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(Managed to find my thread but only by scrolling back through earier comments. Is there an easier way of jumping to it?) Here in the UK, the use of ice is not mentioned at all. Where exactly should I place the icepacks? On the wound site itself, or top of thigh, etc? Or is it just wherever it is aching? Also they don't make any deal about elevating, although my surgeon said briefly to the nurses I should have a pillow under my feet. Now I'm home I will try to do that. Yesterday (day 9) I got up earlier and did little bits of walking, my pedometer read 1887 steps which should be about three quarters of a mile. Not sure if that is about right, too little, too much? I slept through till 5 am ( with loo visits!) But then had agonising pain in front of thigh and calf. My partner massaged some Nervex pain relief into my calf and I took some paracetamol which has helped a bit. But wound is stinging quite a lot - is that normal?
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Where exactly should I place the icepacks? On the wound site itself, or top of thigh, etc? Or is it just wherever it is aching?
All of the above. Ice whatever area is painful. Always put a cloth (I use a tea towel) between the ice pack and your skin. Ice and elevate for 45-60 minutes per session, several times per day.
But wound is stinging quite a lot - is that normal?
Inflamed soft tissues and nerves waking up post op. Ice will ease this.
Day 10. My partner has gone out shopping and I got up and dressed, went downstairs and outside round the front terrace to the back visiting all my beloved plants which was nice, and I have realised that walking itself is not a problem, my hip can weightbear beautifully, but it does set off this terrible severe toothache like pain all down my leg, inside and outside, right to the foot. I don't know if it is muscle or nerve. I had similar pains (not quite as bad) before the op. When I told the docs in hospital they didn't know either! I am on amitriptyline but it hasn't made any difference yet. The morphine doesn't even seem to do much either. Could I be resistant to morphine? Paracetamol ( like US Tylenol?) actually sees to work better than morphine but I can only take 8 a day. Is it worth trying muscle creams or something like that? I am trying to keep cheerful as that is what everyone wants to hear, but not having change in this leg pain from pre-op and not being able to get rid of it even with the pain meds I have is beginning to get me down.
the first 2 weeks are not pleasant. You have to consider what has been done to our bodies to have this implant pounded into us, having the pain we have is expectable.
Ice is great and put it anywhere it feels good. Ice for long periods of time just be sure to have a towel or some cloth between the ice pack and skin.
Just my opinion but step counters and fitbits aren't productive especially in the first weeks.
Thanks Eman85, it is good to be reminded of that. I haven't done much icing, not something we seem to be big into here in the uk for some reason and they seem to get warm so quickly so any relief is not for long. But I will see if I can get my partner to bring me them more regularly!
Happy Day Ten!
Good to read you’re dressing and venturing outdoors a bit for a walk amongst your plants.

I’m sorry you’re struggling with pain, but it is very early into a recovery process that can take a full year and even longer for some. With that said, you should be able to have pain controlled enough that you’re comfortably mobile. I found icing to be a big part of my recovery and I iced often, basically each time I was sitting, or laying down. Consider purchasing additional ice packs, so you always have one available.

We have frequently recommended Extra Strength Tylenol (your Paracetamol) at 1000 mg, every six hours, but no more than 4000 mg in any 24 hr period. You must also calculate anything else containing Acetominiphin into the 4000 mg so you're not exceeding that amount. Wondering how this would work for you since you mentioned a preference for Paracetamol?

Taking the Tylenol 4 times a day is most beneficial since most meds only remain fully effective in the system for 4-5 hours, no matter what the dose. So by taking it less often you may be going longer with no medication in your system, giving pain time to build so the next dose takes longer to be effective.

Wishing you comfort and a lovely weekend as you continue healing. :)
Thank you Layla. It must be me, but I find using icepacks quite unpleasant, like drinking something cold when you have a toothache, seems to make the pain worse. Although sometimes the slightly numbing after effect when I remove it is not bad. I am taking the paracetamol 2 x500mg, 4 times a day usually 4.5 hours apart, to make the cover a little longer, but of course after last dose mid evening I can't take anymore so take 1 x MST ,(morphine sulphate) 5 mg which is meant to be a 12 hour tablet but I have found I need a 5ml shot of Oromorph ( liquid morphine) usually around 3 am. ( Though this morning it was a bit later 5.15 so maybe I will make it through a whole night tonight! ) I must say, this site is a lifesaver as it is very hard to explain the pain and problems to others, even loved ones. So thank you so much.
Day 12 and definitely feeling better today. Didn't take morphine 12 hour tablet in daytime yesterday. But wound feels a bit sore snd looking at dressing the seepage looks a bit green. Do you think I should go yo surgery tomorrow to have dressing changed? I am due to have clips out on Wednesday.
Hi @YogaLesley
Regarding the color of the discharge you describe....
To err on the side of caution, I would want to get it checked out.
Don't know if you can send pics to your care team to save a trip or not.
I must say, this site is a lifesaver as it is very hard to explain the pain and problems to others, even loved ones. So thank you so much.

You‘re welcome. It is our pleasure to support and advise where we’re able. The camaraderie with those healing along with you in real time is invaluable. There is comfort in communicating with others that have “been there, done that”. I can’t imagine my recovery without my BoneSmart buddies.

I do agree with, Mojo, about having your wound checked. Better safe than sorry and any reassurance they offer will bring you peace of mind. Please stay in touch.
A pleasant afternoon and evening to you.
Thank you both. Yes, I will ring my surgery in the morning, it is only a few minutes away and I am sure they will see me. It does feel more sore than usual. Good news is that leg nerve/ muscle pain seems to be subsiding. Hurrah!
Have been to surgery and had dressing changed. Wound was fine but it feels less sore now. Am waiting for a phone call from doctor to discuss medication. I didn't take morphine sulphate 12 hour tablet yesterday or over night and it didn't make much difference, but needed a shot of Oromorph to deal with muscle/ nerve leg pains ( as I did even when taking the MST). I am wondering whether something like ibuprofen or ibuprofen gel might be more effective? Anyone any suggestions?
The persistent pain is like severe toothache from inner groin down front of thigh, round back of knee and down calf muscle to foot. And back of calf too. What would be most help for this kind of pain? Morphine doesn't seem to touch it really. Any advice much appreciated.
I'm glad the doctors seemed to rule out infection...

Some doctors discourage the use of NSAIDs for the early days due to bone growth check with your doctor.

I know icing is not a really comfortable sensation for some folks, but though I wasn't a fan of icing prior to hip surgery, the benefits were worth it.
Keeping inward swelling down so its not pushing on nerves and soft tissue can truly help.:ice:
Maybe give it another try?

Wishing you a Better Day.
All Temporary, my friend.
It is reassuring news that your wound looks good. I’ll bet that is a relief. I hope you’ve spoken with your doctor by now and found an alternative to help with the pain you’re struggling with. Wishing you comfort and a good nights sleep. :console2:
Hopefully tomorrow feels brighter.
Hang In there @YogaLesley - you will get through this.

It’s interesting how we all react differently to the various pain meds given to us. I had a PCA for my first night after surgery (Patient Controlled Analgesia). Cool little pump button that let me get a little extra dose if I had pain beyond what they were providing meds for. It was wonderful - but calibrated so I couldn’t get more than a certain amt every 30 min.
Straight Morphine was hard for me. Effective but it wore off quickly and I always threw up and got itchy. So that just meant more meds in the form of Benadryl and Zofran. So we switched to dilaudid but I had similar reactions. Oxycodone ended up being the winner but the side effects (constipation) were so uncomfortable.

I have had good luck w Naproxen. Between that, Celebrex and ibuprofen, my dr says to use the one that’s most effective. There is also an NSAID topical gel called Voltaren. It’s OTC in US. Very effective on sore, tight muscles if used regularly.

This is all a true test in patience and the one day at a time theory!

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