PKR Nolander's LPKR Recovery Thread

Good to hear from you, Nolander. Thankfully surgery is now behind you and it's back to healing.
Keep us posted on your progress. Best wishes for a comfortable recovery!
Hey all. I am just checking in now that I am 6 days post-second-op. Things seem fine, and I am wearing my isolation brace 24/7. I only take it off to ice. The inflammation is not bad, but I am in a prone position with my leg elevated most of the day. Walking around is pain-free for the most part but I am not doing much of it as the brace makes it difficult. Tomorrow I can take the dressing off. I acquired a used Game-Ready this time around and it has been very nice, I highly recommend it to anyone able to acquire it.

I have eight more days until I can remove the brace and then bend up to 45 degrees. I have a follow-up appointment on Monday the 27th with a local knee surgeon who happens to be a friend of my surgeon, avoiding a 2.5-hour drive to Boston which is a huge relief.

I can't imagine what it will be like to bend this knee after so much time straight. I'm a little scared of that prospect.
It will bend. I had each of my legs in a full-length immobilizer for 6-8 weeks after my knee cap removals. Of course, they didn't bend immediately, but after a few weeks, the bending much improved with only my daily activities.
Welcome to the healing side, Nolander.
While I understand your apprehension in losing the immobilizer it's a big step toward full recovery and getting back to all that you love and have been missing. I hope you have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!
I can't imagine what it will be like to bend this knee after so much time straight. I'm a little scared of that prospect.
Please don't worry about this. My knee was immobilized for six weeks after a patella fracture some years ago and my bend came back once the swelling went down. It did feel strange when the brace first came off, but with some gentle bending and stretching, I was able to get back the same range of motion I had before the fracture.
I hope things are going well with your second recovery, @Nolander. I hope you had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and that no news is good news. :flwrysmile:
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Nolander!
I hope you're doing well as you're recovering from your recent procedure. Hopefully you have the brace off now.
A great rest of the week to you!
Post-second-op three-week checkin. I am past the two-week, straight-leg period and have moved onto 4 weeks of 45-degree ROM. I am told the reason for all this caution and restriction of movement is because the sutures tore the soft tissue and they want to ensure it heals. I made a sheet for this progression so I can keep it all "straight". SO any dreams of skiing or pedaling or really anything this winter have been squashed:(

You never know. You could have a healing spurt and your chart will be wrong. Even if you can't ski this year, there is always next year and you will be so much better then. It's a time and healing thing. The final outcome will be worth it!
I made a sheet for this progression so I can keep it all "straight".
Very impressive spreadsheet (my sister would be proud, she loves to make spreadsheets!) and I love the humor! Best wishes as you continue healing!
Hi Nolander! :wave:
Happy One Month Anniversary...since your procedure.
I hope you're having a good week. Best wishes for a peaceful and pleasant weekend.
Thanks @Layla . Still hanging in. Having some pain and irritation at the top of the incision so I have a call into the doctor. This is turning into the slog from hell. One solace is the GameReady I picked up used. Such an improvement on the alternatives. I highly recommend to anyone having knee surgery. Some insurance will cover rental as well.
Let us know what your doctor says, please. I've heard really good things about GameReady. You're blessed to have found a used one.
I am sorry for the pain and irritation you're dealing with, Nolander.
I hope your doctor has some good advice for you. Let us know as time allows. We're here for you!
Hi Nolander,
Stopping by to see how you're doing two months to date since your procedure.
I hope the new year has brought some relief from the pain and irritation you were dealing with last time you posted. Hopefully your doctor had some helpful advice and your days are feeling brighter. Let us know when you have time, we do care. A great week to you!

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