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Hi there. I just found this chat room and should’ve looked for it along time ago. I had a knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago. I suffered pain and it was discovered that I had bone fragments growing from the side of my patella. Last July I had them cleaned up with arthroscopic surgery and wound up with an infection 3 1/2 weeks later. I had a debridement surgery after that and was put on IV antibiotics for six weeks. Long story short, I still have an infection in my knee.

I am scheduled for a revision surgery in December and have been on oral antibiotics for a year. I get around but the worst part now is a bulge below my knee on the tibia. It’s swollen and very very sore to the touch and limit my activities. It’s creating a lot of pain and inability to walk well.

Any insight on the swelling or ways to control it?

Good Morning,
Responding to your post because your infections, pain similar to me. I will follow you.
My second knee is one year old March 31st. I have had pain most everyday.
Oct. / Nov. 2022 after so many blood test, X-rays, Family Doctor ordered Nuclear Scanning. After 5 sessions the Radiologist Report stated Focal Osteomyelitis.
Surgeon & family Doctor discounted the findings by Radiologist.
Surgeon referred me to another surgeon, who is rated the best and found that to be true.
After monthly blood tests, biopsy on side of knee opposite scan pin pointed infection.
New surgeon discounts Radiologist report also as biopsy show no growth.
My very good Doctor / Surgeon friend in Australia is Firm, My Focal Osteomyelitis cannot be detected by blood work.
Family Doctored ordered another round of Nuclear Scanning.
Started first round last Friday, Wednesday 29th. second all day scanning etc. then wrap up Thursday 30th.
Fingers crossed it is negative this time.
Good Luck, wishing you the best,

I’m astounded when I hear stories like yours. That’s why I keep reminding myself that I’m not alone, and that many people have it a lot worse than I do. I keep asking myself “what am I learning versus being a victim.

Your situation is fascinating in all of the typically undesirable ways. Sometimes I marvel at the complexity of the human body, and then capacity to diagnose, despite everything we know.

I hope you can get resolution on this and get on with your life.All the best!

Please keep your posts going! I am facing a possible revision, due to technical errors in the primary of one of mine, and am soooo keen to read how others are doing. Thank you!
It's been two months, to date, since your revision, Jazzerguy.
I hope you're having a good week. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the weekend. :wave:
Best Wishes for your Left TKR tomorrow, if its still on schedule.
Let us know how you’re doing when you’re feeling up to it. Hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings. Thank you, Layla. The surgery went exceptionally well this morning. I don’t think I should be able to do these things just yet!


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Good Morning Jazzerguy,
Wonderful news that the surgery went well, you're doing great and feeling like a happy guy!
I hope today is a repeat and tomorrow a three-peat!
Keep us in the loop so we can cheer you on. :yay:
Thanks! Layla. The nerve blocker wears off today and reality sets in . I am pleasantly shocked at how good my right knee feels, after the 1/30 revision. It’s all good
The nerve blocker wears off today and reality sets in
A day of reckoning? Let's hope not. :praying:

I don't ascribe to the idea of Day Three or Day Four misery because that was not my experience. My surgeon injected Exparel into the site before closing which had a slowly waning 72 hr effect. That along with prescribed meds and lots of icing kept me comfortable and I felt no worse on those days.
Just remember to go slow and easy, all things in moderation. I know you realize this as it's not your first rodeo...just a sincere and caring reminder.
Happy Sunday. The swelling and pain dominate the landscape right now. Not much I can do, beyond my meds and a little bit of stretching. This is the most demanding part of this journey. Overwhelming pain, exacerbated by quad failure due to swelling.
Good that you’re aware of what’s going on and dealing with it correctly. These early days it’s perfectly fine if you are experiencing pain and swelling to limit your activity to gentle bends and stretches and short walks around the house every couple of hours. Be sure you are taking your pain medication on a set schedule through the day and night. Ice is great for pain too, so keep ice on your knee (both front and back) as much as possible as you elevate your leg. With both my knees, I iced even while I slept, both front and back. It was very soothing.
Sorry to read of your struggles, Jazzerguy.
I agree with, Jamie, on the ice. I used it around the clock and believe it was a lifesaver and helped tremendously.
I hope you find some relief soon. Lots of comfort to you!
It’s day 10 and I’m overdue for a check in. This is been quite a journey. I learned the hard way that no two surgeries are alike. And it may be that my memory from my first replacement is too faded, but this one was a bear.

Unlike my first surgery, this one was done on an outpatient basis with a nerve blocker. There are pluses and minuses. Being home sooner is nice, but it sure puts a burden on whoever is taking care of you. Theres plenty of days when I wonder where my wife is still with me, especially after six procedures in three years!

All of that said, days five through seven were the absolute worst. Looking back, I wasn’t present mentally or emotionally. Just making a lot of noise with every move I tried to make, and then the verge of wanting to give in.

Needless to say, I passed through that. Day seven was a turning point. And nine was even more pronounced,. Yesterday, listening to my body, I was able to walk down to the end of the block and back one and a half times. A major victory.

Regrettably, I suffered a hairline crack in the femur when the implant was inserted, so I have to use crutches for two weeks after two weeks of the walker. That said, everything feels well today. I can finally see the end of the tunnel and I’m hopeful for a very positive recovery. The body is an amazing organism. And thank goodness for great doctors and medical help.

I’ll close with a true bone Smart dilemma. To date, I’ve only had three nursing visits. PT is likely to start soon. Unlike my revision surgery, I am pore limited how far I can flex my knee. It feels like there’s a strong cuff there, holding me from progressing very far past 100-110 degrees. The times I’ve spent trying to straighten out the leg and hang it on an object of been painful. At the hospital I had about 10 more degrees to go on extension.

Any encouraging insights are appreciated. After my last revision on the other knee, I got to 141° flexion and zero extension. And it’s held up perfectly through this surgery.

I’m happy to be back to the better reality. Wishing all of you good health

holding me from progressing very far past 100-110 degrees. The times I’ve spent trying to straighten out the leg and hang it on an object of been painful. At the hospital I had about 10 more degrees to go on extension.
At only 10 days out and you are getting 100 degrees??!! That is remarkable and nothing to worry about. Most people don't get that until 2-3 months out. If you had 10 degrees more extension at the hospital, then you'll get that again and even better in time. Swelling also affects that, not just your bend. As you heal and your swelling goes down, your overall ROM will improve. That takes time...lots of time. Your body has had 3 major surgeries in only 6 months and needs to do a lot of repairing everything, not just your knee. Try to be patient and not overwork your body or your knee. Time is on your side, but it's gonna takes lots of it.
Thanks for updating, Jazzerguy. I'm sorry you had such a rough time on Days 5,6,7. Thankfully you have a patient caregiver in your loving wife. You've turned a corner and it sounds like you're doing great! I hope your weekend is a good one! :)
I’ll second sistersinhim’s comments about your progress. Even if this surgery isn’t going like previous ones, your ROM this early in recovery is great. You will most likely continue to gain more flexion with time and that “tight band” feeling will lessen. It can take months, though, so don’t rush. Extension is something you can continue to work on with some of the “hang” or “stretch” exercises. Just don’t be in a hurry with that either and don’t do them to the point of real pain….just minor discomfort. For me with both knees, I found lying on my stomach on the bed with my knee just at bed’s edge so the lower leg was hanging (no weights!) worked best. I got to where I could lie there for 20 minutes at a time and basically snooze in that position and I believe it helped my knee joint straighten out. I would do that once a day until I could fully extend.
Thanks! Inasmuch as this was (unfortunately) my third replacement, I pretty much have the ritual down. In the four surgeries following my first one (on the other knee) I did forget just how painful TKR is.

Today is 14 days. Tomorrow is my doctor’s appt. for bandage removal and hopefully reinstatement of driving privileges. Also a check up in the hairline crack from installing apparatus on femur.

Reduced meds from 5 to 3 times yesterday. Today just Alieve so far. We’ll see how that goes. PT measured ROM at 115 on Monday :)
You are doing great, champ! You’ve been through a lot of surgery / recovery, hopefully this is the last. I wish you luck at your post op appointment tomorrow and hope you get permission to drive again. :driver: Let us know how it goes when you feel like it. Happy Wednesday!

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