TKR _Annie_‘s Recovery Thread

Murphy2013, I just loaded up with books from the library, so I am set for now. But will keep your suggestions in mind. I also play some card games online.

I have a list of 8 exercises to do twice a day, So we will see how that goes. I actually did lift my leg just a bit while PT was here.
My daughter is a PT and she wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t do any PT.
PT is fine as long as it's gentle PT that doesn't force your knee to go further than it's ready to go. Working on gain and gentle massages are some really good PT.
Annie; My Quads were the same way. Especially this 2nd round. When I got home this time my son had to help me lift my leg on and off the bed for the first 3 days. I could not lift my leg at all. It was really painful. It will get better; hang in there; Doodlebug
Just got done with my first home therapy visit on knee #2. It went better then I expected. My knee cooperated and lifted right up. I was so surprised and told the therapist that the leg had not been cooperating. She said that happens sometimes and tomorrow it may not want to lift up again. But it was all good today. The extension was 4 and the bend was 107 - day 6. Life is good!
Back on Oxycodone! grrrrr! I had switched to only Tylenol yesterday, but last night after jumping out of my power lift chair with the chair raised and running outside without my walker, I’m back on! We had a vehicle start on fire last night, sitting right next to my car and I got excited and forgot I had knee surgery . Hope I can get off the Oxy soon - it dries me up. It could have been worse, nobody hurt. Vehicles and tools can be replaced. But too much excitement for me!
Oh my, I’m glad no one was seriously hurt! You have great reflexes, though. Rest up for a while to recover.
Oh my, how scary! Thank God no damage was done, but now your knee is angry. It'll take a few days probably to get over your excited run outside.
Angry knee - that’s a good way to describe it. I will definitely take it easy for a few days, and probably more like ‘take it easy‘ for a few months. Hubby pretty much won’t let me do much until I’m 3 months out.
Don’t know what to think about how my stitches are looking. A few days after I got home from the hospital, one of my stitches looked inflamed. And yesterday, part of my incision started turning dark. I did talk to the Dr’s office today (after sending them a picture of the stitch) and was told to put Triple antibiotic salve on the red part and cover it. Have an appointment to see Dr in 2 weeks. Was told to watch it and come in if it gets worse or I run a fever and chills.

Any thoughts on why my incision is turning dark? My PT thought I may have bumped it, but I don’t think so. That would have really hurt & I would remember if I did that.


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@-Annie- The first photo looks similar to what I had on my RTKR 3 years ago. If I remember correctly I think they said it was abscess on the suture. Anyway, they had me treat it with wound care saline solution and gauze and it healed from the inside out in about 3 weeks. Not sure if that's what it is but just thought I'd share.
@Dizzy Thanks for that information. It makes me feel better. For now, I guess I’ll use the Triple Antibiotic salve. Was your wound Care saline Solution a prescription or could I find it at a drug store?
-Annie- Solution was over the counter not prescription. They had me soak a little piece of gauze with the solution, pack the hole, and cover with a band-aid. I was pretty amazed at how quickly it healed up because at first I was mortified :flabber: . Maybe they will suggest this treatment once they see you if the salve hasn't helped.
@Dizzy Thanks a bunch! I googled a dark incision and read that it could be a problem with blood supply to the wound. So I am using my leg massage machine to get the blood flowing. I forgot to do that after this surgery. I did that once a day after the first surgery, but just plain forgot this time.

I think the antibiotic salve is already helping.
@Dizzy - look at the difference from yesterday to today. I am optimistic that I am on the right path. I am using the wound care saline solution on a gauze in the crater and with Triple Antibiotic salve on the outside. And the darkness is lifting from the incision after using the leg massager frequently. Thanks for helping me yesterday, I was feeling desperate last night when I posted on here.


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4 weeks out. Have a stitch infection and cellulitis! I am on antibiotics.


@_Annie_ , you will see that I have copied your post from the Knee Scars thread to your own thread.

You hadn't updated your own recovery thread with the information that you have cellulitis and you're now on antibiotics, so this post provides the update.

I'm sorry your stitch infection has progressed and I hope that the antibiotics soon cure the infection.
Please keep us updated, because we care about you.
@Celle, Thanks for caring. I think the stitch and the cellulitis both are getting better daily. I see the OS’s Assistant this Wednesday and the OS next Thursday. I didn’t have this problem with the 1st knee replacement but they say every knee replacement is different.
I just read roboknee & Muldoh‘s complete threads from beginning to end. I have gotten a much better picture of the complete recovery of their TKRs, instead of just reading daily comments, which is what I had been doing. I will be doing a lot more of that. A lot of the things they talk about I’ve also experienced. I’ve gotten really good ideas of things to do to make my 2nd TKR recovery easier, like tracking my steps on the Fitbit & am try to find how many steps is enough per day.
Just to update my thread - I am a month + 2 days out from my 2nd TKR. I am doing ok if I limit my activities, elevate & ice a lot. I rarely take any pain meds and that includes Tylenol. And I rarely have pain - only if I do too much. I am still battling a stitch infection and cellulitis, but I feel that is getting better. My OS will check it out on Thursday of this week, but it looks better to me. My ROM was 0-130 on Wednesday- no stretching or pulling on it.
The 1st TKR (7 1/2 months out) is doing great and rarely bothers me at all, only an occasional zinger. I hardly think of that knee at all.
My life is so much better now, then it was before my surgeries. I am retired, so don’t have the work issue to deal with. But I do need to get back to working at our BnB here in Amish Country.
Today I had an appointment with my OS to check out the infections after my TKR on August 11, 2020. He was pleased with my knee on the whole. The Incision and the infected stitch are healing nicely, but the skin infection was redder again today with a few raised spots. He put me back on the Doxycycline for another week. And he will see me again in 2 weeks and then take x-rays of my knee.

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