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Im trying the find the group of us that all had knee replacement in February... where did they all go

Here is the list of February Valentines:
01 February 17 dlh
02 February 17 weasel52
06 February 17 janj
07 February 17 Gugu22, anderly, LinKay (her first), Trike17
10 February 17 Marilynjoy, bridget60, Sashaboy
13 February 17 bteem-dfw, hvtx51
14 February 17 dons, Sasha1, LinKay (her second), Izzy59, heyfly678 (his second)
20 February 17 debbyS
21 February 17 Momto3, MCS1267, TriGlide
22 February 17 Jle57 (bilateral), SweetDaisy, GingerP (her second), jacksy153 (Revision)
23 February 17 bambina1
27 February 17 Flyingdiva, apberg (her second), PegGar16 (revision)
28 February 17 Becca (her second), Sasysusie (revision),

Several of them are posting regularly. Look down the list of Recovery threads and see if you recognise their names, then read their threads and post a message on them.
im sorry I don't mean to... I guess im not good at this site :( and I do know there was a place I was put with everyone having a February surgery but cant find where that group went im sure its me............ ill try and do better!! just ants to follow how they are all doing in their recoveries, helps so much to see hw everyone is doing makes you feel not so alone in your recovery and of course for me now this I all a do-over!!
Thank you Celle for the list im trying to get with the program here!!!
I'm sure you'll do fine. It just takes a bit of practice.
We do have a helpful section here, that tells you how to do all sorts of things:
How To Use This Forum
@Sasysusie im sorry your facing a revision so soon. That must be terribly frustrating. Please have a second opinion with a revision specialist in you area. Keep us posted on your progress.
@Sasysusie - did you have your TKR revised on 28 February, as you indicated in the February Valentines?
If so, how are you getting on now?
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