Specialized and Custom Fitted Hip Implant Options

Several manufacturers offer specialized or custom-fit knee implants – but what about hips? For example, do women need gender-specific hip implants? Orthopedic surgeons can choose from a wide array of standard hip implants, which range in size and are often modular, so that a surgeon can choose femoral stem of one size or style and pair it with a ball of another size or style. This modularity makes the need for custom-fitted hip replacement implants less frequent than is the demand for custom knee implants.

Many surgeons suggest that there is not much difference overall between a standard implant and a custom one. Others have seen slight differences. For the most part, modern implant components from every manufacturer are versatile enough to be successful in both men and women. With modular components, total customization is rarely necessary.

In some instances though, surgeons find gender-specific and other custom implant designs useful. A large man, for example, with a bigger-than-typical offset might be best served with a custom-made hip implant using an extra-extended offset stem.

You should speak with your hip surgeon about your specific needs. It makes sense to inquire about gender and other potential reasons for a customized or specialized implant. Understand that it generally has less to do with gender than it has to do with stature. Rest assured that there are many options available that will surely fit your specific circumstances.

Your hip replacement surgeon will ultimately decide which implant to use based upon many factors including his or her experience with a particular implant, your situation and your lifestyle. Any information you may find on the BoneSmart website is only intended to help you prepare for an informed conversation with your surgeon.