THR 10spro's Recovery Thread

I'm sorry for your frustration, but its certainly understandable given your circumstances I would likely feel the same. You're right, we do need to be our own health advocates and I am happy you're up to the task.
I am sure the drainage is normal at this point, but it always nice to have a medical professional offer that reassurance. I hope next time you post you had your way and received the care you deserve from a nurse.
Best wishes for a good night sleep!

Just noticed you're from Napa. I love Napa. Hubs and I were there once and stayed at the Carneros Resort and Spa and loved it!
DAY 14 UPDATE: Still with walker at the 2 week mark, but going without more often. Ventured out to the mailbox and down the street the last 2 nights, finally put my Apple watch on, the Health app said yesterday it counted 1,079 steps. Did not do that on purpose, just from walking laps in the house and once out to the mailbox. I was surprised how fast it added up. The physical therapist keeps giving more exercises. I told him today the modified squat hurt more than it should, I was uncomfortable doing it, and I'll try it another day. I think during the 1+ year hip deterioration before surgery that now my left quad has no strength, and the squat is the one exercise that is super uncomfortable. Also still experiencing what I consider excessive drainage, but the home health nurse says it's not that uncommon, especially with the posterior approach. Most important is that the incision appears to be clean, not red, no indication of infection.
Hey @10spro, I had a posterior approach and didn't experience drainage at day 14. Can you call your surgeon's office for an appointment for a wound check? Better safe than sorry. Good that there's no sign of infection, of course, but I think you're wise to listen to your inner voice and go get it checked out.

I like that you're feeling empowered to say No to the PT when you are given exercises that hurt. I started with the teeniest squat you could possibly imagine, mostly just a glute squeeze, abs pulled in, and an itty-bitty hip & knee bend. 8 weeks in, my range of motion has hugely improved. Tiny baby steps really are leading to incremental improvements, so start small whenever you do decide to give it a try. :) :-) (:
DAY 21 UPDATE: So hard to believe it was 3 weeks ago today that I was just waking up from surgery with a shiny new hip and no idea of the challenges ahead. Definitely this last week there has been significant improvement. I dumped the walker, tried a cane but never really did feel secure, but am now very stable and no longer use either. The incision has remained bandaged and clean up to now, doctor said to expect drainage for up to 2 weeks, it finally stopped a few days after 2 weeks, which is a huge relief. I've been to 2 sessions of out patient physical therapy. She is conservative, which I appreciate, none of this crazy squat stuff for now, just focused on fixing my gait (left leg rotates in) rather than giving me advanced exercises. I'm up to 3,000 steps, could probably do more, but want to re-learn how to walk properly first. This is such a long road, for me at least. I know folks at this same 3-week mark are walking circles around me, but I'm just fine just doing me. Huge thanks to this forum for all the info and support.
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@10spro Thanks for the update! It sounds like you are doing very well :) Yes it can seem like a long road but consider how long it took for you to get to the point of needing a new hip. I suspect/predict that when healing is done you will look back on this post op time and think "Oh that wasn't really so long a time". It's good to hear that your PT person is being conservative and taking you slowly through the path to full recuperation.

Keep up the good work! :cheers:
It's hard to not count steps or distance as a way to judge your walking but it's best not to. I had to stop myself from walking too fast and or too far as it wasn't doing me any good. I would walk sloppy if I went too fast and definitely walked sloppy by going to far and getting sore. It's like the old movies where in finishing school they walked with a book on their head. That's the kind of walking that did me the most good, I skipped the book. I walked on nice flat ground with nothing to think about slipping or tripping on at the walking track at the park. I would walk very slow but define every move so I was heel toe walking with good posture.
My phone counts my steps, I doubt it's very accurate but I like the info and also gives me my asymmetry. I don't have my phone in my pocket 24/7 so probably do more walking and up and down stairs during day.
I really concentrate on heel/toe, even just going from car in parking lot to a store, it does help.
Stand straight/heel/toe, it's like being in the Army, left, right, left/right/left! LOL!
4 WEEKS POST-OP: Met with the surgeon today for my one month check-up. New x-ray shows everything is good, walking is proper with near perfect gait, overall a bit ahead of schedule. Thanks to everyone here who said quality over quantity, so I am ignoring the number of steps and just focusing on doing it correctly. Those darn steri-strips never did come off, so he removed them today. I was really stressing about that, but it was so super simple, no big deal, I'm sure he wondered why I had messaged him about it. Because I had drainage from the incision for almost 3 weeks, I think the scar still has some healing to do. He recommended cocoa butter and Vitamin E, so I bought Palmer's and look forward to using that. I got the go-ahead for golf (chip and putt) and tennis (easy volleys), and I can try the bike as long as it doesn't hurt on the rotation. It's still not a full-go until 8 weeks, thought it was 6 weeks, but glad to do a little more starting now. I noticed about a week ago that my heart rate seems elevated, but he says give it another month or 2 or 3. I'm also super tired just being on my feet going to the grocery store, so I guess more cardio is in my near future. I've had such major anxiety over this recovery, and the incision that wouldn't stop draining, and my increased heart rate, so finally I have ventured into doing meditation and relaxation with calming music. Gosh, I wish I would have discovered that a few weeks ago. Now I know why everyone says that wellness is so important, and was for sure missing from my lifestyle until now. Continuing to take baby steps until the next milestone.
Great report, @10spro!

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I'm also super tired just being on my feet going to the grocery store,
This is quite normal for just a month post-op. Your body has been through a lot and is using much of it's energy for healing, which is why you fatigue so easily.

It may seem like you are doing "nothing," but your body's energy stores are busy doing things like making and restoring lost blood, repairing soft tissue damage, and beginning the process of producing the important building blocks to insuring proper bone growth into your new prosthesis so it can be solid and not loosen. Take a look at this graphic.

The fatigue will lessen over time, so don't rush into excessive exercise until you are fully healed.
6 WEEKS POST-OP: Lots of good recovery happening now. I've been spending a lot of time learning how to walk properly. I switched to a new Physical Therapist who is very focused on posture and flexibility, both of which have been sorely neglected in the year leading up to surgery. My stamina has greatly improved. I'm still not walking for 3 miles like others here are at this same stage, but I take the small wins...I went shopping for a new sofa this past weekend, tried out 8 or 10 sofas. It sounds silly but is a really big deal. No way I could have even walked into the store before my new hip, and even if I got myself into the store, I could never have spent 2 hours getting in and out of random sofas. I never thought I would be so excited to shop for a sofa. Hah! I am also back in the kitchen with more energy to make healthy food more often. I will admit to losing my willpower around week 3 or 4 and gave in to my cravings for comfort food, but I'm back on the wagon now. I am also loving my newly discovered awareness of meditation for relaxation during the day and at night as preparation for sleep. I still come back to this forum often and always take away encouragement and wisdom that helps get me through the next challenging time.
9 WEEKS POST-OP: Finally slept comfortably on my surgery side. Am going to try easy golf tomorrow and a few hits on the tennis court, nothing strenuous, decided to wait the full 3 months before doing sports. It's still a struggle to put on socks and shoes but am getting closer. Rehab focus on posture and flexibility is helping me walk better than I have in quite a few years with a lot less effort. It's hard to believe just 9 weeks ago I was shuffling around with a walker, unable to take a step really, and barely able to get into bed without excruciating pain. Sometimes it sounds like such a long time has passed since my surgery, then I always think how hard those first few days and weeks were, and how much work I've put in since then, and am thankful that my body has recovered so well that I have zero joint pain now. I really don't ever want to do that again.
@10spro Thank you for your update. I'm 6 weeks and was feeling a bit down, but I am coming out of it. Reading your updates makes me feel some hope for myself. Haha. I will be getting an eval for PT this week, but mostly for soft tissue work because my muscles are still unhappy and scar is like a rock. :). Keep em coming! :)
great update and it sounds like the slow but steady method has worked for you. All I can tell you is just when you think you're free from this recovery procedure it's easy to end up back in the chair with ice. Do yourself a favor and learn from other's mistakes, I'm one of the others. At 12 weeks I thought I was home free and rejoined my regular life which was in progress only to regress for almost a month. I didn't even think of playing sports, just doing normal everyday chores but acting like I was fully recovered.
scar is like a rock.
Nobody really talks about the scar. I had trouble with my incision from the beginning. The drainage was supposed to stop after 2 weeks but mine took 3 weeks. And then it just wouldn't stop itching. I still think it was some reaction to something but the doctor never seemed too concerned. It literally took until last week that I could lay on my surgery side because any unusual movement or pressure caused the skin to push and pull in some way that was uncomfortable. The surgeon did say to rub in some lotion and work it around the incision, but because my wound did not really close properly, and I was worried about infection, so had not done that, but now it's finally looking healthier so will try it. That saying is just so true that everyone is different.
@10spro I'm glad your incision finally seems to be healing and looking healthier. I do know that itching can be common with part of the healing process, but it is all those other signs that need to be taken into account.

My surgeon's PT taught me how to massage my scar tissue, and the PA said I could use vitamin E oil. I can tell when the tissues underneath are spasming and pulling on other muscles during the night and causing pain. I will say that last night, I did not massage and I woke up achy. The other nights I did massage, I did not wake achy. I get evaluated on Thursday for soft tissue work. I'm kinda excited for this because my muscles need some loving. I can tell my quad is appearing smaller as it was very angry post-surgery. I had the anterior approach.
Am going to try easy golf tomorrow and a few hits on the tennis court, nothing strenuous
I'm pleasantly surprised that after nine weeks, you're able to get back onto the court, even if it's just swinging a racket and not moving much.

My hip problems had been bothering me when I was playing tennis for a couple of years, and finally became unbearable after about two years of playing about 30 hours a month. My procedure is scheduled the week after next, and I'm looking forward to getting back on the court. I was at a professional tournament this week (as a spectator of course) and ran into my best old hitting partner and some other people I used to play with. They were asking me when I'd be able to play again, and I just said "I dunno - maybe six months?" I know everyone is different and I won't rush it, but I'll be interested in your progress.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I'm still not walking for 3 miles
3 miles at 6 weeks? That’s quite a high bar … take it easy on yourself, you’ll get there when you get there
I'm at 9 weeks now and still the most I've done in a day is 5,000 steps, usually it's more like 3,500. I did read on this forum that folks were already doing 3 miles at 4 weeks. I am taking it slower until I get to 12 weeks.
I'm at 9 weeks now and still the most I've done in a day is 5,000 steps,
That's almost exactly where I was at your point in recovery, but by 4 months post-op, I was doing 7500 steps a day or more.

In my case, the gains were really slow. My OS had told me that my goal should be to walk a mile a day. At first, it just walked the distance to the next house down the street and back. Every couple of days, I would add another house. It took many weeks, but -- a little bit at a time -- I was comfortable increasing my steps and eventually met (and passed) his target.

Remember that we are all different and we each recover in our own time. There's no reason to push yourself beyond what your knee is ready to do.

I'm pleasantly surprised that after nine weeks, you're able to get back onto the court, even if it's just swinging a racket and not moving much.
Here's the update on tennis. I went out a couple days ago for just an easy hit, about 45 minutes with 2 breaks. It was not "playing tennis" but rather volleying balls that were hit to me, and a few groundstrokes. I was very uncomfortable having to move even one step, so I didn't. I have no joint pain in my hip, but my quads are sore, and muscles around the incision are pretty tired even now 2 days later. I also played 9 holes of golf [with cart] the day before, so it was a lot of activity. Looking forward to doing that again soon, but really need to get back to my PT exercises, focus on being consistent and getting stronger.

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