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    THR I'm back after 6 years. Good to see so many kind helpful friends here.

    Happy New Year, @Granny Di I hope you celebrated it nicely and wish you a health and successful New Year! :cheers2::happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
  2. Constanze

    Hip Infection* problem

    Happy New Year, @clodaghcov !:cheers2::snow::happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
  3. Constanze

    THR Constanze's recovery diary

    Happy happy 2022 and - hopefully - and end to that dreaded corona. May you all be happy and healthy. :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
  4. Constanze

    THR I'm on the other side!!

    Hello @newguy , I like your recovery thread. Especially the picture of the cane and the walker. What they say is true: On a forum like this you usually read more about things that go wrong rather than things that go right. So I still post here after all those years to give people encouragement...
  5. Constanze

    THR Constanze's recovery diary

    Happy holidays to everybody! :santa-dance::wreath::plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon:
  6. Constanze

    THR Two Years Post THR and Life is Great!

    Hi @Granny Di , Thanks for your update. It's fantastic that you walked 2 km. I hope the pain has subsided. I also wish you a wonderful peaceful and Covid-free Christmas! I will celebrate it with my family this year, which is now larger than ever. The 2 grand-kids will be around as well. Enjoy...
  7. Constanze

    THR Layla's Recovery

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states! Enjoy!
  8. Constanze

    THR Two Years Post THR and Life is Great!

    Hi @Granny Di I just read your post and realise you have you've had your op. Sorry you had a bad day. I hope it's better now. I wish you a great recovery. And: yes, Covid has been had on the kids here, too. In Germany, but also in Holland, Austria, and for instance Czechia, well in many...
  9. Constanze

    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    Hi @Mojo333 , so nice of you to post on my thread. I'm very very happy about my grandchildren. And you're beautiful and have a beautiful daughter. You've both got lovely smiles. Take care and stay fit!
  10. Constanze

    THR Constanze's recovery diary

    Thank you @Mojo333 . I enjoy it. On Thursday, our 2nd daughter moved back from Australia to Germany (yes, she got a permit to travel), because she got a job in Germany. Everybody met her at the airport, all her sisters and the babies. We had a meal at our house. So the house was full again and...
  11. Constanze

    THR Two Years Post THR and Life is Great!

    Hi @Granny Di , Good luck for your left THR on Monday! I'd enjoy reading from you how it went and wish you all the best and a good & quick recovery. Things are open in Germany now, although for many activities, caf├ęs, restaurants, and events, you need to be vaccinated twice or recovered from...
  12. Constanze

    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    What a nice update, @Mojo333 ! Enjoy your things with the family and your swims and walks.
  13. Constanze

    Bilateral THR Aug.18 - a success!

    @Hip Hip Hooray! Hi Stephenie, How lovely to read an update from you. I'm so happy you are doing fine hip-wise, and that you are kayaking. I used to kayak with my dad in the lakes in Bavaria, southern Germany. Enjoy it!. But now about me: I'm also doing great hip-wise. I did a half-Ironman in...
  14. Constanze

    THR Double hippy happy<

    Oh @SarahUK ,I'm so happy for you. Soon I'll be a grandmother, too. I'll have 2 grandchildren from 2 of my daughters. One in July, one in October. Have a lovely time - Hugs - Constanze
  15. Constanze

    THR Layla's Recovery

    That's nice of you, @Layla . Happy Easter to you as well!


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