Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip Pinning after ski accident

I don't like this advice AT ALL.
Thanks @Mojo333 ! I totally agree. Just from him telling me to pull it in the office yesterday I am so sore today! I had to take a meloxicam and a muscle relaxant even though I was completely off these meds now for a while! So annoying!
I am always amazed at how physicians barely apologize for making their patients wait for excessive amounts of time, like we don't have lives and schedules also. It seems rather common, but nonethele
Same! He didn't really even apologize. It was very matter of fact Like oh sorry its been an HOUR! I was about to say well if my meter runs out then you get to pay for the ticket!
The hip has healed as well, the fracture that had remained after my initial surgery joined onto the new bone growth and all is well! (She said medical term for it but can't remember it). She said I dodge a bullet not needing more surgery. No need to return for a year unless issue arises.
That is great news! I have to go back in two months for another check up. He better not touch me this time though or I will break his fingers. I am so sore from yesterdays visit and pulling my leg into my chest ugh!
Your sons pool sounds so nice!
I'm not sure if this would help you, but I try to loosen my hip muscles and work on range of motion from my hands and knees, like doing the cat/camel exercise as well as with all the swimming and everything else, etc. I find I can completely and GENTLY control the stretches and range of motion as I swivel the hips in circles and back and forth like getting into child's pose and stuff. Just a thought. Great that the bone is healing well, that's the big thing!
Thanks so much @HipHiporay! I will definitely try that. Are you actually swimming like laps or are you doing the exercises like walking and cycling in the water?
Got back from the pool and sitting with the heating pad now. I did walk back and forth in the pool and did do the cycle motion as well and did some laps but boy its tough doing laps. I hope you are feeling better too @hhhooray!
You got to the pool, nice! Ditto on the laps... lol. Thanks for asking, I'm doing really well, just my annoying hip flexor.. as you know, some days are better than others. You know how the mind races, hoping it's not a problem with the acetabular cup, but going to give myself till around month 6 to see if it feels better or see the doctor about it.
I'm doing really well, just my annoying hip flexor
I feel you! Seems to be my problem too lol. Tomorrow is a walking day. Will hike with a friend and have lunch. I hope it will remind me of all the things I CAN do instead of things I can't. Just have to keep positive that time is all we need.
Hi @Snoopy55 ! I haven’t been on the forum much lately, but having just popped in, I noticed that you have an avatar photo. (If it has always been there and it is just that I never noticed, please consider it temporary brain fog).

If that is a picture of you and not a clipping from Vogue or similar, then I have to say, you look fabulous!!!
(If it has always been there and it is just that I never noticed, please consider it temporary brain fog).
lollll no its not brain fog @Klassy! I just put my picture up recently!
If that is a picture of you and not a clipping from Vogue or similar, then I have to say, you look fabulous!!!
My goodness you just made my day!!!
You mentioned you had a massage, did you have one at a massage company or at a physician's office? I'd like to get one but uncertain about how they do the hip.
@myglasshalffull I got one from a massage company here. I had been there before but mentioned to my massage therapist that I had a hip injury and to be careful near my right hip. She asked to see my incision area and I showed it to her so she went lightly over it and I was ok. She would ask me how the pressure was and I said it was fine and she did work on my hip flexor area and all over the hip with the medium pressure and it felt very good. I expected to be sore which always happens when I get a massage so I ended up coming home and sitting with the heating pad and took two advils before bed. She also worked on my bum on the right side which had some soreness. I really enjoyed it.
In the last couple of days I took out the print out of all the exercises I had been given at PT and I started doing them and found them to give me more range of motion in the hips with no discomfort so I will continue to do those. I also went swimming again today(less so swimming more just walking in the pool and doing the cycling motions) and went in the hot tub at the pool which helped with the joint tightness. Let me know if you go for a massage. I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks Snoopy, I am going to schedule one.
I find my back gets very tight by days end and same with rear end.
I'd like to find some stretching exercises to loosen but nervous to do anything too aggressive.
Before this surgery when my back was tight I'd lay on floor with my knees bent and go from side to side to loosen back muscles and this really helped.
I've had sciatica issues off an on and used to go to chiropractor when back would give me a run for my money.
It was always something so stupid that would pull the back out and then I'd be lopsided for 3-4 days!
Hello friends!

Just a quick update: I had another follow up with Dr. Handsome-This time I was running late and he was too but whatever...after the usual x-ray he came in and said "I'm not going to lie-Xray looks great and you are in fact all HEALED." I said great but I am still having trouble going up the stairs a little and he said yes but you need to go up the stairs as much as you can. Okkaaay... I said is there anything I can't/shouldn't do. NOPE. Lovely. I said well I still am a bit sore and the hip has good days and bad days. What about the soreness and the occasional pain? He said well it could be that the pins are bothering you because as the bones heal they shift and the pins shift with them and they may be rubbing against your skin so we will wait until the one year mark (which is February) and see how you feel. If its still bothering you we may need to take the pins out.:gaah:Um no thanks.

I feel fine really and I have been doing some strength training every other day (lunges, squats and bridges with weights). I do get a bit sore the day after but If I don't do them I get even stiffer if that makes sense.

On other news I was at a wedding in Toronto this past weekend and we drove (because we are nuts) and I spent the majority of the drive in the back seat listening to my podcast. It was 8 hours one way and 11 hours back.
I did have to ice when we got home and take a couple of advils.
I leave Sunday for France to see a friend and my daughter will come for a visit from Edinburgh. Hopefully hip will cooperate and be a good girl on the airplane. Will definitely take the ice packs and the left over meds just in case but hoping I won't have to resort to anything stronger than the occasional advil or tylenol. Thanks for being here friends. You know I appreciate all your support and thank you so much for listening. Hugs from DC.
@Snoopy55 it sounds like you were given a great report, woohoo! I get being even stiffer if you don't do your exercises. I know if I don't do some stretches before jumping out of bed in the morning I really feel it.

Wow, flying to France! Hope you have a great time visiting with your friend and daughter. Sounds like you have a plan in place in case you do start feeling some pain. Just remember to listen to your body and if you need to take a down day then do so. Have a wonderful trip! :wave:
Thank you so much @Elf1. Will check in within a few days of landing and let you all know how hippie girl did.

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