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I understand your wanting more ROM, but it takes time and A LOT of patience! (To be honest, that was something and still something that I lack!). Life will be easier if you worry less about ROM and think more about living. I promise, the ROM will get better, but it takes time! :)
Thank you for your kind words... Ive acutally never had a 110 degree bend. Whati ws referring to was on the CPM machine which i understand is not really accurate to what the setting is. When i was going to outpatient therapy (which was brief) one time she measued me at 95 and that was after some very very painful forced bending. The very next visist the therapist could not even get me to 80. Now after reading everything here I realize that was most likely because of the all the pushing they done to me 2 days before that. The best I think ive actually gotten to on my own is 90. That is when I try just bending it up from a layng flat postion on te bed. But.... there are thigs i do when i feel maybe it does bend a little more than that. No one has actually even measured it since my OS pulled me out of therapy. I continue to do all m exercises I wont stop that and next week I am going to attend a water arobic exercise class. Anyway i guess the fact that m OS is not measuring my bend should tell me something. I am hearing what everyone is trying to tell me and believe me Im tryig hard to not worry! Im working on it best I can.
Thank you again for your words and I do look at all the postitives as well and I see how fa I have some in so many ways!!
Thank again
Hi Susie.....

I read through all of your posts, and believe me, you sound just like me!!! You are only a couple of weeks ahead of me and I know so well about the worry! And worry.....And worry! My bend is no farther than 90 on a good day, and I'm hoping for more, too.

I just feel like this is such a BIG undertaking, and I really want it to be the best it can be. I've wondered, too, if maybe it's my fault and maybe I didn't do enough exercises or push hard enough. I saw my surgeon on Friday, and he said knee isn't bending well yet because it was in such bad shape before the surgery. That made me feel a bit better. He is going to do a MUA on Monday to try to get a little more in the bend.......that's when I'm getting my OTHER knee replaced! Pretty crazy, huh?

I just wanted you to know that someone out there (probably a lot of us) knows just how you're feeling. We will get through this, Susie, I know it! Please take care, and try not to worry!
You are a brave girl your other knee on Monday!!! Wow.... im sooooo not even close to being ready for my next knee. Im proud of you your a brave girl. I hope you have a thread going so we can follow you, if you do let me know so I can watch for you. My thoughts will be with you on Monday!! Stay strong.
big hugs
Susie and Dewey,

I know what you are going through believe me! After 3 surgeries on the right knee in two years, yes I can feel your frustration. One thing that bears reminding though, your knee is still healing from a very traumatic surgery! You may not see it, but your knee knows exactly what it went through, and when you try to "push" or more ROM, the knee pushes back!

We go into surgery thinking we are in control. When the surgery is over the knee has a way of reminding us who is really in control! Dewey, I wish you much success on your upcoming knee replacement, but I am puzzled as to why your OS wants to do an MUA this soon when he even said your knee was so bad. Interesting, but if you feel it is in your best interest, I would certainly have it done.

Take care Susie and keep posting! :)
Hi Susie...Yes, I know. I tell people that I'm either BRAVE or incredibly STUPID!! Not sure which one it is as yet! I guess I will let you know in a week or two! It will be so good to have both surgeries done, though, so I no longer have to worry about that part of all of this. I'm so tired of all of the worry, believe me! I have the same "what ifs" as I had last time, and I'm not sure knowing what's to come helps any at all! I just want it over now.

Sonya, I am still up in the air about manipulating knee 1. I know I want it better than it is now, but it's only at ten weeks, and if I am to believe what I read here, it will continue to get better. The OS thinks there could be scar tissue and he thinks it's a good idea to try to get rid of it now. He called it a "gentle manipulation". He said it could help to increase the ROM, and now is the time to try. How do I decide what to do??? I just don't know about this one.

Hope things are going well for you today. Take good care, and I'll let you know when I'm on the "other side". My thread is called "Dewey Did It! #1 and #2". Thanks so much for your good thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I'll take all I can get!
Hard decision for sure ... I guess if you trust your doctor that will help you answer your question. Im so proud of you. Hang tough ad ill be watching for your thread! Sending prayers and big hugs to you... You will be so glad when all these surgries are done and behind you. I know i still have another knee and one more hip to go...ugh!! Ill be bionic for sure!!
Hugs girl ill the thinking of you, and i know it will all go well and you will make the right choice for you!
Hang in there! I am in the same boat, I am at 8 weeks and have only been able to get to 80. I have read everything and I am depressed too! I hope more ROM will come but I may need a MUA. I will make my decision next week. Take care!
Remember too I don't think I'm in my normal state of mind just yet.... so if i sounded harsh my apologies
No, it's me that should apologise for appearing to be sharp when I was actually trying to do just the opposite!
A :wink: doesn't quite work in the written word, does it?!

But to address your ongoing concerns about your flexion: I just checked your surgery date and see you are now not quite 13 weeks out which is about the middle of your recovery. And you've probably heard of people who got to 120 and more in 6 weeks or something! But you must realise something very important: all the pushing and aggressive therapy you had in the early weeks have stalled your recovery more than somewhat. This doesn't mean that you are too late to get your ROM in order, just that it's going to take a bit longer than average.

Should you worry about that? Absolutely not! There is nothing wrong with your knee more than excess swelling and stiffness caused by that 'therapy' and it's being stubborn in dissipating. Your flexion is all there, waiting to reveal itself, but that swelling just won't let it show. You need to remember this when you start to get fretful about things not moving along as they should. You once (painfully) achieved a bend of 95 so you know it's there. Plenty of people have been in your shoes and gone on to get better and better flexion until they got the magic 120. It's all in the articles I left you (not scolding you now, just reminding you!) and many other members who have said in their annual reportings that they continued to improve their ROM one and even two years on.

Let me ask you, were you ever told that if you didn't get a decent ROM by 6 weeks out, your knee would never get any better? We call this the 'window of opportunity' and truth to tell, it's bunkum! You remember the myth busting article on that too, don't you? Because the truth is that you are still in the early days of your recovery, you had a bit of a set-back with that aggressive therapy and now you are scared you will never get any better. But you will! Follow our advice and you will. Okay?
Thank you Josephine for getting back to me. This site has been so helpful to me. I read alot here and I know i should continue to get ROM for some time to come. I bend so far then I feel like Im hitting up against a stone wall... is that the same feeling everyone gets? Just curious if others have experienced this same feeling. My doctor is great he does not push the rom issue really, but he was a little surprised i didnt have a bit more when he saw me last but that was about it. I hang onto the articles i read here and the encouragement from everyone here has been the best medicine for me! Thank you all

Sadknee.... keep me posted on hoe your doing.. we seem to be in the same boat!! huds!
Susie, have you tried stopping all exercise for just two days icing and elevating majority of the time? If not you might try that and see if some of your swelling and stiffness go down. My knee does not like any kind of flexion except the exercise bike. I have often needed to do above if I feel the stiffness and swelling. Just a suggestion. If you try it and see the stiffness gets better then maybe in your mind you might be able to see that you can get increased flexion without over doing it.

I am one of those that doesn't feel a lot of pain with flexion exercises so it has been very difficult for me to distinguish between too much and just enough to make me and my knee happy. That is why I use the bike instead of trying to over bend just because it always makes my knee swell even though I only do it to tightness. The bike does not do that it actually makes my knee looser. I think some of us may not get the signal from pain that we are over going it. At least this is something I have figured out about myself! Anyway when I finally stopped and tried to just do my normal activities and ride the bike. No more bending. My flexion finally increased over a 6 week period of time from 90 to 120.
Good advice, ive not ever really tried that pulling back completely and letting it just rest, I think ill give i a try and see..... The more i read here the more i do come to believe as my life takes a more and more normal track the ROM will gradually come too.... Thanks for taking the time for the helpful suggestion!
susie, i am at six months at the moment with a 90 ROM. Yes i have been depressed. Yes I have been upset at reading other peoples posts and seeing how quickly they get a rom of over 110. I have had other health problems including highh blood pressure and have just altered my medication. Slowly very slowly the swelling on my knee seems to be going down. Like you I was bending so far and then nothing could get me any further. Like you said its like hitting a stone wall. With a little less swelling today i feel like i have got a little more ROM. I can do so many things now I couldnt before the TKR. The ROM will come in time as the swelling gets less. Its impossible to get a good ROM where there is swelling. Please dont try to push it. Be paitent and it will come.
Im working on it best I can.

That is a common statement from people with ROM issues. They are "working hard." That's the Catch-22: if you "work hard" on flexion, you're apt to make your knee more stubborn.

I agree with 60mom: take a knee-cation, stop "working hard." Take your surgeon's lead -- no pressure -- and go 100% gentle. Keep it moving, do very gentle stretches. Not stretches with a goal (more ROM!). Stretches that feel human and not inhuman. Dig? Ice & elevate. Be ultra kind to your knee.
Just a quick update on me! Im feeling really pretty good, my energy level is coing back and overall Im getting around pretty well. Doing all my stretches and bends 2 times a day. I have to say, one thing ive realized I am adapting the way i do things to compensate for the lack of bend, Im not sure thats a good thing or not! Im trying to stay positive! Im seeing my doctor on Thursday so ill have more to report then. In the mean time ill keep doing what im doing and looking ahead!
Take care all
Well you don't have a choice whether or not to adapt, do you? I rode in the car for months sitting in the back seat with my leg up over the front passenger seat back which was laid flat, often with ice on my knee. Look forward to hearing what comes of your Thursday appt.
susie, i am at six months at the moment with a 90 ROM. Yes i have been depressed. Yes I have been upset at reading other peoples posts and seeing how quickly they get a rom of over 110. I have had other health problems including highh blood pressure and have just altered my medication. .

Robynhood... im on medication as well for AtrialFib... sooo im already taking a blood thinner on a daily basis.. sooo that does mak it harder im not allowed totake any anti imflamatories at all! ugh does not help the swellig issues! Thank you for your encouragement.. so many do know how I feel!

Maryo, thank you for reminding me... we all have to do what we need to do... I do try to look ahead!
Thank you all
Just wanted to say that it is great you are feeling better and wish you the best for your upcoming drs. appt!
I went to the OS yesterday............ He was very happy with my extension, he said it was normal!! Yippie I made one hurdle. He was not very pleased with my bend... but he said im not as far along as most, but he did feel he saw some, even if its very slight, progress. He said at this time he didnt even want to think about doing any manipulation. So for now he wants me continue with my exercises, and my water classes and just keep moving and icing. He feels it will come around!! I will see him again in a month and we will see where im at, at that time!
What was I thinking!!! I went to an amusement park yesterday with my daughter and her kids, and i walked the whole thing!!! Oh my gosh, was i sore and swollen last night but I did it! I think ill hav a day of rest today!
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