Op was off - and then on again!

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Re: Op cancelled

I suppose there is no absolutel guarantee that they wouldn't cancel on you, but at least you will have a higher priority. You'll make it. September is really just around the corner.

Yes I just spoke to my friend who is a nurse and they said they don't tend to cancel twice but anything can happen with the NHS :(

It is only around the corner you guys will just have to put up with me moaning for a few more weeks :hehe:
Re: Op cancelled

Natalie...dear.....we will put up with whatever you can dish out!!! That's what we're here for. We've got your back.
Re: Op cancelled

OMG I am so angry today!!!!!

I just keep thinking that my surgery could be all over by now and that I would be on the road to recovery!

I did far too much yesterday thinking I was going to be in hospital today so I am in total agony :(

My drugs aren't working as well anymore but I haven't done anything about it as I was going into hospital so now I don't know what to do :( I have been on so many drugs already and I don't think there is any left to try!!!
Re: Op cancelled

Hi Natalie,

So sorry you are having to deal with this! Why don't you go to your GP and get his/her advice on how you can get a bit more comfortable? I'll bet they will be very understanding since you have this NHS caused delay.

Take care Natalie. September is just around the corner (even though it's a corner you didn't want to take)!
Re: Op cancelled

Thanks Jaycey I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself!

I will go and see my GP I may even phone them to be honest as it is really difficult to get an appointment.

Thanks for your support it means so much xxx
Re: Op cancelled

I would be doing the same Natalie. We build up so much energy preparing for surgery. It's no wonder you are hurting today. I am sure your whole body is stressed big time!

If you are having a problem getting into your GP - turn on the tears! I have a very good GP surgery so I haven't had to use this "tool" here but I wouldn't hesitate if I were you. You just need a bit of help to get through a few weeks wait. They certainly should understand!

Let us know how you get on!
Re: Op cancelled

Thanks Jaycey I just rang they can't get an appointment but they are getting my GP to ring me back hopefully he will be able to find a way to help.
In the meantime I'm just going to rest up loads today xx
Re: Op cancelled

Good idea Natalie! Do lots of this:

Re: Op cancelled

Omg yoU will never believe where I am!

At the hospital gowned up waiting for my op!they rang at 11 with a cancellation and we rushed here!!!
Re: Op cancelled

OMG, NO WAY!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! Yea!!!! so happy for you, we will chat once you've crossed over too,

Re: Op cancelled

Natalie I am so happy for you. Prayers coming your way. See you on the other side!
Re: Op cancelled

Unreal. Perhaps they realized what they did? Well doesn't matter now. Prayers for you and see you on the other side.
Re: Op cancelled

That's terrible, especially after all of the planning that you had to do. Lucky for me hubby works from home and all of my kids are adults so not much planning for me. I would still be totally frustrated through!!!!
Re: Op cancelled

NATALIE!!! HOORAY!!!! Our prayers for you were answered!!! Go, girl....you're headed for recovery very soon! Don't get whiplash from all these twists and turns. Boy, will YOU have a story to tell your grandkids!
Re: Op cancelled


I am so happy for you. Thank goodness for a cancellation. Will be sending my good thoughts and prayers for you. You will do just fine. Good Luck!!!!
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