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Recent content by ditzy dinah

  1. ditzy dinah

    TKR Lt. knee done and now so is the Right. Recovery here I come.

    Hi Lee, I have got tougher skin around my scar too, and am using E45 cream, but I was thinking that was due to the surgery not the cream. My skin was getting flaky, a bit like the peel after mild sunburn, and the cream is helping with that and keeping my skin supple. glad to hear that you are...
  2. ditzy dinah

    BTKR next week

    Good luck Mojo, I will watch your progress with interest, go well:friends:
  3. ditzy dinah

    Bilateral TKR dinah's emerged! let the healing begin!

    Hello, have had a hectic few days!:spin: Trying to learn how to pace this recovery and not always suceeding!! Have passed a few milestones! Friday I had one friend over in the afternoon, and another in the evening Phew! :dancy:Just had hubbys soup from the freezer for lunch and fish n chips from...
  4. ditzy dinah

    Bilateral TKR dinah's emerged! let the healing begin!

    Hi Kim, good to hear from you. I am so sorry you have been ill. diverticulitis can be so uncomfortable, and you seem to have had a nasty bout. Hope you are feeling much better now. Thanks for all your good wishes:console2:
  5. ditzy dinah

    Bilateral TKR dinah's emerged! let the healing begin!

    Hi RaQia I checked over on your thread, boy are you guys having fun over there! Where does all that energy come from?? Certainly not from knees...yet! It is all the anticipation of what is to come!! Count me in on the public display of dancing, and twirling the Teds above our heads! Yes I am...
  6. ditzy dinah

    What does knee look like after recovery ?

    Hi New Linda! Tomorrow it will be one month since I had Bi-lateral Partials, and I think already my knees look great! Before they were lumpy and fat looking with arthritis. My swelling has gone down considerably already, and I can see the shape of them looks like normal knees! My legs look much...
  7. ditzy dinah

    Surgery to be delayed again..........

    I am so sorry that you are having such a struggle right now Kim. Diverticulitis can be so uncomfortable, and it sounds like you have had a right old attack of it. So sorry that it has laid you so low. It is nice to hear from you again, I have been wondering now you were! Hope your posting again...
  8. ditzy dinah

    BTKR next week

    Great news! Get plenty of rest, hope all continues well, and I shall look forward to following your progress! :ok:
  9. ditzy dinah

    TKR RTKR 17 September 2013 possum_here Recovery Journey

    Glad you are at home. Have a lovely restoring sleep..there is nowhere as comforting as home!! :sleep:
  10. ditzy dinah

    Knees and Identity

    This has all been so much better than I feared! I prepared well, by reading extensively, particularly on this site, so I was aware of all the pitfalls.....they haven't happened to me! Caring staff in hospital. Easy to get along with physios, less pain than I expected, and more mobility...
  11. ditzy dinah

    BTKR next week

    Good luck to you mojo! Glad you have found us. There is much wisdom and experience on this site! You have found the right place! The folks here will support you and help you through. I had bilateral partials 3 1/2 weeks ago and am doing great!....being a couch potato for a few weeks is not at...
  12. ditzy dinah

    TKR RTKR 17 September 2013 possum_here Recovery Journey

    Yes and help with the rom that they are so focused on. Well done to you Donna for taking such a stand and facing up to your Non empathic OS. Sooner you get out of there, and friends and family can look after you the better. Your experience sounds so unpleasant , and it could have been better...
  13. ditzy dinah

    TKR Two TKR in two weeks---let the fun begin!

    Hope all is going well janis...or have you eloped with Drew??? :heehee:
  14. ditzy dinah

    TKR I did it again! I'm on the recovery side again

    Hope the trip is going well Linda and not too tiring for you....give your little granddaughter a hug fom me!! :angel:
  15. ditzy dinah

    Bilateral TKR dinah's emerged! let the healing begin!

    Well daughter made a strange vegan concoction, not really a good idea to try out a new recipe on my husband...! Not her best effort but it was ok...pity really because she is a good cook really and cooking from scratch as a vegan is a real challenge. The best bit is she made an apple crumble...

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