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Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since I posted. Not sure where the year as gone! As you can see from the photo, my fears that I wouldn't be able to practise yoga after hip replacement were ungrounded! Knees back on the floor and pretty comfortable sitting like this. So don't give up hope any of you! My right hip is now 2 years and 3 months old, the left one, which is still a bit less comfortable is 19 months old! I have done 14 mile walks this year and generally people are amazed that I have hip replacements! I still get strange feelings and a bit of tightness around the scars sometimes, especially at night but no longer feel the need for any pain or other medication. And the odd bit of sacroiliac pain on the left. But hey, I 'm 74, can't really complain!!! I still very much miss my darling Michael who died 2 years ago before Christmas, so the festive season is always a bit of a hurdle. But I survived. When asked about hip replacements, I now say what so many others have said, wish I'd had it done earlier. I don't feel there is anything I can't do now and I wish I had been like this in the last few years of our life together. But at least I can cope on my own now. It hasn't been an easy jouney, as you can tell from my earlier posts, but time is a great healer. Happy New Year everyone, especially you new hippies! Don't be down hearted, keep walking and simple exercises and you will get there eventually!! Xx
Aww, this actually made my eyes get misty.
After all you've been through it is such a lovely sight to see you sitting as you are with a big smile on your face. You've come a long way from that Christmas of two years ago. It is so nice to hear from you and learn how well you're doing. I thank you for stopping by to share your inspirational update which I am sure will be an encouragement to many following behind. Many blessings and lots of love to you in the New Year, Lesley! :loveshwr:
@YogaLesley What a lovely picture! The smile, the Yoga pose, your beautiful sweater! A day brightener and message of hope for all! Thank you for the update and blessings to you for a very happy and healthy 2024!
I am so happy for you! All of that worry, yet here you are, all healed up and you look so happy doing the lotus.
How sweet of you to update and to also give assurances to any new member in the beginning stages of the joint replacement journey.

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