clocked out 3.25 hrs sleep last night). 2 wks out puts me a bit past the inflammatory phase. Using ice packs per suggestions here. Thank you!

I've had two on-site PD sessions that went fine. I slowly used a recumbent bike, first time, ten minutes nearly zero resistance without problem. Flexion is good - about 100 degrees at points. My PT is good. Not pushy - she has me try different things at my own level, including pull strap and hold which I also do at home.

Wound pretty dark and scrappy but so was the other TKR. I'm most thankful that the red inflammation is gone. I can live with a rough battle-scar and you really don't know how a scar will look until full healing.

Now if I can get the rest/ sleeping set resolved for full night sleep. In the meantime I just sleep any time I can. If that means 3 hours at 1 PM so be it. Who's monitoring - right? Hah....:egypdance:!!
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