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Apr 4, 2022
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Hi everybody-
New to this forum and so glad to be here. I had a skiing accident which resulted in breaking my femural neck bone and had surgery to repair it with 3 pins approximately 7 weeks ago on Feb 11th. Was doing really well and doing PT three times a week. Last week I asked my PT if he could get me a higher step to do the step exercises which required me to step on the step and straddle the step 15 times with each leg. I also asked if I could walk on my treadmill at home which my PT said I could do but with a small incline. I was so excited I was on the Treadmill for 25 minutes. I was okay for the next couple of days and was going up and down my townhouse steps just fine and not taking any advil during the day. I only took two at night so I could have a restful sleep. Last Thursday I woke up several times during the night with hip pain and also back pain. I have been resting all weekend and today as well and I am back on Tramadol and aleve to bring down any inflamation. I am so upset because I am going to Europe on Sunday with my family for 10 days and I am petrified of getting on the airplane and sitting for 7 hours. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is ok. I was off the cane in my house but now using it again. I havent left my house since Thursday hoping to feel better. Please let me know if it could be anything other than overdoing it! thanks so much.
@Snoopy55 Welcome to BoneSmart! So sorry you are suffering post accident and pinning.

Unfortunately I don't thing your surgeon set realistic expectations for this recovery. Your body suffered major trauma and it needs time to heal. All that aggressive exercise only weeks out of major surgery is not what that hip needs. Big Tip - you are not in training, you are recovering from major surgery.
I am so upset because I am going to Europe on Sunday with my family for 10 days and I am petrified of getting on the airplane and sitting for 7 hours.
Does your surgeon know you are taking a long haul flight so early out of surgery? You will need to get up and walk around as often as you can during the flight. I would also suggest wearing compression socks.

Do take a cane with you. Your hip may get very tired walking around on uneven surfaces. At only 7 weeks out of a recovery that can take months, please do try and baby that hip.

I'll leave you a few recovery guidelines:
Pain management and the pain chart
The Myth of Addiction
Pain and swelling control: elevation can help
Using Ice

Recovery Aids
How to Use Crutches
Warning about Armpit Crutches

Blood Thinners
Constipation and Stool Softeners

Energy Drain
Sleep Deprivation
Post Op Blues
Accepting Help
I am just worried that I may have done something to hurt it further so I am going to see him today. I did tell him I am traveling and he okayed it last time I saw him which was 2 weeks ago. Thank you for the support. It's just very frustrating that I was doing so well but now I am hurting again. I think I may have inflamed it with the exercise although I was walking at a very slow pace on the treadmill but the PT had suggested to put it on a slight incline to emulate an outside surface. I will post an update once I see him today.
I really think you "ramped up" the activity too much, too soon. The higher step and then treadmill on an incline was just too much.

Take activities at a more gradual pace. PT will quickly put you into training mode. It's not time for that yet.

I look forward to your update.
I think you are right. I really hate going in to see him because I sometimes feel as though I am wasting the doctors time and here in the states they only give you 15 minutes to talk to him! I already know what he's going to say that I did too much. In any case I am elevating and icing and back on the tramadol (thank goodness for pain meds) and taking Aleve twice a day to bring any inflamation down. Thank you again for being here. It is sooo hugely helpful!
Back from the doctor. Good news is the fracture is all healed after taking an xray! My soreness is muscular from over doing it with the treadmill and the steps. He told me to use heat and I said but I'm icing it and he said ok thats fine. I ordered a tens unit from Amazon and used it for the first time last night and it helped. I won't be going back to PT for the next two weeks until after my trip. Thanks again for the support.
Yay!:) :-) (:
Just please try to not worry too much about loss of muscle tone and strength...
Let all settle and heal.
Whatever you need to work on further along after healing is further along...
you can catch up on!
Totally. I just am such an active person and also very impatient as most people are when they are trying to heal! Not fast enough right? But I really love my body and am so grateful to it for being able to heal on its own. I look at my right leg and its so much skinnier than my left one and I think oh boy we got some work to do but hey time is on my side:)
@Snoopy55 good to hear you didn't hurt anything that it's just muscle/soft tissue complaining from overdoing it. I would definitely lay low, ice and elevate until your trip. If things get tough on the flight you may want to ask for ice. Definitely take a cane with you. Depending on where you're at in Europe you're probably going to encounter uneven pavement, cobble stones, etc. This will fire you out much quicker. Also make sure you have at least one really good, comfortable pair of walking shoes.
I will definitely take my cane. I'm actually using it to go up and down the stairs and in general in the house. Too scared to mess anything up now so close to the trip! I was going to take a zip lock bag and ask the flight attendant to fill it with ice. We are going to Portugal actually. But we aren't going to Lisbon-we are staying at a sea side town called Nazare which I am sure is cobble stony! I have some awesome On Clouds that I wear daily but I am planning on getting a new pair. He also put me on Celebrex once a day to bring down any inflamation and I am back on the tramadol which he refilled. Very frustrating going back to cane and perscription meds but oh well LESSON LEARNED. Hope everyone is recovering well today!
Quick question about the difference in recovery from a THR and a hip pinning. I see alot of THR here and not many people who have had an accident like me and had to have their fracture pinned. In your experience is the recovery about the same? I feel like THR people are recovering faster than me?? In the activity per week article you have as a guideline is that something I can also use or is it different for me because I broke a bone? Although the fracture is healed apparantly and I am now dealing with muscle pain. I am now so freaked out that I'm literally laying in bed and getting up like to go to the bathroom and stuff and not much else. I have cut down on going up and down the stairs too...any suggestions as to the level of activity I should be doing would be much appreciated! Thank you.
I had my hip pinned over 50 years ago, but it wasn't from an accident it was SFCE. When I had mine done I was non weight bearing but that was because of stress to the bone. With THR they dislocate us and turn the femur so they can work on it. With pinning a fracture they set the bone and pin it so the hip isn't dislocated purposely. The dislocation is the biggest trauma to soft tissue with a THR. I guess with an accident it depends on how much the soft tissue was moved to reset the bone then pin it.
I’m doing much better now. Flight is tomorrow night in the late evening so after I pack I’m going to rest ice and elevate which has saves me this week. Along with tramadol and celebrex of course. We did upgrade to premium economy and bought the socks but they are super uncomfortable:( I’ve been taking baby aspirin every night so I should be good. Still using the cane even though sometimes I’m tempted not to but I’m really going to take everyone’s advice and baby this hip for another month at least! Definitely don’t want to have another setback!
Keep up the hip-babying, it definitely looks to be working. As others have said, there will be plenty of time for rebuilding strength when you are further along in recovery.

Have a fabulous holiday!
thank you so much. Really so grateful for this group! I have told two friends already-one had a TKR and one had shoulder surgery twice! Both definitely had unrealistic expectations so definitely need to read posts about what other have gone through. Will update once I am back from vacation. I hope everyone continues to heal and recover!
Safe travels and I hope you enjoy your trip to Portugal. Tell us all about it when you get back, we’d love to hear highlights and how traveling was for you at two months post hip pinning. It’s your two month anniversary today! I hope it’s a good one. :SUNsmile:
Hello from Portugal!
Hope everyone is doing well and recovering. I did well on the airplane as I had wheelchair service and had brought zip locks to give to the stewardess to fill with ice so I was able to ice the whole 6 and a half hours. As far as elevation I bought a feet sling that I hung from my table in front of me and was able to put my leg there so it was a bit more comfortable.
I took the tramadol religiously every 5 hours so I didn’t experience pain per se just soreness which was expected being smushed on a plane.
We are staying in an Airbnb which sadly has no elevator but is on the second floor so again not too bad plus I get to see the ocean every time I make it upstairs!
In regards to sightseeing I have really consistently sat down when tired and been using the cane all the time. Even inside the flat. Today will be the test which is a long day of sightseeing in Sintra with a tour guide so keeping fingers crossed. Big hugs to everyone. Please keep icing! That’s so important. Wish I had done that from the get go! Have a great day everyone!

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