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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    The IT band - iliotibial band - is a band of tissue extending from the pelvis along the outside the the leg and attaching to the shinbone just below the knee - a totally unmedical description!! As I understand it, it helps stabilize the knee. As my knees deteriorated, I developed a valgus...
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    Bilateral TKR Bi lateral TKR August 2020

    Welcome @Rosy G ! With a bilateral, especially after the setback you mentioned, it is not surprising to have some balance issues. While my "bilateral" was 7 weeks apart (I was scheduled for a bilateral, but apparently my blood oxygen levels had a different plan! :shrug:), there were definitely...
  3. NightQuilter

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    Great news! May your recovery be smooth and uneventful now.
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Kim, we need your feisty self back! It will work out!!
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    TKR Struggling at 1 Year

    I wish you both some relief!! This year has been bad enough without both you @Daneez and @Stiff knee NC dealing with excessive pain and impaired mobility. Daneez, I wonder if going back to some of the hamstring stretches you were probably given right after surgery - those where you don't have...
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    Revision TKR helga’s right knee revision

    @aquamarine117, how are you doing now? Those accidents can be pretty unnerving. 3 weeks after my 2nd knee (which was also about 10 weeks after my 1st knee), one foot slipped down going down the stairs and ended up really super-flexing the 10 week old knee!! I was panicked. As others said...
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    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    We'll be looking forward to hearing how you're feeling ... and how your hip handled things! Be well.
  8. NightQuilter

    TKR JennyLynne’s Next Chapter

    Visions of low chairs and sofas on a new knee made me wince! Glad you are back in more familiar surroundings and didn't lose any of your extension!
  9. NightQuilter

    Revision TKR helga’s right knee revision

    I hope the pain from the PT pushing so hard has relieved itself some and you are feeling more comfortable.
  10. NightQuilter

    TKR Herewegoagain on the other side

    The first few days sound wonderful, considering the other options. I hope that continues. That stiffness arising when you've done anything for "too" long is frustrating, but it will improve over the next few days and weeks. Thank you for the thorough update!
  11. NightQuilter

    Revision TKR helga’s right knee revision

    It sounds like you have really embraced your new knee and the brighter future it will provide you. I am so sorry that pt pushed your knee and caused it ... and you... such needless discomfort. What Celle said - all the way. 110 so soon after surgery is something we all longed for. Ice and...
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    TKR Nickel Allergy Confirmed with Blood Test

    When you're not recovered to the point you think you should be, it is natural to suspect different causes - real or imagined. Believe me, I am great at coming up with the imagined ones!! But it is unlikely even aggressive PT would have caused any permanent damage to "Precious." Taking it easy...
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    TKR JennyLynne’s Next Chapter

    I suspect you are currently on vacay and hope you are loving it by the beach @JennyLynne ! I too, have to spend far too much time at a desk. It doesn't do our knees, legs, or back any good. But you might consider getting something under the desk to put your feet up on - even an exercise ball...
  14. NightQuilter

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    Wonderful news @pamsknees ! What beautiful spots to do your riding! I hear applications are open for next years Tour d'France! :bicycle1:
  15. NightQuilter

    TKR Herewegoagain's Pre op thread.

    Day 1 post-op. Hope all is going well @herewegoagain ! You have a team here cheering you on in recovery! :dancy: :yes!: :yay::egypdance:


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