Standard Shoulder Replacement tazzy13's Recovery Thread

@SaraK , well it wasn’t repairable so I now have one tsr and one rtsr. Surgery was 2 hrs later but it happens, then while in recovery it started bleeding they put a pressure bandage on it went to my room and they checked on it through the night, I woke up around 4am and realized it was coming out the bottom and soaked my gown and my sling. They took off the big bandage cleaned it up,put on a temporary bandage till she could get to the or to get another of the surgical type by the time she came back it was draining again, the bottom of the incision had come open so she glued it and rebandaged it. So far so good, then when I was coming out of the bathroom I ran over my IV line and pulled it out,blood was going everywhere I put pressure on it and opened the door and yelled out I needed help,a nurse aide came in grabbed some paper towels and applied pressure, walked me back to my bed pushed the call button said she needed a nurse, no one came pushed the button again and I yelled out saying I needed someone ASAP I was bleeding out she finally came, saw what was going on, then got yelled at for going to the bathroom by myself, but I was doing it all night myself. But I’m home now.will see the doctor the 9th. and will give update. Take care and stay safe.
Day 4:5 after revision to a reverse replacement and I’m using ice and Tylenol during the day with 1 5mg of oxy. at bedtime, Will see how tomorrow goes. A lot less pain then before surgery so trying to stay away from pain meds. Thank goodness for a high pain tolerance. Take care and stay safe.
@tazzy13 glad all is going well for you. Be sure and stay ahead of any pain. It's great of you have high pain tolerance. But don't hesitate to use medication if you need it.
@tazzy13 - sorry I haven't been by to check in with you lately - won't bother you with the details but a lot going on for me personally.

How are things going? I'm not sure I have a high pain tolerance so much as I have a brain that filters out a good bit of consistent and persistent pain. Even if you have a high pain tolerance, there are no medals for not using the pain meds. If you are having pain, take the meds. With the shoulder, you might be more likely to tense the muscles if you're in pain, which might slow recovery. Just make sure you're comfortable.

You've done this before but make sure that doesn't make you over-confident!

Take care!
Staying comfortable, haven’t taken any pain meds for 5 days, just using ice. Will start my pendulum’s on Thursday, therapy starts the 28th. I can start taking the sling off for short times as long as I’m sitting. Have been sleeping in my bed for 3 days and doing well with that. So much better then the Take care and stay safe.
If you could redo my info that would be great, didn’t have a right shoulder revision in march of 2021, was in the hospital for a bowel obstruction. Shoulder settled down, Had a left shoulder replacement in May of 2022, then rotator repair with a revision to a reverse on November 3rd of 2022. Thank You
4 weeks out, and things are going well, started therapy and they are mostly happy with my range of motion, he added a few new exercises and I can gently do my pulley now. Still using ice when I need to, mostly after therapy . I now have a different issue I need to get checked out, thankfully it has nothing to do with the shoulder. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I only have to wear the sling if I go anywhere and to bed. And only for 2 more weeks.yea.
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Well things have taken a slight turn, I’m now having pain in my biceps muscle into my elbow, not sure what is going on. Will see the Doctor on Monday and see what she thinks is going on, the only thing I’m afraid of is that she won’t let me start driving again, really hate relying on others to drive me around. Oh well, at least this year the kids and grandkids are doing most of the Christmas dinner. Take care and stay safe. Happy Holidays all.
Any word from the doctor? I know driving was a big milestone for me because it gave me greater independence, but keep the "chauffeurs" as long as you need them. I'm glad the kids and grands are stepping in to take care of the Christmas dinner - well that they should!

Have a wonderful holiday!
@SaraK , Doctor gave me the green light to drive, she said the amount of work she had to do is why the biceps is aggravated and should settle down, she doesn’t want me to do any strengthening or behind the back till I’m 12 weeks out. Still lifting no more than 1.5 lbs. but at least I can drive and be out of the sling. Take care and stay safe. Happy Holidays. And a safe and happy new year.
@SaraK ,Well, almost 3 months out and back in a sling, clavicle stress fracture, stopped therapy, ice and sling, follow up in 2 weeks for recheck. Other than that I was doing great. Now just resting it and go from there.
Any new news from the doctor? How are you doing? Check out my post.
@Lexus05 , went back for my 2 week checkup and she ordered a ct will get that done Wednesday and follow up next Monday, stay in sling non weight bearing and Tylenol and ice as needed. Thanks.

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