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Good to hear from everyone!

Sandy, No yard for Miles. Dorothy you are right it is a whole new responsibility finding a new apartment for Miles. Spent 4 days in atlanta looking at many options and it was about Miles!! I feel good we are moving into something very similar to how we live here in Dallas. Its a mid rise with areas of grass to walk him, plus many trials close by that will be new for us, the layout is almost a perfect match to our home now. I thought about going into a ranch home with a beautiful fenced in back yard and it was a lot of space to furnish for a rental. Long term I will buy a place with a yard. Miles is fine though I do believe they adjust to their environments and the good news no yard he is walked tons including me :)

Kevin thank you for the plane tip, I also think the Atlanta airport caught me off guard thats one BIG airport! Your single comment made me smile thank you I take that as a compliment. Glad all is well for you too!

All these changes have caught me off guard too and will share there are a few times I think to myself "Sarah you have lost your marbles" I also wonder if the hip surgery was a trigger to making these changes, not sure. My old job was very cushy, I think I was worried I was becoming complacent. Adventures like this can open new doors or a year from now I'll be saying oyyyyyy I spent tons of money for new furniture, drove tons of miles to get there and my view is a little different LOL. The other thing when your older learning is tougher, it's been an interesting last couple of months and challenging with new job I'm ok in sharing I don't know everything and am learning a new way of doing things, also helping, sharing new ways with my new team who seem to appreicate that feels good! My hip taught me how short life is and you never know when your freedom is going to be taken away and PRE surgery that really scared me, thank goodness it was fixable, some people don't have options.

Atlanta is very pretty compared to Dallas. Very green, lots of trees....and hills. Traffic ewwwwwww big freeways and congested just like Dallas. They are very similar in some ways. I love the idea that Alanta is much closer to beaches, plus I have close friends living in Orlando (I lived there for years) the reality in driving there for holidays are strong.

Complete left field comment where did 2012 it's September this whole year has flown by soooooooo quickly. It's an age thing yes time goes quickly?!?

Sending everyone good wishes and lot of love!

Sarah & Miles

I am with you on where is the year going. My mom always used to tell me the older you get, the faster time flies and she was right. Glad to hear you are well. Good for you taking on the new adventure. Does not matter if you feel differently about it down the line, like you said, all we have is the moment and you are in it girl. You are an inspiration. Take care, cathy
Hi Sarah

Noticed you had posted, so popped on over to your thread in the hope of an update from you... we miss you Sarah, hope you have a spare moment to update us at some stage. I know life must be very busy with your new job and relocation, but would love to hear all about it :)

I am glad this thread found its way to the top, the timing is perfect! I spent this morning reading your post op posts. Not only did they make me laugh, they gave me confidence as I prepare to go for my surgery with Dr Peters at Carrell Clinic (North Central Surgical center) on Wed Oc1 31st. I know you had told me you had your surgery with Dr Peters awhile back but I had not seen your post op synopsis! I have done almost everything I know to do to get ready, now I have to give it up to Dr Peters to work his magic. It sounds like you have had a great year and have rebounded and leaped ahead! Good on ya for the new job and new attitude. Life is short, live well while you are here. Good luck in Atlanta, may your new hip serve you well! Thank you for your posts, I know they will be a guidepost for me as I start my hippy journey on halloween!
Hi Shani...had to jump back on to say YEAH to having your surgery with Paul Peters, just the best!! Angela his side kick is also brilliant and the clinic is great. Hopefully my all time favorite nurse will be there while your staying "Hollee". I'll check in to see how you are doing :)

I'm still in Dallas (Addison) here's the short version there were some very subtle red flags before I was scheduled to leave, super subtle. Then the last few weeks before heading out on that drive I was running tons of errands eye dr for contacts, vet for Miles, my favorite Saks perfume friend, hanging with friends dinner etc. it's like I had this light bulb moment and went into a panicky phase called my old boss and said ahhhhhh I changed my mind can I come back to work in my old Job, I don't want to leave Dallas, my friends, I miss everything waaaaaaaaaaaaa funny now at the time wasn't LOL short version my old company gave me my old job including my time back for benefit purposes. My now ex boss completely understood at one point had suggested I could stay in Dallas and work for them remote,however I just missed my old team and wanted to go back. I did have to move because I had given notice etc. Little hectic, now Miles and I are all settled and enjoying our old-little new neighborhood. Addison Circle. The chuckle has to be I'm now driving this monster luxurious SUV which I love now....oh well!! I'm lucky to be able to go back. I started my old-current job Oct 15th and it's like I never left, my customers are thrilled.

Hip updated - I'm happy Dec 12th ill go down to see Dr Peters for my annual check in...the thought of a new surgeon just mortified me!
Yesterday (sat) I joined a gym and met this lovely retired nurse-physical trainer and have committed to working out with her twice a week. It's time to settle into a work out kinda lifestyle. She also does Pilate classes at this gym. What shocked me yesterday we did a full hour work out, not heavy weights all the basic body parts and my strength and confidence was brilliant. I'm shocked a little I still have a few quirky fears.....however plan to nip the fears and dive back into this happily!

I've recently told friends looking back it is a long recovery, I think what makes it so long is the PRE surgery pain, aches etc. you will go through recovery phases. The biggest accomplishment and this is instant the PRE pain you have is completely gone the day of the surgery and I vaguely remember what it was like, my friends remind me how crippled I was......I'm still a huge vocal advocate of what a gift this surgery is, it's a 2nd chance.

Night Night for now....

I am so pleased you are back updating Sarah.. We really have missed you :)

More later, about your other news got to rush to work now.

Sending much love to you and Miles xxxx
Hi Sarah, so good to hear from you!!!!

I think you were wise to go with your gut and stay put. You've been through a lot just with the hip replacement, and that is enough excitement for a while. Having a job you like and people you like around you is very important. Glad Miles is doing OK. He's such a cutie.

You are going to stick around the forum, right????

HI Dorothy and Sandy - here are a couple of new photos of Master Miles :)
I'll write more soon. I'm going to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow for a long weekend for work.

Have a good weekend!


MILES 2.png
MILES 3.png
Love the pictures of Miles, Sarah :) He sure is a cutie :puppysmooze: I'm also happy to read that you decided to stay in Dallas - better to figure this out before you actually move - it's also wonderful that your previous job was still available - it speaks highly of you that they were delighted to have you come back :cheers:
Oh Sarah.. The photos of Miles brought tears to my eyes.. I have missed you both very much and hasn't Miles grown.. He is a big boy now, no longer the puppy..

I too am pleased that you are staying in Dallas with your network of friends and you old job.. It is your comfort zone... I so remember your early post op posts and how attentive and helpful your friends were..

I am assuming you moved to a new apartment in Dallas? And you have a lovely new SUV and new furniture..

Don't you stay away so long from us.. We need you :)

Miles is one of the cutest doggies I have ever seen. Just want to snuggle him up. So glad to hear you are settled with your decisions. Quite a process you went through and it is not for naught. You sound well and happy. All the best to you, hon.
Yesterday (sat) I joined a gym and met this lovely retired nurse-physical trainer and have committed to working out with her twice a week. It's time to settle into a work out kinda lifestyle. She also does Pilate classes at this gym. What shocked me yesterday we did a full hour work out, not heavy weights all the basic body parts and my strength and confidence was brilliant.

Hi Sarah,

Of course I, too, think Miles is looking good and that street he's walking on looks like downtown D.C.!! Glad that you followed your intuition and stayed put.

But my favorite part of your update is what I quoted above, that is just music to my ears!!!!!:yes!:

It's great to hear from you and know that all is going so well.
Take care,
Howdy Y'all.....

Today was my annual check up with my surgeon time has flown my surgery was Nov 28th last year. My hip is perfect, we talked about any restrictions with my new work out routine. They just felt leg bench pressing with heavy weights would'nt be so smart, plus running unless I was running for my life (hahahaha) I'm not a runner so this one is fine. Lunges, Pilates, treadmill, bike etc all great. I dont think about my hip now, oppps I do still get stiff after sitting for a period of time like flying or at my desk (Cardie I still use my seat cushion!!) the stiffness is also age DUH.

I'm still with my trainer and getting into a nice routine, its helped me with my balance, confidence, posture...she is excellent at working on my core. YEP lots of ab's and those horrid lunges, oh well. It was super tough intially and a few times I wasnt sure I was going to keep doing it, however treating this like I did when I quit smoking a few years back. We all know working out, healthy living is a better option HA I've been fighting this idea for 47 years :) I still feel very blessed to have a 2nd opportunity to do these things with no pain.

My highlight is now knowing Lisa's husband just had his hip replaced. Hopefully everyone watches the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Time for the holidays. Here is my first tree in years...YES its real and about 9ft and yes got it home on my own impressive uh. I have to put the balls on it this weekend along with a skirt. Thought the photo was fun showing the lights plus Miles is guarding our home, he loves living on the ground floor the window is like his own personal "Doggy TV"

Wishing everyone a warm, fun, healthy Holiday time!


Hey Sarah -

So great to hear from you and that you are doing well. From what I can tell - our old "group" are doing good. Kind of neat that we can think of a year as a long time ago !! Be well my friend.

Hi Sarah

Love the Xmas tree and of course Miles:)

Life is good isn't it with the 'forgotten hip'.

It is my 13 month anniversary tomorrow 14 Nov :)
Welcome back Sarah! So pleased you are still doing very well. Please don't be a stranger!
Hi Sarah,
Great news! So pleased you're doing great!
I go for my yearly check early in the New Year but like you I'm amazed at how good the new hip performs. I go mountain biking 4/5 times a week in my local woods, lots of mud and hills (yesterday it was frozen mud which was novel). I can recommend tough biking for muscle building, my left thigh muscles have got to the "looks like normal" stage (trouble is my right thigh muscles have also built so I'm gonna try left leg only biking to make up the discrepancy!!

Have a great Christmas and do post from time to time it's great to up with the class of 2011 .... wow doesn't time fly!


Hi Sarah! Yes, great to hear from you and love the pic of Miles looking out of the window and your georgeous tree. Wow, 9ft and a real one, while we are downsizing this year and for the first time ever are not having a real one - a bit sad really but I'll be glad to say goodbye to all the dropped pine needles. Well done you for getting your health and fitness back on track. Having a THR was truly a life-changing experience for you. Have a wonderful Christmas - you deserve it.

And, hey Charlie, I was wondering where you'd got to. Sounds like you're fit and well and enjoying life. Yes, I can concur with the frozen mud scenario - it's a relief actually after months of really muddy mud. Enjoy your biking and do keep in touch.

Love, Jane
PS Sarah did you get my email a couple of weeks ago?
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