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    THR Hip Replacement Complete

    I live in an area that's having a virus resurgence so I have been staying at home. After the aggressive PT with my knee I opted for BS 's gentle recovery guidelines for my hip. It has worked so well for me!! My 2 months anniversary was July 4th and my hip is recovering much better than I had...
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    THR Hip Replacement -Anterior Method June 1, 2020

    I had my hip replacement May 4, anterior. My biggest problem was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep at night. It's better at 2 months, not perfect. My 18 month old knee replacement is another story! It has been the replacement from h***, lol. I was out pulling weeds for a short...
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    Hip but no plan for replacement

    I had hip pain off and on, mostly on, lol, for 10 years. My knee was the one that started giving me problems and was replaced first. My hips were not considered after the knee caused problems. I had a great surgeon, but my hips were so bad they caused my knee to take much longer to heal. I...
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    THR Only Tylenol

    I had a kind nurse in the hospital during the day. She told me I would have to ask for pain meds every four hours. The male night nurse acted like I was an addict, lol. When I asked for pain meds during his shift he would make a big deal of it. I was discharged after an overnight stay. It did...
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    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    I understand completely! My tkr was 18 months ago and I still do not have good ROM. I'm so tired of the comments to get new doc, etc. I stopped going to a social group because of constant comments about my surgery, slow healing,and cane use comments. I HATE being told I didn't do my physical...
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    THR First THR June 25 - very scared

    I bet you are no where near the fear and reluctance to have hip replacement as I was, lol. I cried the entire 2 hour ride home from the doc visit. I had knee replacement Jan, 2019 that simply refuses to heal. My hip surgeon told me the hips should have been replaced first and then the knee. I...
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    THR Carita's Recovery Thread

    Carita, I'm a week ahead of you and I also get fatigued easily. I had knee replacement Jan '19 so I have two stiff legs, lol. My surgeon (a different one than my knee surgery) told me until I have the second hip replacement I will continue to have problems with my knee. BUT, the things I can do...
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    THR Getting anxious!

    Linda I was also really concerned about having hip replacement surgery. I was also in so much pain I knew my life could not continue without me being in a wheelchair. Everything I did caused pain. It was also a scary time to be going into a building with so many people coming in and out! I...
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    TKR LJ55's Recovery - Knee Stiffness

    I had my knee replacement Jan, 2019. I did great until about 4 months and then I regressed. A LOT! I was so frustrated and sick and tired of listening to unsolicited advice, sometimes from total strangers, about did I do the PT. YES I DID!! I was having painful back problems, quads so tight I...
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    THR Hip Replacement Complete

    I went for my 2 week check up yesterday and everything is good. After the knee replacement that just refuses to play nice, I deserve a well behaved hip replacement, lol. It's kind of depressing listening to some of the patients while waiting for the doc. The overweight young lady had knee...
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    TKR JennyLynne’s Next Chapter

    Your son sounds so sweet, perfect for a "cuddle bunny"! Tell him we all want hugs, lol. I had my tkr a year ago January and I was pretty shocked I was only staying overnight. I had a difficult time getting into my vehicle and into my home the next day when I was released. The blocks etc. had...
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    THR Yay, we're done!

    Momofthreee, My granddaughter went through knee replacement surgery at 16yo. The second surgery was at 17yo. The prom was coming up so the surgeon told her he made sure her scars matched, lol. She will heal fast!! Hugs and blessings!!
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    THR Planned Left THR - 30M

    Minifab, I had anterior approach hip replacement last week and I stayed overnight. I was alert, ate dinner, texted & talked on mobile, went to the bathroom by myself so I feel like I could have been discharged the same day. If course, things could have gone differently so I left it up to my...
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    THR Hip Replacement Complete

    Yesterday, I used my cane to go out on my patio and water my potted plants. An amaryllis is getting ready to bloom and I don't want to miss it. My plants make me happy, lol. It is so wonderful it is to be able to go down my TWO steps with out pain. This has not happened in so many years, I'm...
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    THR Yay, we're done!

    Congrats! She will have a speedy recovery I'm sure!


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