TKR Abdominal muscle pain

I'm glad the staples are gone. The tenderness is totally normal. Maybe you've said and I've missed it, but are you having much swelling? Also at night if you are using an ice machine use it and maybe you'll rest a little longer? Its worth a try at least. Sleep whenever you can - naps during the day are healing naps. Your body is healing.

Sounds like your really doing well.
Thank you. I don’t have too much swelling. I don‘t have an ice machine but use the gel ice wraps and elevation periodically throughout the day and evening. I am able to nap some during the day. Thank you for your suggestions.
Oh, yes! I remember the improvement in bending my knee once those staples were out. I think the staples pulling while bending restricted a lot of movement because of the fear of increased pain from those staples. I'm glad yours are out now and you have that behind you!
Last in home therapy. Therapist said I was an ideal patient. He couldn’t get over how well I’ve done. Probably won’t need out patient therapy; just continue with exercises on my own and return to gym. I will have my post op visit tomorrow with PA and see what he says. I’m hoping he will give me an injection in my right knee as it has been pretty troublesome lately. Since my left knee is good now I would like the right one to be so I can finally walk without a limp.
You are doing so well for just two weeks out! It's great that you won't have to have out-patient PT! Doing your own recovery is so much easier and better on your knee.
Thank you. I hope I get a good report this morning on my follow up visit with the PA.
I did get a good report yesterday from my PA. He couldn’t believe I had no swelling and the progress I had at only two weeks out. He wanted me to go to outpatient therapy to strengthen knee but I declined and said I would continue exercises at home and resume going to the gym. I also got on the books for right knee, probably at the end of February, first of March. I have certainly been blessed and the Lord heard all the prayers lifted up for me.
You are doing great!! Do you ever have stiffness if you stand too long?
Thank you. So far I haven’t noticed any stiffness.
Can anyone advise when the bad knee (surgical one) becomes the good knee in regard to doing stairs? My TKR was the left but my right is painful now and will be done in a few months so I wondered if this one is now the bad one and should go down first. Thanks.
That is a question no one can answer but you. Steps are some of the hardest things to do for a new knee. If I were you I'd wait for as long as you can for that second knee surgery. As your new knee gets better and takes on more of the 'work' your old knee will get better. Mine did or so did many others. I hope yours will, too.
When I had 1 prosthetic and 1 organic knee, I walked backwards down the stairs. It was a lot less painful but I had to be careful to make sure nothing was on the stair that might trip me up.
Just got back from Monovisc injection in right knee and 21cc’s of fluid drained off. Hopefully this will help my knee until it gets replaced on February 27. Left TKR is doing excellent at not even three weeks out yet. Kind of sad that I still have only one good knee. Well, better days ahead!
I was just wondering if anyone has had to have immediate dental work before the appropriate time lapse from TKR and if so, how was it handled. I don’t need to have any yet that I know of, but I tend to worry about the “what if.”
@Whoodee I moved the above post to your own thread, to keep a history of your questions all in one place.

Usually both your surgeon and dentist will work together and will come up with a plan most beneficial to you.
Hi, I lost a part of a filling a week before surgery. My dentist said it wasn't bad and I could wait, and I would probably need a crown. He would not see me before 90 days after surgery. I'm going this Wednesday. My OS told me to take an antibiotic before any invasive dental work. There seems to be pros and cons about this but I will not take the chance of getting an infection. When my staples were removed, I was told a script was called in to my pharmacy and how important the antibiotic was. Did your OS or his PA discuss this with you?
Thank you for your response. Yes, they did indicate no dental work for three months after TKR. That’s interesting about the antibiotic and your staples. I was only on an antibiotic for two weeks after surgery but no mention was made about being on one for staple removal. No, I don’t want to chance getting an infection either.
My steri strips are finally starting to come off and I was wondering once they are all off what is recommended to put on scar, if anything.

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