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i got the call from the hospital today, i’m the first patient of the day monday and check in at the hospital at 5am for 7am procedure. i’m happy about that.

also, i had asked if my OS would send the scripts for the pain meds and antibiotics to the pharmacy before my surgery day, because last time the pharmacy and the surgeon’s office had a big communication issue and i got my meds at a very late hour the day i got home. i didn’t want to repeat that. thankfully he listened and followed through and i’ll be able to pick them up tomorrow.

it’s coming up quick. my sister and brother-in-law have covid, thankfully we hadn’t seen them in a few days and missed catching it. no more close calls, no one is coming in or out of this house (except drive thru pharmacy).

counting down now…
I always ask for the first surgery of the day, even if I have to wait for that spot to be open. You are very blessed to be getting it done early!

You don’t know me. I just found this site yesterday. I have spent the last 15 minutes or so, reading your thread since your first post months ago.

But I wish you the best going into surgery tomorrow morning. You learned alot with your right knee. Hopefully, that will help you with that left knee - and soon you will be able to enjoy riding your new bike, as your left knee will soon be as strong as your right knee.

See you again on the other side. :)
Hello from the other side! I had my surgery yesterday, first patient of the day like they had said. Everything went smoothly, I have a very vague memory of them prepping my leg to do the nerve block and then a bit later transferring myself to the operating table and getting into position for the spinal, but that’s about it.

I woke up in a bright and beautiful room, my brother was with me and my son drove up from chicago and walked in with some beautiful fall flowers and a few spooky season (our favorite) gifts and he was such a sight for sore eyes. Because we had figured out my pain cocktail last time, asking for and receiving the meds was so much smoother and quicker this time.

The best news, I got to go home on the same day! With my right knee it was a mandatory stay overnight because I have a couple of heart conditions. The OS had told me last week the goal was to get me home same day but the PT, OT and hospitalist would have to get on board, so I wasn’t really planning on it. I know how that stuff can work. But I was doing really well and passed both therapists with flying colors. Then the hospitalist came in and was very thorough, asking the nurses about my blood pressure and heart rate through the past few hours, and asking me how I was feeling and if I was prepared and wanting to go home. Last time around I was relieved to stay overnight, but I really wanted to go home this time if possible and finally he said he was comfortable with me going home! I had surgery at 7am and was home by 5pm, which is longer than the typical day surgery I think but I was so delighted.

My brother had already picked up my prescriptions and was versed in how to use the ice machine so I was in my cozy nest pretty quickly.

The night was bad and I only got a little over an hour of sleep, but I was expecting it this time and that claustrophobic what-did-I-get myself-into feeling didn’t overcome me. I know how happy I am with my new right knee and am trying to stay hopeful that at some point I’ll feel the same about my left knee. I know it could be way different this time around but I’m trying to keep obsessing over that at bay. I have a really obsessive personality so we’ll see how that goes. :tiredwheel:

Ok, it’s time for my antibiotic and my breakthrough pain medication. Sorry for my wordiness, it’s always worse when i’m medicated lol. I’ll be back to fill you in later, I remember from last time that days 3 and 4 were horrible and I was running a fever. Hoping to maybe switch that up this time :fingersx:
Oh also please mods, would you change my title of the thread to nightowlblues recovery musings. Thank you :)
Welcome to the other side again! Hope you get some sleep. Relax and get that ice and elevation going.

Thread title changed!
I love your attitude! You will do well in your new knee's recovery! Praying that your next few days will be better than expected!
I am with my new right knee and am trying to stay hopeful that at some point I’ll feel the same about my left knee
Hold that thought! You know brighter days are one the way. It just may take a bit. Hang in there, you can do this!
Welcome to recovery and congrats on your new knee, nightowlblues!
Oh hello and congratulations!!!!! You've got this.... and we've got your back! :SUNsmile:
hello all. well…that thing about no 2 knees being the same, even on the same person, is so true. shortly after posting on tuesday, i got what i and my OS office are calling a little stomach bug. not to be TMI, but constipation was the furthest thing from my mind. i was stuck in the bathroom a good portion of tuesday day well into wednesday morning, which really made my new knee angry. it took 2 full days of pepto bismol and the BRAT diet to get me back to some kind of normal, and i’m still trying to play catch up pain wise, because my knee wasn’t being iced nor elevated nearly enough.

i missed my first PT appointment due to this stomach issue, so my first visit was friday. my regular therapist is heavily pregnant so i saw someone new and i liked her just as much. we did some gentle stretches and quad-tightening (she has blissfully cool hands.) she also measured my right knee and it’s holding at the 117 and 0 i had achieved on my own, which makes me happy.

my brother and sister-in-law stayed with us for the last week and went home tonight. it was nice having someone help take care of me for a few days plus they had made some nice suppers which i couldn’t eat lol; isn’t that how it goes. but i was grateful to have them here because there were some last-minute shopping trips being made and they took good care of me. they also had brought their 2 dogs whom i love dearly and they brought good healing energy into the house for sure.

who knows what’ll happen from here out but this time around is already so different. except for the sleep, that is exactly the same and by far the worst part of this weird journey. i am forever thankful for streaming services that take me out of my immediate self in the middle of the night and distract me.

thanks for all the well wishes, it really helps :thankyou:
Eek!!! Can't imagine having to live on the toilet with a brand new knee. Glad you're past THAT and that you had good company at least.
Bless your heart. No wonder your knee yelled at you. Running back and forth to the bathroom had to anger it. Now, you can take the time to baby it with lots of rest, ice, and elevation. Your healing process is just beginning and had a rough start. Don't mess up by trying to play catchup by overdoing your exercise. That will only backfire for you. Just walking around the house taking care of only your needs will be enough movement for the next month or so. :console2:
I am so sorry you had to deal with a stomach bug just days out of surgery. Thankfully it is now behind you!
The companionship and loving care provided by your brother and his wife was a blessing. I hope you're able to get some restorative rest soon. Tomorrow it's already a week since surgery. Happy One Week Anniversary!
Happy One Month Anniversary!
How are you doing? I hope well and enjoying the progress you're making.
Please let us know, we'd love to hear from you.
Have a great November, nightowlblues!
thank you @Layla, it’s so sweet to get these anniversary mentions.

it’s been a long few weeks. this knee is super swollen and has its own mind about everything. it’s difficult for me to elevate as much as i did for my other knee, it’s making my hip hurt when i do. i’m able to get 30-45 minutes maybe a few times a day, but it’s so uncomfortable it’s not really a regular thing. it loves the ice though thankfully.

i’m still using my walker most of the time because my quads feel weak. i went to the pharmacy to get my flu and covid vaccines and for that i used my cane because it’s a crowded area. i did pretty well but the walker just feels safer for now. in my kitchen i’m able to just get along using the counter so that’s good. we’re not having very exciting dinners that’s for sure but i’m able to get something out every night and wash dishes twice a day so i consider that a win.

i started wearing thigh high compression stockings diligently, every day for 12 hours, and it’s making a difference in the swelling finally. i’m doing gentle exercises twice a day to work on my quads and flexion and extension and i’m pretty happy where i am. i don’t care if it’s quick, i’m already in so much less pain than i’d been for the last 10 years so i’ll take it.

not surprisingly, i’m still having issues sleeping, i haven’t even tried to move to my bed yet but i am able to get about 4-5 hours out on the recliner. i’ll take it.

i’m feeling kind of blah because i usually do all the holiday baking for my family and i know that’s not happening this year. i knew this going in of course but as the time grows nearer it’s making me melancholy. i keep reminding myself it’s (hopefully) just one year and next year it will be so much more enjoyable than it’s been in years. something to look forward to.

i hope everyone here is doing well, i haven’t read anyone’s updates in a while, i’ve just been in my own head. going to try to catch up tonight :wave:

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