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    Bilateral THR Oh 'dreams' exactly as visioned

    Thank you Jaycey, CricketHip and ceezee. I am walking tall and feeling better. So much better I just sent a letter of complaint to the mayor of this borough. Traffic and construction is nuts here as I lamented so many times but right now there is a byproduct of rerouted traffic down a tiny 1-way...
  2. mikeycat

    Bilateral THR Oh 'dreams' exactly as visioned

    Hi everyone. The hand doc was very accommodating and did everything to insure I did not suffer.Treatment was comforting. They heat up their blankets and place over you on the bed in the pre-op room. There were others there also laying down. After disrobing and wearing their designer gowns-the...
  3. mikeycat

    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    Such a lot on your plate. At least there is a good PT. For me it was the only person who counted and knew me(professional) in my life. Wonderful advice and tips from CricketHips for lymphatic drainage.Gonna use them myself. The social aspect seems to have helped you a lot and nothing like good...
  4. mikeycat

    THR Here I go again!

    Rainy and thunderstorms here too. Find everything aches when we have this kind of weather. Gee I wonder when there are no more aches.Sounds like you are taking it with patience and perseverance.Have a great day today.
  5. mikeycat

    THR Yippie Yippie.. Double Hippie!! (CricketHip)

    Sounds like you found 'the one' who will help you on your journey. So glad for you. I have an amazing PT (13 years now) and she has made all the difference in my life.20 reps imagine --I always see overuse in that which is how I got into this'mess' to begin with--marathoner--excessive. You take...
  6. mikeycat

    THR Cocoon to moth

    Oh you have had such lovely days in the woods. I am so envious. 'One day at a time' I should follow that. You are doing so well Cecropia I hope you know that. You give me hope.
  7. mikeycat

    THR Ahipgma recovery

    My hero. All that pain and still positive and a happy camper. Learning life's lessons from you-thanx.
  8. mikeycat

    THR Linette333 is in recovery<

    My PT is also an osteopath and it was she who found out my back problems--I was bent over every 6 weeks and it took 2 weeks every time to recover--were related to my arthritic hip. She worked on me and I have never had a back issues save after hip surgery (re-compensation)again.Oh and all this...
  9. mikeycat

    THR Elf1 Recovery Road

    So Elf1 what are the names of those kittens--now you know what to do in retirement. Oh things are looking so good for you and I couldn't be happier. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.Oh I am keeping some of that sun as it is dreary here yet again today.
  10. mikeycat

    THR Here We Go Again!

    Under the weather isn't so much fun but your posts sure are. You still manage to do for others and keep a cheery tone in your voice. What a gal you are!
  11. mikeycat

    THR Hipster64's Recovery Thread

    Sounds like things are rounding up nicely for you and you have a PT that you like and seem to trust and to get your stitches out well....
  12. mikeycat

    THR Struggle has been real!!!

    So sorry to read about all the pain and troubles you've had and all the things you have had to put up with and now your knee. Looks so painful.I hope all these issues get resolved and time is generally a reliable healer. And to think you are working on top of this and using public transport (I...
  13. mikeycat

    THR Hiptopia!

    Happy fourth. So great to hear how you have progressed and your happiness comes out in your post.It can only get better from here on out and you seem to be taking all kinds of measures to insure that it does. What an inspiring post . I will keep the faith too.
  14. mikeycat

    Bilateral THR Oh 'dreams' exactly as visioned

    Thank you everyone for your inspiring words and of course phenomenal support. Couldn't make it without. I was reading jwadds another bilateral and she too has problems with her rotator cuffs. Wonder if it is a byproduct.My PT can resolve the issue. She said it is inflammation tendinitis and...
  15. mikeycat

    THR Linette333 is in recovery<

    Amazing the right is fine but the left. Have you had x-rays for the left hip and seen the OS?


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