Knee Infection* Adieu

Stopped by to wish you a Happy One Month Anniversary and I am so sorry to read about the nerve pain and lack of sleep it‘s causing. I certainly hope your doctor is able to advise, you find speedy relief…and get the restorative rest you deserve.
Please keep us posted, Jazzerguy.
Thanks a bunch .

This is a true testimony to the unpredictability, frustration, rewards, joy and gratitude for the human body.

I slept an hour last night.

But I did my stretches, iced, walked and worked through pain today. And somehow in the late afternoon my leg stopped fighting and resisting.

My gait is normal. The nerve pain resided. I nearly feel normal.

That’s how we heal. Never in a predictable and linear way. Tomorrow will be different: better or worse in some way.

But now I know the healing journey will end - and I will be whole again. It’s been a physical and emotional challenge. But that’s how growth always occurs.

Hoping the same for all of you!


That’s how we heal. Never in a predictable and linear way.

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When my sciatica was really bad I found a special memory foam sciatica cushion with a hole in the middle, very helpful for sitting during the day. I couldn't have done 2-3 hour video meetings without it. I still use it around the house for watching TV even though my sciatica is gone.
The cushion takes the pressure off the sciatic nerve and helps stop it getting irritated.
My surgeon said that if it didn't improve with straightening my leg ( which thankfully it did) I could benefit from a steroid injection around the nerve root in the back ( where I have spinal stenosis).
Really sorry the gabapentin no longer works. I found pregabalin helpful but it is very similar. Sciatica really is horrible- for me it was much worse than the knee pain.
My pilates teacher also showed me some stretches that took the pressure off the sciatic nerve.
Well it’s been awhile since I last checked in.

Next Wednesday will be week eight.

I’ve been working with a pain doc. I had a spinal epidural last Monday. I also have stenosis. I sense that it’s having a positive effect. I am able to exercise and be functional, but the nerve pain in my leg and thigh persists. It’s been a wry tough recovery. I attribute it to a 14 degree valgus deformity.

My surgeon reassured me that nerves don’t like any kind of pressure, so I’m waiting for inflammation to recede, while taking high doses of Gabapentin which does help. I have managed the past three nights without a sleep aid, which is progress for me.

I also use a tens unit consistently. I remain stubbornly optimistic!

I hope everyone else here is well.

Hi Jazzerguy! It is nice to hear from you.
I am happy you remain stubbornly optimistic. I have faith you will do well.
Thanks for updating. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Happy Two Months, Lefty!
I hope you’re doing well.
Thanks dear. In the Canadian Maritimes for a two week trip. I’m holding up, walking a lot and healing through it all. I walked 11,000 steps last Sunday
I had to look up images of Canadian Maritimes because I’m unfamiliar….looks so beautiful!
Take good care of yourself and enjoy!
11,000 steps, Wowza! :walking:
Hello Jazzerguy,
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Lefty!
I hope all is going well with, Righty, also and you're enjoying the Summer.
It feels like it may be fading fast, but I love Autumn so no complaints here.
Take good care of yourself! :)
Thanks! The knee is strong and healthy, but nerve pain persists. Taking Gabapentin and using TENS unit. Hoping and hoping that it’s related to inflammation. Don’t know how long such inflammation may last or how it impacts nerve pain. Seeing pain doc for intervention. Any insights are greatly appreciated !

Sorry you still have the sciatic pain. Did the epidural injection not help? What did they inject? I am interested particularly as I have spinal stenosis too- although thankfully my sciatica has largely settled with straightening my valgus deformity. I got some twinges in my buttock after a 3 hour drive recently and I dread it coming back. My knee surgeon thought I had the kind of stenosis that could benefit from injection or surgery but I haven't pursued that since the pain settled after my PKR.
Have you tried the spiky ball massage on the painful leg areas?
The spinal epidural did quiet things down in that area. Doc said some people need more. Had one, but I haven’t done that. My pain is primarily on sides of leg from knee up, primarily on the inside. It emanates from the knee area. Still taking gabapentin, but any extensive exercise always hurts afterwards. Where do I get a spiky ball? Thanks!
Good Morning Jazzerguy,
I am sorry to read you’re still dealing with the nerve pain. I hope the pain doc has some ideas that help until it abates.

I believe you can purchase the spiky massage balls through Amazon, or WalMart, possibly Target. Try a search for Massage Balls, or Spiky Therapy Balls and they’ll pop up for sure.
Wishing you comfort and speedy relief!
That sounds like the pain I had. Could you have pes-anserine-and-mpfl-pain?
That's worth pursuing. You say your pain emanates from the knee and is on the side of the leg.
Sciatica pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve and is in the buttock/ back of the leg and down to the foot like a really bad toothache. I never felt it in the knee or felt it emanated from the knee.
My pain is primarily on sides of leg from knee up, primarily on the inside.
This is what led me to think of the pes-anserine. It was inflamed on me and I went to PT for 6 ultrasound treatments and that was all, no exercises. It helped me and was and is completely gone.
Greetings. Very happy to report that my inflammation has receded after 15 weeks. Still some nerve pain, but much less. I’m using a TENS unit. My gabapentin is down from 3600 mg per day to 600. Weaning off if it.

I am walking and cycling. My knees and legs are strong and straight.

NEVER give up hope ❤️


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Well look at you, appearing happy and strong! It is nice to read your positive update. Thanks for sharing!
I am glad to learn the nerve pain is improving and hope it resolves completely.
You’re an inspiration for sure, keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend!

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