THR Holly's Hip Recovery

Good morning everyone,
I am back in the office each day. 8 weeks out.

Other than being tired in the evenings (expected), there is no pain any more in the OP leg. Even the 1 angry spot settled down and now only feels tired when it flares up at all.

Everyone at work who saw me pre-op struggling to walk even with the cane is as astounded as I am to see me now.
Woohoo! 8 weeks already! Way to go! Be kind to yourself and take it easy. I had a hard time with this myself and thought that i should be further along than i was, but we all heal different and the key is not to overdo it. Take your time, if you realize you’ve overdone it, then take a break and be more gentle the next day or a couple days later once you’ve rested enough. Your body is going to adapt and start doing more and more without you realizing it. Two months is super early in the recovery still, so don’t beat yourself up for thinking you haven’t achieved something, you will get there!
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Holly!
Glad you're doing so well. I hope you enjoy the season and have a wonderful 2023!
Thank you @Layla!

8 weeks was like flipping a switch for me.

I no longer need the cane even when outdoors. I keep it in the car trunk just in case.

The new hip feels stronger each week. No pain anywhere in OP leg even w increased activity. Just spots of pressure. The leg strength has gotten back to the point where it almost equals the left leg.

I also use a small heel lift to even me out. That is the small amount of lumbar scoliosis. Not the hip itself which is beyond my expectations. Just perfection.

The numb patch is still present but I think it is shrinking.
I almost forgot the question about the incision length. I asked at my 6 week follow up.

He said that was what was required to get the head of the femur out.

It won't matter because it is healing so nicely. Very clean and not scary at all.

Every nurse, PA, hospital admin all said the same thing. 'Dr Bruneau is an outstanding surgeon'.

Outstanding does not even begin to describe it! He has given me back my life.

I could not walk without a cane, could not sleep on the bad hip, anything weight bearing was agonizing.

Surgery was 9/12. Today is 12/12. At 12 weeks I (very carefully) brushed 3 inches of snow off of my car.

The MAKO robot is also a game changer. But it has to be in the hands of an elite surgeon.
:hi: @HollyNY
I credit my surgeon with giving me my life back too!:loveshwr:
So glad to see you doing well there is alot of improvement to come.
Hope your holidays are happy and bright.:banana-santa:
We would be in dire straits without this amazing surgery. I think about photos that I've seen from the early 1900's with people in wheelchairs and wonder if some of them were there because of a bad hip or knee.
Hip update 12/21
I had my final appt w my OS.

I described the 'pressure points' in the right leg. These are normal healing. No cane needed anymore.

He said if I start to feel any pain in the left leg (especially groin pain) to come in.

Otherwise my appts will be annually in September to monitor the hardware and check left hip for any arthritis

He looked again at my original xray and said 'your hip was an extremely bad one'.

Without his skill I would be in a wheelchair.

It is really hard for me to even put into words how lucky I was to make that first appointment.
Hi Holly :xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon:
Great news! It's all good and I'll bet you felt great leaving your appointment. There is nothing like the reassurance from your surgeon that all is well. I hope it made your day.
Yes Holly, stay in the house when it's bad out! I've learned my lesson!
Not worth sliding and falling and undoing all the good that's been done.
Happy Holidays
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I hope you had a nice holiday season and I wish you a happy healthy 2023!
Thanks Layla,
I am quickly getting strength back in the leg.

So much that I do without hesitating now.

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