TKR Abdominal muscle pain

Is it normal to see bleeding under the aqua cell bandage?
If it is a small amount, that's completely normal. If it is soaking it, I'd call the doctor.
Thank you. Not a small amount, but not soaking either.
You can always take a photo of your bandage and send it to your doctor.
My knee seems to be doing pretty well during the day and PT going very well. My problem is getting a good nights rest. I keep waking up with my knee hurting. I just can’t get in a comfortable position. Anyone have any tips? I was encouraged because my first night home I slept just fine. I guess I must have had some of the drugs they administered still in my system.
Sleeping is an issue for most of us. My sister-in-law was a back sleeper and didn't have any problem. I had to sleep in my recliner for a few weeks, getting up every 2 1/2 hours. I was able to nap during the day back then. I'm at 10 weeks and I am sleeping better especially since I can bend my knee. It will get better but at the time it seems like forever! How is the drainage on your dressing? Can you take it off soon?
I just can’t get in a comfortable position.
I am sorry, Whoodee. It can be miserable in the early days and weeks. My suggestion won't necessarily take away the pain, it's more about comfort. I often suggest gathering up bed pillows. I used many, I kind of surrounded myself with them so I felt swaddled. Pillows to me are like an adult Teddy Bear, something that brings you comfort due to the softness. You can use them under legs, arms, across your tummy, wherever you want in an effort to get a bit more comfy in bed and hopefully nod off for longer periods of time. Try it!
Best of luck to you. :)
Thank you for helpful suggestions. My drainage has stopped and I get the staples out on Friday. Kind of dreading that.

Different subject. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to overcome mindset that walking properly now and
with bending knee will not hurt. I suffered so long with bone on bone knee pain and limped all that time and now I know I can walk without pain but my brain says no. I desperately want to break the habit of being a peg leg. Any tips would be most welcome.
You don’t have the arthritic pain, but you do have post surgical pain, so it’s natural to still be a bit afraid of pain when you walk. That fear will decrease naturally as you heal and the post surgical pain lessens. Don’t over think it, try to relax and let nature takes its course.
Thank you. I want to do it right and I know I do tend to over think it.
Getting the staples out was pretty fast a couple pinched some, but it wasn't painful. The PA told me your leg can sometimes have a delay on the message you send to your brain on how to walk. It depends on how long you have been walking wrong. It’s almost like your muscles have to relearn what their job is. Your leg has to relearn what it should be doing when you’re walking. He told me not to think about it so much! Easier said than done. I do know if I use my cane I limp more and did better when I was using my walker. 6-months seems to be the magic number. One day at a time we will get there!
Thank you for your encouragement. I hope my staple removing goes as well as yours. Yes, I guess my muscles have a lot to relearn.
Yeah, I agree that staple removal is easy peasy. I had so many I made the nurse pause after every 10 but the discomfort was over when the removal was over.
My problem is getting a good nights rest.
You don't have to sleep just at night, you can sleep anytime and anywhere. As long as you get sleep, it doesn't matter where or when. I took naps morning, afternoon, and night before even trying to go to bed for a night's rest. This went on for about a month. Those naps really helped and will help you, too.
limped all that time and now I know I can walk without pain but my brain says no.
I, too, had an ingrained limp on my right leg. I had used a cane for at least 25 years before my TKR and man, was it hard to unlearn. I concentrated on not limping, but not until after my surgical pain was just about gone. Thinking about walking with a heel-to-toe stride helped me a lot. I still catch myself slipping back into that limp when I'm extra tired, so it is a continued teaching of the body to walk correctly.

It is much, much too early for you to start thinking about not limping. Your mind and body want to protect that knee, so let it. When you are walking, though, concentrate on a heel-to-toe stride if it doesn't add to your pain. If it does, hold off on that until your knee's ready for that different way of walking.
Good day today. PT went very well. Flexion at 112 and almost total extension. Graduated to cane and did stairs. Staples out later today. Hope it’s not too painful. Guess I’m not doing too bad for one week and two days out of surgery. Oh yes, exciting news. our granddaughter ran for Vice President of the SCA and won! This is a good day!
Wow! You are doing fantastic! I'm surprised that they are removing your stables at only 9 days. But if the nurse has any doubts about she won't do it, I'm sure. I was almost 3 weeks out and most of the staples had skin grown over them. 34 out of 35 hurt. You shouldn't have that problem at all. It should be pain-free for you. Be sure and let us know how it goes.
Well, staples removed. Have to say it was a bit painful but it’s done. Nurse said incision looked very good. Knee a bit tender but feels better with staples gone.

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