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  1. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Hello all, Been a very busy few days with husbands' Birthday party, son & DIL over from Norway and sister-in-law from the UK at the weekend and then out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon & evening. Home today and son and I will get the Christmas tree this afternoon and start to decorate the...
  2. marmora

    TKR Ellejay's recovery threads, first and second

    Good Morning Lyn, Thinking of you today and wishing you all the best with warm wishes. Cathie x
  3. marmora

    TKR Yorkimom is ready to go...LTKR

    Hi Anne, Good Morning and hope that this finds you comfortable. I'm getting there, still a few twinges and stiffness, but trying not to let that hold me back. Very busy week, out Wed and Thursday night and this morning going to a Christmas Craft Fair and then our "Girls" Christmas party...
  4. marmora

    TKR Yorkimom is ready to go...LTKR

    @Yorkimom Hi Anne, Good to hear that you are feeling better, day by day and step by step you will get there. Cathie
  5. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @tiredwife Meant to say earlier like the new avatar of you & Steve, Cathie
  6. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @Legin That's for the encouraging advice, much appreciated. Cathie
  7. marmora

    TKR Careful what you wish for

    Hello Reebok, Happy Post- Wedding Memories to you and your wife and family, Always great to have family and friends celebrating happiness ! It can be a contagious feeling and happiness should be shared. NASA will be able to see your house from space with 5000 lights! I think that's great...
  8. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Hello @wolf woman @gr82cu2 @Minnie's knees @tiredwife @Legin @ConnieJOS @Nana moon 27 @new knee in June @Yorkimom @madinana This time last week we were having fun in Vegas ! Seems like so long ago. Sorry for being off for a few days, but busy here over the last few days and will probably...
  9. marmora

    TKR Minnes new knee and MUA

    @Minnie's knees Hello Kathy, Great 6 week report and like the new avatar. Good increase in your Flexion in 2.5 weeks and as Janet @gr82cu2 says, things will seem easier when you get to 90 in a few more weeks. Congratulations on driving again :driver: Don't know of that's a car, but...
  10. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @tiredwife @gr82cu2 @wolf woman @ConnieJOS @madinana @new knee in June @Yorkimom @Minnie's knees @Nana moon 27 @Legin "Memories from the corners of my mind,...." Remember what happened in Vegas has to stay in Vegas !!! :rotfl: Been a busy few days, good friends' 60th Birthday last Saturday...
  11. marmora

    TKR Yorkimom is ready to go...LTKR

    @Yorkimom Anne, thank you for sharing your beautiful family photos and hope that you had a lovely family Thanksgiving. We don't have Thanksgiving Day in Ireland or England, so just a normal Thursday on this side of the Atlantic, but had a turkey salad sandwich for my lunch and thought of all my...
  12. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @Minnie's knees Hello Kathy, Well, our first few days in Vegas have been exciting to say the least. And the least said to Mom Jackie the better! :rotfl: @tiredwife When I left our Dancing Queen Anne @Yorkimom late on Thursday night, she was still on top of the main table dancing away to Abba...
  13. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @Legin :scratch: Translation Please :scratch: ??????????????????????????????
  14. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    @tiredwife Thank you, I'll be dancing the "Turkey Trot" in Vegas tomorrow. Gobble, gobble, Cathie
  15. marmora

    TKR TKR 10/23/2013 - Recovery with RA

    @chestnc Hi Christine, Just on the door and lovely to Find a post from you. You made the right decision not to go into work today and I hope that you would be off tomorrow on Thanksgiving and maybe also on Friday. That would give you a long weekend, with time for a few lie-ins. I used a...

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