Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

Hi everybody, just a quick catchup just passed my 4 month anniversary for my Bilateral THR and must say everything thing is very good in the hips department, keeping on top of my walking but grounded the last week due to covid-19 that has hit myself and the rest of my family so 10 days of isolation and recovery until we can walk again.
Keep doing the good work you’re doing bonesmart helping everybody with their health issues.
Hi @Wyn wombat
so good to hear how well you are doing.:happydance:
So sorry you had to deal with the nasty virus and I hope you and your whole family fully recover and feel much better soon.
There was so much improvement for me by 4 months out and I continued to get stronger and increased my stamina up to a well over I year.
Happy Five Month Anniversary! Loved reading that you’re “feeling good”!
Best Wishes as you return to work tomorrow. Climbing electric poles sounds frightening. :yikes:
Be careful, stay safe and in touch.
Happy Wednesday!
@Wyn wombat
Pole climbing....Maybe not for a while, but I bet as you get you know, this hip recovery can definitely take a year or will find you will be able to do all you could before - but without pain.:yes!:

Just No falling!:no-fin:

Doing Great, my Both at Once hippy friend!:chuckmarch:
Hello @Wyn wombat
I read elsewhere your six month anniversary is tomorrow.
Happy Six Month Anniversary! I hope your return to work is going well and you’re enjoying the progress you’ve made while getting back to all the things you love.
Wishing you a happy holiday season and healthy New Year!
Good afternoon fellow Hippies, I am celebrating my one year anniversary for Bilateral THR and because they are so well behaved we are treating my hips to 9 days in sunny Kos in Greece for some well deserved rest and sunshine. ☀️
Thanks for stopping by to share an update. It’s great to read you’re doing so well.
What a wonderful idea for a celebration. I hope you have the time of your life. :SUNsmile:
Safe travels!
@Wyn wombat
Happy One Year, my Bilateral Friend.
Glad you are doing well...
and what a beautiful place to celebrate:happydance::SUNsmile::happydance:

It gets even better!:wink:

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