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    THR my new hips

    Hello all I’m doing a drive by. Almost six months since the last THR. About eleven since the first one. I spend most of my time out in the shop working on the old hotrod. It’s been a couple of years since I was able to work on it. The old hips weren’t up to it. But now I can get on a creaper and...
  2. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    Thought I’d check in and say hello to all my BoneSmart friends. Monday will be 15 weeks for my second hip. And about 9 months for my first hip. I’m vary happy with the outcome of my hips. No regrets. On my three month check up I had them exray my right knee because it’s been bothering me for...
  3. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    Well we made it back from California on Monday. Just under 2000 miles in 5 days. I did all the driving. It was clear sailing on the way down but hit snow on the way back. I can’t complain it’s risky taking a long trip like that in the North West in February. Idaho to California. My hips did...
  4. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    Thanks everyone I can’t say I’m excited for the car ride. But it’s better than dealing with the airport idiots and the awful seats. Oh my aching A!!
  5. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    Tomorrow will be 11 weeks for my second THR. I guess I tend to be on my feet to much as the lower thigh will start aching. It’s been aching the last couple days. Not terrible but the more I push it the worse it gets. Also still have that little klunk in the hip if I don’t keep the muscles tight...
  6. Gone again

    THR Layla's Recovery

    Good to know about About Citrate vs Glycinate. No problem as of yet :shocked:
  7. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    @MyAussieGirl i don’t plan on falling off the BS site but I find it hard to report pertinent stuff. The last storm missed us. Our day time highs have been in the 30s & 40s might even hit 50 so I may need to break out the speedos HaHa. Our road is mostly clear of ice now so yesterday I walked...
  8. Gone again

    THR Layla's Recovery

    I’ve been taking magnesium citrate and eating lots of green vegetables for the potassium. Everything I read said we are all Magnesium deficient. And the potassium helps the body use it. Seems it’s involved in a slew of bodily functions. And vary important for the heart. I’ve also read the...
  9. Gone again

    THR Layla's Recovery

    @Layla a few years ago I had the worst heal pain in one heal. Felt like I was walking on a needle. Foot Dr tried massaging and shots. No affect but the hard plastic insoles with the high arch eliminated the pain in a few days.
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    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    I can see the vacuum cleaner also. Better close that closet door.
  11. Gone again

    THR done

    It’s easier to prop up the ice bags on the arm of the recliner. I just couldn’t make ice bags work in bed. They would end up in weird places LOL
  12. Gone again

    THR Kazann Recovery

    Your doing well. Great!. I stayed mostly in the recliner for the first few weeks. Just couldn’t get comfortable in bed for very long. Put those guests to work. If you trust them they can do your toenails. My wife did mine and I trust her but I still ended up bleeding :shocked:
  13. Gone again

    THR my new hips

    Thanks @Mojo333 hey you got a new avatar. Or whatever it’s called. I’m doing really good. On my feet most of the day so not on BoneSmart much anymore.being able to walk around is a wonderful thing. Let the young people do the heavy lifting and take care of those new hips. We’re having a warm...
  14. Gone again

    THR Aussie's Posterior LTHR

    Ya the better I feel the less time I I’m not on the site much. Healing is a good thing. 33 degrees here.
  15. Gone again

    THR So many ups and downs<

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. After my last THR my gutt was a mess. Indigestion so bad it gave me AFib. So I started taking probiotics. Dropped all dairy and ate lots of veggies. Using Kefer in my morning smoothie. What a difference I’m a new person.

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