TKR TKR and Return to Sports (RTS)?

Hi @wilsonma, and thanks for your post. Congratulations on being to go right back to sports. This is very encouraging! I continue to do well, but I'm not quite on your schedule. I saw my surgeon after 4 months and he was really encouraged. He said that my knee was "really jacked up" as a result of the many sports injuries and surgeries.

Anyhow, I continue to improve after about 6 months, but if I push too hard it swells and stiffens up. I can bike about as far as I want, and can jog on grass, but not too far yet. I also don't have confidence to cut on it much, but that is all mental. I haven't had any actual issues yet.

Thanks for your post though, as it really is encouraging!

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@wilsonma Welcome back to BoneSmart! Can you please start your own recovery thread and let us know the exact date of your TKR?
I just came back to this site after my second TKR. I had my first 5 years ago and was back playing soccer 3 months later-indoor. I just had my other knee done, 3 weeks ago and plan on playing Pickleball in 2 months and back to soccer in 3.
For those members who are struggling with the recovery wilsonma's goals and first TKR recovery are very aggressive and not the norm. Please do not compare your recovery to any other recovery. Every TKR is different - even on the same person.
At 19 months post TKR, I can’t speak to high impact sports with running involved however, I play in a relatively decent level hockey league and ski tour in the winter.

My real enthusiasm is in long distance bikepacking which I have been very seriously training for this summer(2023). I’ll be riding about 2500km from Denver, Colorado to Banff, Canada in 2024

Have always been riding from the age of 18 and cycling for recovery has been amazing.

Gratz on your success so far. Your attitude and drive will take you where you want to go. Good luck with your endeavours and keep on keepin on:running:
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