THR Ocean’s second hip recovery

Happy One Week Anniversary, Ocean.
I recall that being my first get to one week post op. Lofty goals, lol.
I hope your appointment goes well today. Safe travels and a great week to you!
Two weeks since my second hip replacement surgery and things are progressing nicely. I’m using two crutches for short walks outside but I can get away with one crutch and the furniture indoors.

I’ve been making simple lunches and hubby has washed up etc. I’m careful not to overdo it , there’s still discomfort but I’m only taking paracetamol and resting as much as needed.

I can feel that my leg length has been evened up with the second surgery and I’m concentrating on walking heel to toe rather that worrying about distance and time.

Happy healing everyone.
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@Ocean, I’m so glad I waited to read your post before I go to bed. It is the best update ever! You’re doing everything right! Congrats and keep on being cautious in your movements and you’ll continue to reap the benefits! So happy for you! :cheers:
I’m concentrating on walking heel to toe rather that worrying about distance and time.
Atta Girl! :thumb:

I'll bet beginning recovery feels more relaxed this time around. It's not been that long since your first healing process began, but you have a better idea of what to expect and hopefully less anxiety because of it. You're doing well, keep it up.
Happy Tuesday!
I had my first physio session at the hospital yesterday, the physio had knee replacement components on his desk and I was surprised at how heavy they were. I would have liked to have seen hip replacement parts but he didn’t have any of those.

He showed me my X-rays and took photos of them on my phone (my autistic son is fascinated with them lol).

The physio said not to walk too much, rest, do the simple exercises, healing is important. My foot is turning in slightly and I must concentrate on straightening it or I will be left with outer thigh pain and lower back ache. This was mentioned by the physios just after the op and I am trying. The physio said to use two crutches because at this stage the main focus is on walking heel to toe and straightening my foot.
One month tomorrow from my second hip op and four months since my first. I’m very grateful for the surgery, I already feel the benefits.

Yesterday, I had my second physio session, he doesn’t make me do any exercises while I’m there, he looked at my walking and said to use one crutch indoors, but still use two if walking outside by myself. He said I’m not ready to give up the crutches yet because I’m still limping without anything. I should walk half a mile, four times a week, don’t overdo it and don’t compare myself to anyone else, it’s important to heal first (he’s great, isn’t he).
I must still do the heel slides etc, he said that the most important exercise is clenching you butt muscles.

He told me to get one of those pedal things that you put on the floor when you’re sitting, and to pedal with no resistance for ten minutes a day, not necessarily all at once. He also said that six months to a year is when most improvement will be seen, especially as I have had two hips done in quick succession.

He had replacement hip parts there this time and showed me how the operation was done on a demonstration hip. The ball bit is so much smaller than I’d imagined.

Anyway, all is going well here and I’m grateful for this forum.
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@Ocean Sounds like your surgeon is a real gem. No pushing through and a realistic time frame for healing. And the best part - don't compare your recovery to any other. All so true!
Good morning @Ocean :mcoffee:

Just wondering how recovery is going and if you are starting to feel more confident with some solo walking yet?

2022 has been a year of all things Hip for you but I know by next summer, you will be so grateful to be back into the swing of things without hip pain.:tada:
Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!
@Mojo333, thank you for thinking of me.

It’s seven weeks since my second surgery, twenty weeks since the first. I’m doing well, I think. I had a follow up with my Consultant who said that I’m doing remarkably well. I asked him if I can expect not to limp when I’m further on in recovery and he said ‘maybe’. I mentioned the click in the first hip again and he said it will probably go away but maybe it won’t. I think he didn’t want to comit to certainty in outcomes but surmised that my new hips might not be perfect but they are much better than what I had. I can’t argue with that, they were a mess before. I see the consultant for a final follow up with x rays six months after surgery.

I know that there’s still a lot of improvement to come, the physio said that if I still have a limp in a few months time I could be measured for a shoe lift, but it’s too early yet. I’m walking with one crutch and although there are random aches and pains, I’m so much better than I was.
Sounds like it's all going well. I had the clicking in both hips and it went away. Perfect is overrated and just getting rid of the horrid pain is reward enough.
Hi Ocean,:hi:
Two anniversaries today and tomorrow. Two months for Righty and five months for Lefty.
Happy Anniversary!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :wink: I hope you're doing well and looking forward to enjoying the holidays. Stay warm and take good care!
Thank you @Layla, yes it’s a big weekend of anniversaries for my hips!

I can hardly believe that the surgeries are behind me and I’m getting on well. I’ve got aches and pains but they are all part of healing aren’t they. I’m so happy to be out of the pre surgery pain and to be more able to get on with day to day things. I’m being careful though, and I know my current limitations.

I’m looking forward to more improvement and I’m counting my blessings.

Happy holidays to you xx
Happy Anniversary! or Anniversaries...
Yes, the recovery road is a bumpy one for sure but it will all sort itself out.
Very blessed Holidays!:snow:
Thank you @Mojo333, and a Happy New Year to you and all the staff on here. It’s a great help to have you all plus all the Bonesmart members.

I’m doing OK, all the little twists and turns make me a bit anxious but I’m staying positive. I had physio about ten days before Christmas and he said to stop using a stick and walk 10,000 steps a day! He said that the quads in my left leg were weak and were causing hamstring pain in the right so he gave me exercises to strengthen the quads.
10,000 steps are a bit much, so I don’t do that many. No cane caused back and knee pain which eased but now my left knee is very sore and stiff so I’ve gone back to taking ibuprofen. The physio said that it’s my muscles etc. going back to normal after being stressed for so long before surgery. The current knee pain is stressing me bit.

I’m still better off than I was before but I wish that I could see into the future and see that everything will be ok in the end.

Love to you all xx
Hi, @Ocean ! I agree that 10,000 steps without a pole is absurd when your muscles are still recovering. That's what your back muscles are now telling you, too. Worse, its dangerous!

I'm glad the ibuprofen is helping and that you're walks are more more manageable now. Ate you back on your stick? I find my poles are helping to retrain my atrophied muscles.

Hang in there and have a most Happy Hippy New Year!
I’m still better off than I was before but I wish that I could see into the future and see that everything will be ok in the end.

Popped into your thread to see how you are doing @Ocean . Glad to see that you are doing okay and gradually improving. 10,000 steps do seem quite a lot! Do take it slow and steady, and take care of that knee.. I am sure everything will be ok in the end.

Hugs from Hong Kong!!!
@Boofit, nice to see you about on here, I’m glad that you are doing well.

I saw the physio this morning and he said that my knee is medial collateral ligament strain due to the changed biomechanics after the two hip replacement. I must use a walking stick when walking outside, only do walking as I can tolerate, massage the area as shown and use heat after, don’t ice, and I have some gentle exercises. Rest.

This will hopefully calm the ligament and then I can have exercises to stretch it. He says it will calm, but will take a while. He says there is more chance of these problems after two quick replacements. I see him again in two weeks.
Happy Anniversary!
Three months for Righty and six months for Lefty. I hope the suggestions you're following to ease the ligament strain bring you relief soon. Take good care, Ocean!

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